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  1. Re the JASO MA2 - thanks for that, I see the both the semi synth and fully snyth 10/40 I'm looking at has that rating.
  2. I can see from the manual the manufacturers recommend SAE10-40, but which type? Nowadays the manufacturers (I've always stuck to Smith & Allen) seem to have semi synthetic and fully synthetic, other makes say there have a Mineral oil. It is all getting a bit confusing - especially when the same oil reservoir serves the engine, clutch and gearbox, a little guidance is needed.....
  3. Yes, I get their theory behind the high lightweight front end, it is easier to manoeuvre, better clearance, the handlebars don't need to be so high...... but as you point out nobody else went down the same road.
  4. Jon - Yes I was starting to go down that train of thought route too.
  5. Bridgestone UK came back and said they no longer make the tyre and any for sale around the world are old stock which will not be replaced. Vintage tyres - tried them a week or so back and they said they are out of stock. Have sent Classic Red in France an email to see what they say about availability.
  6. Thanks for the information re Bridgestone. I've e-mailed Bridgestone UK to see if they stock or even know of this TW9 tyre.
  7. Thanks for the lead - and sorry to hear some dick stole your bike. CST - haven't even heard of them. Yes 23" is a massive wheel - especially compared with the 18" rear Cheers
  8. I'm having difficulty sourcing a 23" front trials tyre for my 1978 XL250 S, everyone seems to stock numerous 21" - can anyone help with a UK supplier of this large tyre? Thanks
  9. Yes, got the chance of a buying Honda XL250 Motorsport that I've known for a good while and couldn't resist - the KT250 had to go.
  10. Managed to find this beauty, must be a U.S. import and it is literally spotless, including the rims and fork/engine alloy surfaces. Great fun to ride and the long legged 5th gives you a decent pace between sections or events. Gave it a decent service and all is good, tight and clean, including the 2 stroke oil pump. Have put ATF in gearbox and using fully synthetic 2-stroke oil. Found some water in the o/s front fork leg - must have been in a few deep ones!!! Flushed thoroughly and re-filled with 10 wt fork oil. Tried to get a spare ignition key - $25 + postage from the U.S. Local pet shop selling KAW4 key blanks for £3.20, with £2 charge for cutting. Thinking of buying 25 and selling then them on U.S. E-bay !! Any others out there (locally Northumberland)
  11. Mark, I'm in the UK and have been looking for various KT250 parts. The U.S. E-Bay is full of KT250 stuff, extortionate postal charges to the UK, but as your already there, good luck with the search.
  12. Magic - thanks again for the input. The top of the seal looked a mess, it actually cleaned up and has stayed 'dry' there was a lot of mud and crap - plus the retaining clip was a bent piece of rusty wire, have replaced with a piston ring. Will get 2 x ordered and replace it in the near future. Cheers
  13. Hi - Thanks for the various comments and suggestions. Here with a couple more photos that may help. I assume with the leg removed from the yoke, it is a case of carefully removing the duff seal and then (with a clean leg and lots of lube) sliding the new seal into place and replacing the securing slip. Thanks
  14. Hi, thanks for the advice. Doing a quick measurement, with the forks still in place, the diameters seem to be 35 and 47/48, which seems to be on the oil seals they sell - cheers.. Any idea on the make of forks, the seller said 'Tricky' I think - but can't find anything on the web about them.
  15. Hi, I've got a Bantam with replacement front forks/yokes - one of the top oil seals is knackered and I'm trying to identify the make of forks, does anyone know the make or where I can source a replacement seal. See attached photos. Thanks Elliot
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