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  1. CSP for the radiator filler plug, on splatshop website.
  2. I dont actually know, never had the flywheel case off yet 🙂
  3. Plenty fun to be had with that bike. Had a JT50 as a child but nothing bigger
  4. When the looting starts the shooting starts, do these sound like the words of a statesman, a president ? I despair at America
  5. Just swap the wheels between bikes and see if that cures it then at least you know if it's the wheel. If the spacers are in the wrong side the chain alignment would be out I would think?
  6. It's not really well done TRS, most modern bikes are the same set up. Certainly Gas Gas have been for years.
  7. Good question. When we lost most of 2001 to foot and mouth I didnt think the dealers would be able to sell new bikes but after a few trials in autumn 2002 people were turning up with 2002 models. It's a bit a different now as practice places are already opening so a few people will be ready for a new bike come autumn. Some manufacturers never changed bikes for years, Yamaha, scorpa with Yam engine, 4rt and many others. I'm sure they could convert an unsold 2020 to 2021 spec for not much money. Even if they dont theres nothing like a new bike
  8. How did people arrive at their current choice of bike or bikes ? I bought my TX300 Aprilia twinshock as there aren't many about. For twinshocks I'm not really that keen, it's more the social side of the event and catching up with old friends. So I try to buy bikes I didnt own at the time like the Aprilia. The TRS I have is my second one, I'd had a few Gas Gas pro's and I still think they are a very good bike but I wanted a change. I've had Betas before and find them difficult to ride, lots of people ride them well so it's not the bike. Tried a 4rt a couple of times but can't ride them, maybe if I stuck with it but I dont want to spend months learning to ride a new bike. A Spanish friend recommended a TRS so I tried a 2016 , I liked that and ordered one of the first Raga Reps. I really liked the 2017 Raga so traded up to a 19 Raga last year.
  9. Hi yes it's a Dellorto phbg 21 DS. Start with the same jets as the standard carb, they fit. This carb has an inlet spigot in front of the slide , presumably for a 2t injection system. Its blanked off on ours.
  10. You may well get one not involving a new piston. Apart from smoking badly and oil coming out of the exhaust are there other symptoms ? When a new piston is required the engine will rattle at tick over. If it's not doing that then it doesn't need a piston. Things to check Is the float set correctly in the carb Has it got the right jets in the carb Is it using gear box oil How much 2t oil are you mixing with the petrol ?
  11. Oil coming out of the exhaust has nothing to do with rings or the piston on a two stroke. Jimmy is correct its either too much oil in the petrol or the crank seals are gone. If its constantly running at very low rpm it may just need to go for a blast down the road.
  12. For many Trump is extremely irritating, he is virtually impossible to listen to without feeling annoyed and he just appears to lie his way out of trouble, the worse he behaves the more his fans lap it up. But Politics isn't about facts its tribal. In england its conservative or labour . In the us its Democrat v Republican. In both countries it doesn't seem to matter how appalling a leader is the hard core party members will follow and defend that individual. This thread will just be a never ending row as questions are asked and neither side of the arguement will consider the others point of view. I couldn't understand how a world power could elect such a man. Then I watched tiger king....😂😂😂😂 Western political systems are preferable to dictatorships and the likes of Putin. But at the moment they are not producing good leaders. Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris ???? Not as good at appearing stupid as Trump but hardly inspiring. Chucking stones at the yanks for having Trump or Biden to vote for , both in their 70s, may seem appropriate but our options aren't much better over here.
  13. Itll be a while till many wake up, those bleach hangovers are a killer....
  14. Golf is ok , fishing is ok, both individual sports. Trials practice should be ok ? The NHS can probably cope better with a casualty now than a month ago
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