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  1. Could be the 1 I saw then. I'm not sure how many were made but with your being a triumph 1 maybe they started at a different number?
  2. Very nice. No it wasn't that one it had a black frame and triumph tank. My frame number is on the left side of the headstock. Mines 59
  3. Hi Elliot Sounds like you have got yourself a nice bike there but as I've found with mine it is hard to find information about them. I did message 1 of Frank hipkins son's about any information they had but they haven't got any records anymore. Mine has a Villiers engine and I was told it was a late 65 or more likely a 66. There was someone riding a triumph engine sprite in the kinlockleven 2 Day trial looked a handful
  4. I think having a system based on solely on age wouldn't work. I know plenty of 50+ year old rides that give me a run for my money each week. Also i know it was said as a joke but the idea of riding in period gear sounds like a laugh abit like the Goodwood revival
  5. Would this be original enough? Don't think the handicapping of younger rides would work though to think it would kill of interest for people my age. I think I made it harder for myself actually riding an original framing greeves
  6. John shirt motorcycles still have older spare and most are compatible or can be modified to fit
  7. I've still got a 2011 that I've had from new no rust on the frame yet. Alway though gasser get more stick than they should yes if your unlucky and smack the gear lever you break the top hat spring but this is easy replaced
  8. Never tried it myself but Chris Gascoigne uses it and his bikes alway go well
  9. Not so good for trials but would be good for trails don't forget the isdt Greeves were based on the challenge
  10. You can if you want it to keep coming off the rim ask me how I know. The point I was starting to make is that the totality original bike your rules are talking of don't exist or are in collections and don't get ridden. Take my bike for example 1963 Greeves with your class rules frame, engine, carb ok. Exhaust is alloy so not allowed, Norton forks not leading link so not allowed and wheels are replica cub hubs with tubeless rear as got sick of messing with the bhc wheels that were fitted but they had alloy rims and were not original anyway. So with your rules I might as well buy a Drayton frame kit and no one would get to see an actual pre65 bike as it doesn't fit in either category.
  11. So that would mean no one would be eligible for the original class then. Also what's the fascination with tube tyres there's only one maker of tubed trials tyres left
  12. Interesting comments but your not going to stop it now. At the end of the day you can build a bike that's worth thousands with every trick part available but if u can't ride it you will still not win.
  13. greevesrob


    When's the first outing? Looks great
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