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  1. 2019 4RT

    Word is 2020 will see a new model.
  2. Scott Trial rules for bikes

    Didn't Jarvis ride an enduro bike one year? or have I imagined it??
  3. Ford Connect L2 or Citroen Dispatch

    Cant help with 3 bikes but I have a new shape connect L2 and its been really good, Long enough for a trials bike straight in without turning the bars. I had a brand new dispatch 2 years ago and it was terrible, dodgy clutch (failed after 18 000 miles) , dodgy electrics, dodgy build quality & poor MPG. The new shape dispatch still uses the old engines so I would avoid, also there are more electronics in this new version & citroen just don't do reliable electrics so another reason to avoid in my opinion.
  4. Oem parts

    Oh yes, we have a Melrose here too, my mistake.
  5. Oem parts

  6. TE

    Have a think about it & tell us when you’ve worked it out😂😂
  7. First trial, need help!

    Hi, your bike is a 1994 jt25, 250cc.
  8. More buggering about

    Can't post on the forum using the pc as box is just grey can't type into it??
  9. Toby Martyn

    What a strange post?! Firstly, grattarola isn't involved in this, he has done no wrong except ride his socks off. The incident involves the observer when Marcelli is riding the section. Second, you are calling for the bikes to be restricted, and in same sentence complain that the bikes are being restricted by the tyre regulations??
  10. Toby Martyn

    Which is why it should be 1 Mark for a stop.
  11. Toby Martyn

    So reversing is allowed then? as going backwards is "motion" too. I was under the impression it was "forward motion" that has to be maintained.
  12. 2018 Beta Evo 200 oil change

    Changed oil every 5 trials using nanotrans, no probs, worked perfect.
  13. Front brake wont lock on 2018 Sherco factory 300

    More information needed. Is the lever spongy or firm? If firm then bleeding not required. Are you talking of lack of "bite" from the pads?, if so they may be contaminated along with the disc.
  14. Frame number problem?

    There was a gas gas Contact JTR 370 in 1996, these were blue in colour, google will show you. The "370" model didn't continue on after this, & im pretty sure they weren't actually 370cc either. Yours looks like a 1998 TX, but the barrels weren't red on those, so could be an older barrel off a 320 from an earlier model.
  15. Is Ossa still good?

    There are plenty of used trials bikes to choose from, the ossa might be ok for parts currently but why would you risk buying one now when there are many other bikes available from established brands?