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  1. Had this on a new Beta, the wheel had been built wrong & was some way off centre. Need to true the wheel to the correct offset.
  2. 65:1 is too much oil as you have seen when you open the throttle, I doubt this has anything to do with the knocking though.
  3. The FIM dropped their proposal to make the WTC 4 stroke only, hence why it was shelved in favour of continuing 2 stroke development.
  4. Will be available to watch next week on Jitsie.
  5. Made in 1995 would make it a "works 295" model which pre dates the "easy", does it have have a perimeter frame? Does it look like this: File:Works-scorpa.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  6. The easy was produced up to 1999 and has a Rotax engine, the later SY has Yamaha and was made from 2000 on.
  7. Always ran betas on 80:1 with a good quality synthetic oil. Thats plenty for trials use, you'll still get oil build up at that amount as you'll find out at the first big hill climb.
  8. TXR also has slimline clutch case with external clutch operating arm.
  9. I'd be looking at the impeller again. Are you sure its not spinning on the shaft or something?
  10. I'd suggest the gasgas just suits you better, you can tinker with suspension all you like, but if you rode all the current bikes back to back, one or two would really stand out simply because they suit your style of riding. This is why testing bikes properly is crucial. Having had 3 Beta evos & now a Vertigo the suspension & brakes on the Evo seem really poor compared to more modern bikes.
  11. Ring john shirt motorcycles with the frame number.
  12. Stop thinking & start test riding. Then buy the one that feels nicest to ride.
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