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  1. greevesrob

    SSDT Cancelled

    Think that's abit harsh isn't it not all young riders wanting to ride pre65 are pot hunters some of us enjoy building bikes and using them not just buying a kit of parts or a drayton and why should it always be the same riders that get an entry
  2. Hi the swingarm pin on later greeves are 5/8 not sure on thread. I found it easier to open the hole up to 16mm and hand thread the ends. The gra may be better for more advice
  3. greevesrob

    Greeves win

    Didn't cost as much as u think. Less than the price of a drayton just took alot of time, effort and research. Think the frame only cost me £180 from Stafford show
  4. greevesrob

    Greeves win

    Thanks trialsrfun it was a hard trials so was v happy with the result. The no gloves is only because i felt over in the river earlier on. This is the bike in question below
  5. Not sure of the exact weight but there was a massive difference in weight in my frame to my dad's ddr james frame
  6. Julian isn't the only 1 who thinks greeves is the way to go. Good geometry as standard just a little more weighty than other frames
  7. I know gerrys hubs are cub reps but some of the dots in scotland will have grimeca hubs from a fantic in them as all the 1s built by john bull and wiggy have so i was thinking of them instead of new cub reps but if they are a gray area then there no point
  8. Hi all After riding my greeves a couple of pre65 events and not doing to bad iam considering options to improve the bike. The problem is the hubs they are the full width bhc 1s good looking but very heavy on the rear and the brakes dont work that well. After speaking to other people brand new 1s from gerry seem to be the way to go but didnt really want to go for new i would prefer the grimeca hubs that wiggy put in the dots he made but would it be scottish legal on a greeves. Any thoughs?
  9. Any chance of seeing a picture of your sprite trialsrfun
  10. Thanks for the help found this online which seems to show my frame with tank but no rear loop so maybe that was the buyers own ideas. Like the price though wish a new bike cost that.
  11. I will have to check tonight. Did you mod the rear loop or did it come like that. So if your sprite was registered 65 is it pre65 scottish eligible as certain bsa's are? Not wanting to start any trouble though
  12. Thanks for the replys. The bike in the photo link does look very similer bar the rear mudguard loop. I was hopping it was one of the 64 model as that the one my grandad used to have plus i think the frame number is only 2 numbers long so looking good. Is there anyone that would know about sprite frame number?
  13. Hello all I now own a sprite trials bike and looking for more info on the bike. I think it is one of the earlier models but im unsure. The bike seems to be in very original condition even with the original fuel tank i think. Any info would be great.
  14. Hi to all I have want seems to be a very orignal sprite and would like to know if anyone can tell me abit more about it or if they may have owned it. I bought it because my grandad had one in the past.
  15. Check the carb is a 2 stroke one not a 4 stroke i got one brand new and it was sent wrong. Happen to a couple of people
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