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  1. Clean the carb & jets properly. Check float height.
  2. tshock250


    were you using a pressure washer?
  3. What spares are you looking for?
  4. These bikes are very well known for stator failure, they will start then stop. You can get them repaired at Bradford ignitions or give splatshop a ring.
  5. You are substituting fuel for oil if your using too much, hence the lean condition, it’s the same for carb fed bikes.
  6. Thankfully these days it only takes a few minutes of research to find out the differences between model years. No reason to get caught out buying an older bike than advertised.
  7. That’s the older frame 2009 to 2012. Looks like an 09 or 10 going by the silver frame.
  8. Is it a rear tank model? I would avoid those, problematic. These aren't a good first bike plus its maybe had a hard life if its had new piston etc. Theres plenty of good 250s around, take your time.
  9. Not the best choice for a first bike, i would avoid. Theres plenty of better ones out there.
  10. If it’s not the cap then look at all the faulty ignition posts on here & the Facebook groups.
  11. Maybe he wants a 6 speed gearbox, or reliable ignition? *Puts helmet on & waits for abuse*
  12. Esso premium is ethanol free in most areas, check their website for your area.
  13. Has had the frame and a few things painted but almost certainly a 97 JTX 320. If the plastics actually are silver not painted over. Has the correct silencer, frame guards & engine colour for the JTX.
  14. As above, the bike is a 94, but has a 1997 jtx tank on it.
  15. No they clearly didn't, the disc & wheel maybe from something else but the forks are 2000 REV3.
  16. Paiolis from a Beta rev3 2000 model,a quick google search shows identical forks.
  17. tshock250

    Sherco year ?

    I wouldn’t be buying one of the rear fuel tank models given a choice.
  18. tshock250

    Exhaust pipe pop

    This is normal, using the clutch to smooth out low speed running is an important technique to master.
  19. Would have been built end of 2001 if it’s an 02 model.
  20. tshock250

    Unleaded Fuel

    From the ESSO website: . Esso super unleaded petrol (Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded 97) is ethanol free (except in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and Scotland).
  21. tshock250

    300 SS

    Get the 250, i've had both & the 250 is the way to go unless you're battling for a national championship.
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