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  1. If you overfill the radiator the fluid cap expand when hot and “overspill” past the rad cap and down the overspill tube.
  2. I agree with tony27, now that I’ve read it properly. The stat needs more than a cable tie to keep it in!!!
  3. Overspill from over filling the radiator maybe?
  4. I now use motel 10w50 and the bike sounds very nice
  5. I do get a little clutch stick, but interestingly only when the bike has been transported somewhere! Not sure what that’s all about. It can sit in my garage for months and doesn’t stick, but if I take it somewhere it sticks for about thirty seconds or so.
  6. I use 10w40 racing motul 3000v
  7. Hi everyone. Just thought I would leave an update. Everything is now sorted and as quiet as a mouse. I had set the tappets with too large a gap.
  8. Where in the world are you?
  9. Thank you very much for your help. I’ll investigate and keep you all posted.
  10. Thank you for this. Can you elaborate on how to check either the cam chain or centrifugal valve opening device please?
  11. Hi everyone. I have owned my Evo 250 4t from new, but it only has 19hrs on it. I have been told that it is nice a quiet in the past. However, I have always felt that it is a bit too tappety. I have removed the engine and checked the valves and following a few failed attempts the gaps are now definitely as per the manual. But still the rattling continues. can you please have a listen and advise what to check next.
  12. I hope this works. please have a listen and let me know if this is normal. I think it’s too tappety
  13. Hi guys and girls. I am trying to put a vid of it running. Can anyone tell me how to do this?
  14. Welcome along and ask away
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