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  1. baldilocks


    Time is part of the equation in all national level events, it's obvious in the Scott trial but is also important in the SSDT for example. I don't mind , its a different skill and occasionally allows some different riders to get some publicity.
  2. baldilocks

    When will it end ??

    Regardless of location if the Wtc isn't attracting young riders and bike sales are not driven by it then something needs to change. I had a great time in Belgium but watching the trial wasn't one of the highlights. As someone who has watched trials for about 45 years, I've ridden plenty as well, that's not a good thing.
  3. baldilocks

    When will it end ??

    It's Portugal this weekend?
  4. baldilocks

    Fan not working-2018 TRS RR 300

    I've been putting 100% car antifreeze into trials bikes since I got my first watercooled bike and never had a problem ?
  5. baldilocks

    Which of the TRS is best mannered.

    I'm on My second 280, the 19 is noticeably quicker than the 17 was. I've just richened the carb by raising the needle half a notch with a washer. The 17 280 was perfect for me. Below quarter throttle the 19 grips really well and pulls third without difficulty on standard gearing. However it is quick above 1/4 throttle. Rode a friends 250 one with a dellorto carb recently, very good and more than enough for 99% of us.
  6. baldilocks

    When will it end ??

    Trials has always been the safest of motorcycle sports. I see no great benefit in it becoming as dangerous as supercross? I don't think any parent wants their child to end up in a wheelchair like Danny Chandler or David Bailey or from road racing Wayne Rainey or any number of TT riders who never came home. There is an essential difference in that trials just needs to find a winner. The clerk of the course at any trial needs to find a winner but also ensure that the rest of the competitors actually enjoy themselves. So you don't need to take 70 off Raga or 130 off the last place guy. Some more cleans for everyone wouldn't go amiss. It is absolutely possible to take marks off Bou without dangerous sections. At the Nevis range he lost enough, he lost marks in 125 sections actually.
  7. baldilocks

    no clutch

    You just need to remove the clutch inspection cover not the full clutch case so the water pump stays in place. I think the seals are just o rings, easy to fit, be careful not to drop the washer and thrust bearing that are on the underside of the case and sit on the slave cylinder. Remember it's mineral oil not dot4 You can see all of the parts if you look at the parts diagram on TRS UK site
  8. baldilocks

    Gearing - who's running what?

    That's the same sprocket reference I have , we have the answer 👍
  9. baldilocks

    Gearing - who's running what?

    Try scorpa sy 250 sprocket. It fits but had a fraction more slack on the spline, however it was a used sprocket I tried. I haven't ridden with it on yet
  10. baldilocks

    When will it end ??

    Having gone to Belgium to watch I am more concerned that he may be the last world champion. It wasn't good to watch. Section 8 lap 1, fajardo has an incredible clean, Bou loses 2. Everyone else 5 with a serious crash for Kadlec, lucky to walk away. Many made no attempt they just asked for a 5. As we walked past section 9 Busto had a massive crash, it was so steep he fell about 20 feet and nearly took the observer with him. His bike was stopped by a tree but the impact was so severe all 4 handlebar clamp bolts were snapped clean off. Section 10 was the section Fuji had a bad crash on last year but it was used again. Minders were doubling up to try and catch riders who didn't make it but generally couldn't stop some pretty awful incidents. Gelabert went cartwheeling backwards and was caught by his bike on the way down. He has , per his Instagram feed, broken bones above his jaw. The video is sickening, he could easily have been paralysed or killed. Jack Price, Dan Peace, Kadlec , Bincaz and Casales had similar incidents. Fuji , Busto and Bou cleaned it on lap 2, raga had a dab the rest had fives. You can't really call the above accidents , the probability of a crash is too high to say it's accidental. For me the trial was simply too hard and dangerous for all but two riders. Raga in 3rd place averaged more than two marks per section and nobody can doubt his courage or ability. Should Trial GP follow other sports and make changes after someone is paralysed or killed or should it avoid the misery, the investigation and regret this would bring and make changes now ?
  11. baldilocks


    Yes I'm going and providing Accomodation for a saga holidays group as well...👍
  12. baldilocks

    What does one think....

    It's a European trials thread and we are discussing trials in Northumberland but I'm interested 😁. I think it might have been ridsdale perhaps ? Not the best course just rocky outcrop, quite a short lap. Monkridge farm near otterburn isn't far away but that's east of a68 and was a cracking trial but only four laps. It was run by Bedlington clubs land and their schoolboy series used to be two trials per day morning then separate course in the afternoon. Happy days
  13. baldilocks

    Toni Bou finishes clean but has a 5!

    Fuji stalling the bike should also be a five. Lots of stops in all the videos for all the riders which are longer than the stop raga was fived for. There's not a non stop section in the entire event. Corners taped to right angles so they all hop into the corners. Watch the qualifying section, raga jumps from a rock to a log in a straight line, virtually every other rider hops off the side , hops/ stops again then goes over the log. Raga gets a time advantage but as he is virtually last through the observer probably hasn't realised that bit could be ridden no stop , every other rider could have been fived. The observer however, prior to Raga s attempt is probably thinking it can only be done the other way ? It's so subjective, it's so easy to criticise but difficult to do any better. I've said this before , the FIM need rules to govern the setting out of sections.
  14. baldilocks

    Wheel bearings.

    Good Points Senor Dabster, see above
  15. baldilocks

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    Across Europe environmental issues are an increasing barrier to the sport.