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  1. tshock250

    Picking a new bike ..

    Good man, now get out there & practice, more time on the bike the better.
  2. tshock250

    Picking a new bike ..

    aevans692 You're overthinking it, you must buy the bike that's suits you the best, otherwise you'll be setting off on the wrong foot from the start. You spent a day on a TRRS 250 & liked it, buy one. Sorted
  3. tshock250

    world round on tv ?

    The 26min highlight programme is on youtube , I watched it a couple of days ago.
  4. tshock250

    Advice on age of this bike please.

    Whats the frame number?
  5. tshock250

    TRS Ground Clearance Lower Than Others

    Get someone to video you on both bikes over the obstacle, its easy to see what you're doing wrong when you play it back yourself.
  6. tshock250

    Electric motion

  7. tshock250

    Gas Gas VIN

    That looks like its been ground down & re-stamped??
  8. tshock250

    Is changing a piston and barrel easy?

    I would walk away, theres plenty of other bikes around that arn't knackered. If you've already bought it i hope you got it really cheap as you cant take someones word that its just the piston & rings. I'd expect to spend a few £££'s on the other things that would need doing also.
  9. tshock250


    Do swingarm bearings at same time as linkage, they are very poorly sealed & suffer from water ingress & rust.
  10. 80:1 synthetic is more than enough, & is what most people seem to use. I have a ‘19 evo 300 & it’s a devil to find neutral.
  11. tshock250

    beta rev 3 is running badley

    Can you swap with another carb? At least you will know that's the problem if it runs ok.
  12. tshock250

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    I would be dropping it off at factory kev's, then picking it up when its fixed & go riding.
  13. tshock250

    1999 TXT 321 Running problems

    1k stator!! Was it gold plated!! glad it was an easy fix for you👍👍
  14. tshock250

    315 wont tickover

    The floats are the problem then, look at why they block the fuel & go from there.
  15. tshock250

    1999 TXT 321 Running problems

    Could also be a stator problem, ok when cold but fails when warming up. Had this happen to mine.