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  1. tshock250

    Service manual?

    Hi Primodius, Could i also have a copy please? 2020 vertical
  2. tshock250


    Older Rotax engined model. Scorpa easy. Mid to late ‘90s. I would avoid these.
  3. Agree about Facebook, you have to be really switched on when viewing/buying. I sold my last beta on Facebook & had to deal with a fair few time wasters & idiots before finding a genuine buyer.
  4. Buying a bike blind then trying to adapt your style to it surely isn’t the smartest approach though to be fair. I’ve had many bikes over the years & only change when I discover something that suits me & makes me feel comfortable riding it. This is how you improve your results. Granted nobody could have foreseen the problems your particular bike has, but testing a bike before you buy is paramount. PS not shouting, was just trying to reinforce a point. Hope you get it sorted as is bloody annoying when stuff doesn’t work properly.
  5. I suggest returning the bike, then take your time deciding what model you actually want by TRYING THEM OUT. Then, when you know what suits your riding style, wait for a good example to come along, dont buy blind or rush into anything, theres plenty about.
  6. tshock250


    Cumberland have a trial this weekend, check the ACU website. The entries are full but worth going along to spectate & gain information. ACU website has all the info to get your licence etc.
  7. tshock250

    Is it a 125 or 200

    These are 175cc if I remember right, it’s possible they are bored out 125s. Contact vertigo uk with your frame/engine numbers.
  8. Clean the carb & jets properly. Check float height.
  9. tshock250


    were you using a pressure washer?
  10. What spares are you looking for?
  11. These bikes are very well known for stator failure, they will start then stop. You can get them repaired at Bradford ignitions or give splatshop a ring.
  12. You are substituting fuel for oil if your using too much, hence the lean condition, it’s the same for carb fed bikes.
  13. Thankfully these days it only takes a few minutes of research to find out the differences between model years. No reason to get caught out buying an older bike than advertised.
  14. That’s the older frame 2009 to 2012. Looks like an 09 or 10 going by the silver frame.
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