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  1. tshock250

    Beta evo 300

    Apparently not, as the Beta is the best selling trials bike.
  2. Have you cleaned the carb & blown through the jets?
  3. None of these points/comparisons you make are as important as how a bike feels to ride. Trying a bike is vital if you are thinking of buying.My advice is get the 250 which feels the most comfortable.
  4. tshock250

    EVO 200 MY 23 ?

    Don't overthink it, or spend too much time asking for peoples opinions on the internet. Everyones got different experiences. Start by having a ride on the bike you're thinking of buying, you'll soon know whether it suits you or not. An EVO 250 is the default clubman bike, i'd start there, get a test ride.
  5. It is indeed a 97 JTX as mentioned above.
  6. Problem there is you need the ultimate rider to make it work 😀
  7. Stators on these definately an issue. Also as you say, the fuel lines associated with the rear tank dont help. Certainly a model to avoid.
  8. They all fit different, go to a shop & buy the one which fits the best.
  9. Had this on a new Beta, the wheel had been built wrong & was some way off centre. Need to true the wheel to the correct offset.
  10. 65:1 is too much oil as you have seen when you open the throttle, I doubt this has anything to do with the knocking though.
  11. The FIM dropped their proposal to make the WTC 4 stroke only, hence why it was shelved in favour of continuing 2 stroke development.
  12. Will be available to watch next week on Jitsie.
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