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  1. Not so good for trials but would be good for trails don't forget the isdt Greeves were based on the challenge
  2. You can if you want it to keep coming off the rim ask me how I know. The point I was starting to make is that the totality original bike your rules are talking of don't exist or are in collections and don't get ridden. Take my bike for example 1963 Greeves with your class rules frame, engine, carb ok. Exhaust is alloy so not allowed, Norton forks not leading link so not allowed and wheels are replica cub hubs with tubeless rear as got sick of messing with the bhc wheels that were fitted but they had alloy rims and were not original anyway. So with your rules I might as well buy a Drayton frame kit and no one would get to see an actual pre65 bike as it doesn't fit in either category.
  3. So that would mean no one would be eligible for the original class then. Also what's the fascination with tube tyres there's only one maker of tubed trials tyres left
  4. Interesting comments but your not going to stop it now. At the end of the day you can build a bike that's worth thousands with every trick part available but if u can't ride it you will still not win.
  5. greevesrob


    When's the first outing? Looks great
  6. greevesrob

    4t Yamaha 200 build.

    Looking very nice m8. Should be fun to ride
  7. Did you find any markings on the barrel under the inlet? That's a Greeves flywheel cover to. The frame looks very well made but no idea but could it be a Kyffin Sapphire Red Rose
  8. Cut down challager barrel I would say. Looking at the photos the angle of the inlet suggests scrambles not trials. On the bottom of the inlet it should be stamped with model. This is mine
  9. Don't think you can go wrong with a gaser. For around 2k you might be able to and a 2011 with the latest frame if your lucky. Things to check exhaust easily damaged on all gaser and if bent maybe a sign of a hard life, airbox top and rear linkage
  10. greevesrob

    Sprite 250 Mk 2

    Wow must be something in the air just started sorting my MK1 sprite out this weekend only when to have a look and bike ended up in bits. I had to sort the ratios out on mine it had 16 tooth crank sprocket 25 pinion gear 14 tooth front sprocket and 67 rear sprocket ? all over the shop. Rebuilt with more usable ratios. Now running but the exhaust is so loud it's untrue
  11. greevesrob

    SSDT Cancelled

    Think that's abit harsh isn't it not all young riders wanting to ride pre65 are pot hunters some of us enjoy building bikes and using them not just buying a kit of parts or a drayton and why should it always be the same riders that get an entry
  12. Hi the swingarm pin on later greeves are 5/8 not sure on thread. I found it easier to open the hole up to 16mm and hand thread the ends. The gra may be better for more advice
  13. greevesrob

    Greeves win

    Didn't cost as much as u think. Less than the price of a drayton just took alot of time, effort and research. Think the frame only cost me £180 from Stafford show
  14. greevesrob

    Greeves win

    Thanks trialsrfun it was a hard trials so was v happy with the result. The no gloves is only because i felt over in the river earlier on. This is the bike in question below
  15. Not sure of the exact weight but there was a massive difference in weight in my frame to my dad's ddr james frame
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