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  1. @flooky did jb plastic weld work ?
  2. baldilocks

    300 RR Steaming

    Stat is fitted to the underside of the radiator near where the exhaust exits the cylinder. The cables are routed between the rad and the frame tube on the ignition side of the engine. The good news is if you look under the headstock above the radiator you should be able to see the thermostat cables. They connect into another set, just bullet connectors. If you disconnect those from the stat and pair the other two you have by passed the stat. Kick it over and the fan should spin immediately, if it does its just the stat that's not working. If that doesn't fix it it's the fan motor or the power to it, could be loose connection. Finally people have had those pressure valves stick closed on various bikes and its popped the head o rings instead. Haven't heard of one letting pressure out too soon but they are only £5 so worth changing.
  3. I think perhaps time may be useful to get people to ride non stop if that's what riders and organisers want ? Ease the severity make the sections longer and reversing or stopping increases the risk of running out of time. It's not traditional trials but it may be a reasonable solution?
  4. It's stop permitted this year with a time limit.
  5. I've been riding trs bikes since early 2017, had a new 17 rr and now have a 19rr. In all that time I've changed one plug. It didn't need changing I just bought a spare in case so fitted the new one and the one I took it is still in my rucksack. As others have said mixture is probably the issue
  6. baldilocks

    2021 TRS 125RR

    @peterh if you don't mind the question what do you weigh please ?
  7. baldilocks

    Heavy clutch

    What I never understand with the clutch pack measurements is how hard you are supposed to squeeze the vernier guage ? 9.85 mm is the ideal but depending how strong you are and the amount of oil on the plates you can get 0.5mm difference? Difficult to measure without disassembly
  8. @AlanC yes I agree. As a rider I lived the time element of the SSDT and the Scott. It provides some adrenaline when you are late 😄. To be fair to the RFME I think they get more entries as they have more classes but that means you can't complete the day if everyone is balancing in every section, you need an incentive for people to hurry up.
  9. baldilocks

    Is it a 125 or 200

    So what happens when you tax it if the paperwork says its a 125 ?
  10. Another attempt at stopping stopping...or at least incentivising riding more quickly.
  11. Casales injury was the day before so nothing to do with the rule change. The rule change was for every 5 mins under the time limit a rider got 1 mark knocked off their score. Time was too long , they extended it by 30 mins for each lap but not sure why. Sections on the easy side so riders quickly worked out if they went round fast enough they would have a 0 score. Gelabert and Busto should actually have had a minus overall score but those two and raga all show zero in the final results. Not sure how they determined the winner.
  12. baldilocks

    2021 TRS 125RR

    Looks like that's a no....Will need a 125 for my son in the autumn , anyone had an earlier model 125 ?
  13. We have had some issues with the better carb, not in terms of reliability but I noticed as my son progressed the peaky nature of the power it provides was becoming an issue. I've fitted a richer slide which has helped but it doesn't rev as high as it should in my view. It's a pity about the carb, the rest of the bike is pretty good
  14. Annual ? I do mine once a month
  15. By lowering the ride height in theory you are increasing weight balance to the rear wheel but its marginal. It will not impact on grip when setting off. Tyre pressure and condition is much more important
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