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  1. tshock250

    93 JT250 Fork Clamps size question

    The 93 JT has upside down forks.
  2. tshock250

    2019 gasgas front suspension adjustment.

    No manual with the bike?
  3. tshock250

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    Have you strobed it to see what the timing actually is?
  4. tshock250

    Won’t start but occasionally pops/bangs

    Or it is spinning but its shifted to the point where the timing is screwed.
  5. tshock250

    Front folks

    If the previous owner thinks that's ok then I would be thoroughly checking the rest of the bike before going out on it.
  6. tshock250

    How far are your forks through the yolks?

    Maybe your settings are too soft? ive had 3 betas & none of them are prone to tucking the front, what sag are you running?
  7. tshock250

    1994 jt125 problems

    Sorry, I think we've finished now
  8. tshock250

    1994 jt125 problems

    Now im thinking was the 200 a 163cc? Im really starting to lose it now.
  9. tshock250

    1994 jt125 problems

    Yes I know very well the differences between the GT & the JT, I had new gassers in 93, 95&96. You are absolutely correct in that his bike is a GT frame. I just cant help remembering something about the 160 using different forks or frame for the year, the official brochures say otherwise though so have to concede it may have been something one-off using left over parts maybe. Time has blurred the memory! Although I do remember them being 143cc though so that's something you've forgotten too
  10. tshock250

    1994 jt125 problems

    The 160 used the previous years frame but with the 94 forks back then I believe, so it's possible you are right bungle.
  11. tshock250

    Total rookie

    Unless you love it or you are absolutely broke then get rid of it & get something newer & more reliable, these bikes now are very old & can be a big headache to fix multiple problems. Its worth about £300 max. £1500 gets you a way way better machine. I understand if you have a very limited budget however.
  12. tshock250


    Can also recommend nano trans in the beta, best oil I've used for the clutch.
  13. tshock250

    air box blocker for evo ?

    Stuff an old rag in.
  14. tshock250

    TX300 oil ratio

    Nice bike, crying out for a set of original mudguards though, hopefully someone will produce replicas one day.
  15. tshock250

    Gas gas 1991 ? Trials 250

    Wow, that's a rare old beast. Almost certain its a Delta, plastics would originally have been white (1990) or green/purple (1991) Looks like a delta engine plus has other delta parts on it so pretty sure that's what it is.