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  1. Water pump seal failing as b40 says.
  2. Modern bikes have no carburettors & their air filter is well out the way of dirt 😉
  3. Look on the northern centre ACU web page.
  4. As teamferret says, it cant be an SR or a SY if its 1998. Another seller who doesn't really know what they have.
  5. The K-roo ended production about ‘93. The owner does not know about fantics or he is trying to fool you. For that price you could get an 2000’s gas gas /beta/mont, far better bikes.
  6. There's a slot machined vertically in the barrel to aid starting on the later evos.
  7. The monoshock😄 Wonder what the reason for the twinshock conversion was, as its not eligible for the twinshock class in trials?
  8. tshock250

    Service manual?

    Hi Primodius, Could i also have a copy please? 2020 vertical
  9. tshock250


    Older Rotax engined model. Scorpa easy. Mid to late ‘90s. I would avoid these.
  10. Agree about Facebook, you have to be really switched on when viewing/buying. I sold my last beta on Facebook & had to deal with a fair few time wasters & idiots before finding a genuine buyer.
  11. Buying a bike blind then trying to adapt your style to it surely isn’t the smartest approach though to be fair. I’ve had many bikes over the years & only change when I discover something that suits me & makes me feel comfortable riding it. This is how you improve your results. Granted nobody could have foreseen the problems your particular bike has, but testing a bike before you buy is paramount. PS not shouting, was just trying to reinforce a point. Hope you get it sorted as is bloody annoying when stuff doesn’t work properly.
  12. I suggest returning the bike, then take your time deciding what model you actually want by TRYING THEM OUT. Then, when you know what suits your riding style, wait for a good example to come along, dont buy blind or rush into anything, theres plenty about.
  13. tshock250


    Cumberland have a trial this weekend, check the ACU website. The entries are full but worth going along to spectate & gain information. ACU website has all the info to get your licence etc.
  14. tshock250

    Is it a 125 or 200

    These are 175cc if I remember right, it’s possible they are bored out 125s. Contact vertigo uk with your frame/engine numbers.
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