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  1. For any sport to have a rule which is not applied is ridiculous. If you want no stop trials you need observers and the clerk of the course signed up to no stop observing and no stop sections. No stop is a farce at anything above a club trial. Generally obsevrs are not strict as you end up giving fives to the majority of riders. So at one section the observer counts to three before giving a five, another may just say as long as the bike doesn't go backwards and another might count to 1. No consistency at all and we should expect better. No stop has not increased the numbers participating at world level, it hasn't produced better sections and it hasn't actually been observed. Why keep it ? It's a dream for older riders who think the good old days will return but its been tested and doesn't work. Timed sections, stop permitted will give consistency at least. Make the sections longer and less dangerous and you might keep everyone happy
  2. When I did this on my 2013 I had to remove the banjo from one end, I put clung film round it to stop dirt getting in the hose. It was a venhill hose but I couldn't get it through the swinging arm with the banjo on
  3. I was 194 that year, John Reynolds, a good friend of Chris's was 197. JR was too quick so I rode some of the Moor crossings with Chris. It was my first ssdt , they were both very helpful
  4. When it's engaged the kickstart gear goes into mesh with the idle gear and the back of the clutch hub. Stop using the bike until you have inspected those parts or until a dealer has. You will only cause more damage.
  5. AG Bikes have also been dealing with sherco for years and will be able to help, north Yorkshire
  6. I dont doubt what @lineawaysays in terms of the front being light but that's one of the things I like. Different bikes suit different riders, I tend to be too far forward on the bike so don't really get on with the Beta. The TRS is more stable on the front end than my previous Gas Gas bikes. This is my third Trs. Still yet to change a water pump seal or a cdi. People overfill the radiators which can pop the seal.
  7. I attended the event and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes there are things to improve on but they addressed the previous issue of stale sections and for me the new stuff was brilliant to watch. Step 1 was to get the event running again and that's been achieved.
  8. I've seen a few complaints about the lighting, it wasn't too bad from my seat but needs looking at as a few have complained. However I'd like to thank the DL12 team for getting the indoor trial running again, a great night's entertainment , a proper re fresh of the sections and the riding was simply unbelievable 👍
  9. It's translated on trialworld @faussy
  10. Sad that Miguel Gelabert has retired from the WTC. His social media mentions health problems for which he is receiving treatment. I do wonder if there was a further problem in terms of an available ride for next year. Without personal sponsors or families paying its increasingly difficult for young riders to stay in the sport. How long has the wtc got left, it will have been a championship for 50 years if it lasts to 2025
  11. Japan now cancelled due to covid, is this the end of the WTC ??
  12. Andy Huddlestin went on to be Britsh expert champion on a TYZ and was 4th in the ssdt one year. Chris Hannant chucked trials in his late teens , has rode a couple of times since and usually goes to watch the ssdt. Few of the other names Colin Crease, Adam Norris, Darren Snell I've seen in the results over the years but are not from North East England so can't help with their subsequent career
  13. The petrol tank on a beta is the top tube of the frame. How hard have you got to try to drive a 6mm bolt through an aluminium frame ? Sounds more like its been drilled
  14. French round now likely to be cancelled as its too expensive to run, it's on todotrial
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