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  1. Someone “in the know” at the silsden world round (no idea who now!) told me the 2020 would be a proper new model, I dismissed it at the time of course but we’ll soon know I suppose.
  2. Different bikes suit different people. Try as many as you can before deciding. Otherwise it can be a costly mistake.
  3. 02 sherco you say? Stator.
  4. tshock250

    Help me

    When you say it wont kick over, do you mean its seized, or it kicks over but wont start?
  5. Choosing a 300 to learn on probably isn’t the ideal scenario, but stick with it, riding in mud can be soul destroying when you are spinning & pushing and others appear to find plenty grip. Time on the bike will pay off eventually.
  6. Good man, now get out there & practice, more time on the bike the better.
  7. aevans692 You're overthinking it, you must buy the bike that's suits you the best, otherwise you'll be setting off on the wrong foot from the start. You spent a day on a TRRS 250 & liked it, buy one. Sorted
  8. The 26min highlight programme is on youtube , I watched it a couple of days ago.
  9. Whats the frame number?
  10. Get someone to video you on both bikes over the obstacle, its easy to see what you're doing wrong when you play it back yourself.
  11. https://www.splatshop.co.uk/electric-motion-em-5-7-trials-bikes.html
  12. tshock250

    Gas Gas VIN

    That looks like its been ground down & re-stamped??
  13. I would walk away, theres plenty of other bikes around that arn't knackered. If you've already bought it i hope you got it really cheap as you cant take someones word that its just the piston & rings. I'd expect to spend a few £££'s on the other things that would need doing also.
  14. Do swingarm bearings at same time as linkage, they are very poorly sealed & suffer from water ingress & rust.
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