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  1. Ring john shirt motorcycles with the frame number.
  2. Stop thinking & start test riding. Then buy the one that feels nicest to ride.
  3. As above, its a 1990.
  4. tshock250

    Beta evo 2023

    Just waiting for the stickers now.
  5. Ring John Shirt motorcycles with the frame number.
  6. As above, even brand new dellortos are available from some of the scooter places at very reasonable cost.
  7. Your Montesa dealer is talking absolute rubbish in an attempt to sell you a 4RT i'm afraid. 2 stroke trials bikes can literally go for years without needing even piston rings. My advice would be to try a few bikes to see which one suits you, then buy one of those. After all, you want a bike which you enjoy riding first & foremost.
  8. Tongue in cheek response Hughie, no offence meant. You have at the moment the perfect bike to learn the sport & progress through the levels, you should concentrate on riding & improving your technique on this bike for a while in my opinion. Getting lessons from someone like Alexz is an excellent idea as this will will steer you away from any bad habits which you may be picking up (as everyone does) Bike choice, particularly trials bikes are a very personal choice, you really must try all the bikes before purchasing. Some people really love twinshocks or air cooled monos, but equally i know of more than a few who have splashed out on their "dream" bike only to find it bloody horrible to ride (for them). More time on the bike, then even more time is the priority here.
  9. Oh for gods sake!................😄
  10. Agree with ChrisCH, you're over thinking it. Ride the REV3 until you have improved your skills. Then start riding other bikes until you find one that you really like, and feels right, then buy one of those.
  11. I had a 2013 evo with clutch drag that got worse the hotter it got, cleaned the glue from the plates, switched to nano-trans no different. Only got better when i installed a whole new clutch from an old Techno engine that was lying around the garage.
  12. The oversize cylinder will make any drag worse as its providing less seperation at the clutch plates.
  13. If you like your clutch then don't mess with it is my advice.
  14. Lighter clutch action but less movement on the clutch. If you have any drag on your clutch then this will make it worse.
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