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  1. Is there a easy way to install the air filter . It’s a bit of a nightmare to locate the bolt hole and there is not much room for your hand , is there a trick to this or pure luck , was p****** about for 15min with this **** .
  2. Dodgy thermostat was the problem . New one ordered and all working again ,
  3. No idea what’s up . Boiled the kettle and put the thermostat in a bowl but no reading ,but worked when I used the mini blow torch . Could it be a dodgy thermostat,
  4. How long does it normally take for coolant fan to kick in normally st 300 factory , by pass the fan it works . Took out thermostat and heated it with small blow torch it’s working ., maybe just me but never seen it come on . Bike runs sweet .
  5. Hi having problems , just put on new throttle tube , engine is reving it's tits off ,just a straight swap over checked everything in place , revs to high . Then slows down far to long to tick over , throttle is snapping back on forth ok but takes a while to come down to idle. Any ideas as not got a clue , new cable maybe ?
  6. Would like to reduce throttle response ,Will a slow action throttle help a bit , just a too much gas and it's away ,need more slow throttle control , another question when bleeding the clutch , fluid is moving back and forwards in the tube , ? Not flowing out . Master cylinder when lever is quick pinched it spits out the master cylinderis this normal? Hope you can help as just learning the mechanics of a motorcycle .
  7. Why ! Too slow the throttle ?
  8. Was wondering if it’s just a straight swap over ,from a fast action throttle to a slow action throttle , is ther cable adjustment required etc .
  9. Need a link also 2017 factory st300 . None on the web ?
  10. Hi guys that’s me joined hope you can help , any info or talk through pics ect on how to repack my Sherco st 300 factory 2017 exhaust its a OXIA hope you can help .
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