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  1. tshock250

    trs v sherco v beta

    With regards to beta, I’ve had 3 evos & only one had a proper working clutch & that was 2016. Make of that what you will.
  2. My mistake, it is the correct rear mudguard. https://gasgas.com/en/previous-models?c=&y=1998
  3. It’s got an older rear mudguard from a 97 jtx & someone’s also painted the frame black. Should be chrome.
  4. It’s 1998 tx320 according to that. Looks like someones put a 250 barrel on it at some point.
  5. Can you post a pic of the bike or frame number?
  6. I have a Friday afternoon evo 2019 & one of the faults was the offset on the front wheel was way off, worth checking.
  7. Beta super trial, 1992/3.
  8. Whip the head off & measure the bore.
  9. Maybe try & get another from a breakers.
  10. Google "2 stroke ratio chart"
  11. For the clutch & cover as there’s no more ‘88 TXR donor bikes about anymore. (Which I do feel guilty about as the old man was the first to do this back in the ‘90’s) now it’s a well known mod.
  12. Yep not stationary though, a proper ride in the countryside under load. Then you’ll also have an idea if the bike is too rich,
  13. Pretty sure the 250 mono engine was based on the yz490?
  14. Were the old bearings knackered after a year?
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