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  1. tshock250

    Gas gas 1991 ? Trials 250

    Wow, that's a rare old beast. Almost certain its a Delta, plastics would originally have been white (1990) or green/purple (1991) Looks like a delta engine plus has other delta parts on it so pretty sure that's what it is.
  2. tshock250

    Gas gas 1991 ? Trials 250

    Can you post a picture of the bike so we can see exactly what you've got?
  3. tshock250

    2013 Beta Evo - Adjusting the Air & Idle

    Take the fuel line off, then operate the tap so you can check if the tap is working, it takes longer than 30 secs for the engine to use the fuel in the float chamber at idle.
  4. tshock250

    gasgas 250cc trails bike 1993 gt series help

    Who did it & did they use new o rings/gaskets? Has it had this problem since the top end rebuild? Think I’d be having the head off after checking the impeller.
  5. tshock250

    gasgas 250cc trails bike 1993 gt series help

    When I had one of these there was an issue with the header tank cap not sealing. This in turn allowed boiling/overflowing of coolant. Some riders fitted a large jubilee clip round the cap to squeeze it tight against the header tank threads. As above though, it could be any number of things on a gas gas of this vintage, they weren't built well back then, its a brave move buying one now.
  6. tshock250

    Just bought 2016 beta evo 300 , few questions??

    As above, 80:1 full synthetic & nano-trans gearbox oil. No clutch issues using that.
  7. tshock250

    knee/shin pads with side protection?

    I have some fox launch enduro MTB knee pads. Ive worn these for all day rides on the mtb & theyre really comfortable, not bulky at all. Was thinking about using them for trials when I get back to riding.
  8. tshock250

    Scorpa ditching WTC?

    Plus the TY mono would have been a huge failure!
  9. tshock250

    Sherco 290 2011

    If it kicks back a lot when starting have a look at the timing/flywheel.
  10. tshock250

    Trs 250 ,17 smoking when it's warm

    If im not mistaken TRS advise 100:1 oil ratio, if the previous owner has been using even more oil than the 70:1 you are using, and riding gently there is your problem. If it were mine, I would be on 85:1 unless you're doing fast trail riding or revving the bike very hard for bigtime sections frequently.
  11. tshock250

    Trs 250 ,17 smoking when it's warm

    Assuming you are using good quality synthetic oil at the correct ratio?
  12. tshock250

    Montesa v Beta

    I also like burbling about just off idle, that's why I got a 300 evo 2t. Very flexible motor without all the downsides of a 4 stroke.
  13. tshock250

    Sherco v Beta

    Until you’ve established which bike you get on with best, it’s fairly futile asking the forum members what they would choose. Ride some bikes then choose the newest you can afford.
  14. tshock250

    Montesa 315r rear wheel alinement!

    use a long straight edge to establish whether the rear wheel is indeed in line with the front, as 2stroke4stroke says above: the snail cams may not need to be in the same positions to achieve this.
  15. tshock250

    Montesa 315r rear wheel alinement!

    Wheel bearings fully home? left & right spacers on the correct sides?