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  1. I can’t remember what size I got without looking at it, but I found that Airoh was the only helmet that I could fit comfortably in to. Everything else seemed too narrow for me. They are a bit pricey but super comfortable and very light.
  2. topline620

    Cota 200

    The bike with the exposed shocks is the later Cota 200 C, there were quite a few improvements to the carb and exhaust system etc. over the earlier bikes.
  3. Hi mcman my 260 sometimes stalls with a pop that almost sounds like a backfire. What does this point to?
  4. Hi everybody, just a heads up to check out Trials Tube on you tube, presented by Danny Butler. I have no connection with this channel but anything that promotes our sport has to be a good thing right?
  5. I believe there were some sizing problems with the first batches of Dunlop 803 tyres, I had a new 2016 Sherco with this tyre and it would deflate all the time. I changed to Michelin and never had another problem. I thought the problem with the Dunlops had been sorted now though.
  6. It sounds like you have adjusted the valves when they weren’t closed so as a result the valves are now not opening correctly. I don’t know the correct procedure but somebody on here will.
  7. You might want to check the rubber inlet boot between the carb and reed valve,I presume they are the same as the Sherco which are a notoriously bad fit hence the weak mixture you are experiencing.
  8. Hi guys, just wondering what you are using to check tickover speed on your 4rt and where did you buy the thing you are using.Cheers.
  9. What equipment do you guys use to measure the tickover speed or do you just do it by ear?
  10. Hi, there is a trials sidecar listed on eBay UK at the moment,might be what you are looking for.
  11. Hi,when mine started to leak Nige Pearson at Trials UK fixed it by using a gasket made of some kind of rubber material between the tap and tank. Not sure what bike the gasket came from but I’ve never had a problem since it was fitted, Nothing wrong with the plastic weld repair but this is easier to sort for the diy types who do not have access to the equipment needed.
  12. topline620

    ty80 rear tyre

    Hi,not wanting to teach you how to suck eggs,but have you blown the tube up a little bit.
  13. topline620

    Gear box oil

    It holds 450 ml of any good quality 75w light gear oil (Rock Oil,Putoline etc.)
  14. topline620

    Winner ?

    You wouldn’t bet against Dougie.
  15. Toni Bou seems to do ok? (yes I agree he's maybe not just a mere mortal if he is mortal at all)
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