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  1. You might want to check the rubber inlet boot between the carb and reed valve,I presume they are the same as the Sherco which are a notoriously bad fit hence the weak mixture you are experiencing.
  2. Hi guys, just wondering what you are using to check tickover speed on your 4rt and where did you buy the thing you are using.Cheers.
  3. What equipment do you guys use to measure the tickover speed or do you just do it by ear?
  4. Hi, there is a trials sidecar listed on eBay UK at the moment,might be what you are looking for.
  5. Hi,when mine started to leak Nige Pearson at Trials UK fixed it by using a gasket made of some kind of rubber material between the tap and tank. Not sure what bike the gasket came from but I’ve never had a problem since it was fitted, Nothing wrong with the plastic weld repair but this is easier to sort for the diy types who do not have access to the equipment needed.
  6. topline620

    ty80 rear tyre

    Hi,not wanting to teach you how to suck eggs,but have you blown the tube up a little bit.
  7. topline620

    Gear box oil

    It holds 450 ml of any good quality 75w light gear oil (Rock Oil,Putoline etc.)
  8. topline620

    Winner ?

    You wouldn’t bet against Dougie.
  9. Toni Bou seems to do ok? (yes I agree he's maybe not just a mere mortal if he is mortal at all)
  10. Wish I could find one like that in England !
  11. Mine is a 2016 model, I presume that’s the type you are talking about. I put mine back in with the air box / mudguard assembly off the bike, that way if you look down the link pipe you can see if the bolt is going into the right place. It’s still a pain to do but slightly easier. I also put a washer on the bolt, it stops the screw binding on the air filter and makes it easier to turn it with the limited space in the air box.
  12. The Horsforth club do a green route at their club trials which would probably be suitable for you. Their trials tend to be a bit easier on all routes and they are a very well run friendly club.
  13. Try contacting Kudu in Leeds (www.kuduproducts.co.uk). They do various trials products and is run by a trials rider I think.
  14. You will probably realise it from the parts diagram but please note the seals are different in each leg. From memory one side has one wide seal the other two thinner ones, only one side has a retaining circlip also.
  15. Hi,it sounds to me like the engine could have been flooded and was running on the fuel in the crankcase,had the bike been laid on its side or is the float valve sticking or float height incorrectly set? When it stopped it had probably used up all the fuel that was in there.
  16. I would love to buy a Fantic Section,especially for £500 or (just about) any price if I could find one for sale!
  17. I would agree with what Basil says,could be that the chain is too tight/ over tensioned when the suspension is compressed.
  18. Does anyone know the line up and format for Sheffield this year (2017), now that it's not a championship round ?
  19. topline620

    Fantic C@sta

    Does anyone out there actually have one of these fabulous looking bikes? There isn't much information about them online, were they just a concept or a development of the later aluminium framed Section. I have seen several different pictures of them but not much else, and if they were available were they any good?
  20. How badly damaged is your fork tube? I repaired a scratch on my 2011 using nail varnish then smoothed it off with 1200 grit wet & dry, I then replaced the seals with best quality green SKF seals and never had any leaks. Could be worth a try.
  21. Hi,I had a similar problem with a TY80 that had been unused for a couple of years. It turned out to be the ignition flywheel side crankshaft oil seal that had gone,it was easy to tell because fuel/oil mix had found its way into the flywheel casing area. it was just a simple case of removing the flywheel and back plate,hooking out the old seal (carefully!) then fitting a new seal. Hope this helps.
  22. topline620

    2016 St 250

    I have a 2016 300 and the air filter element stays a lot cleaner than my old Gas Gas Pro did,and it's a great bike (in my opinion)
  23. Just had a great day at the MRS Sherco trials test day at Westwood near Barnsley. With good support from the dealers from around the country who brought along their demo bikes, there was plenty of chance to ride the new 125, 250, and 300 trials bikes in a relaxed, pressure-free, woodland test area. Many thanks to all involved, especially Nige Pearson from Trials UK who organised my test rides. It makes you wonder why none of the other importers don't do something similar!
  24. I always struggled to start my Pro 300 when cold till I found out no throttle was the way to go,now no problems warm or cold
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