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  1. Its impossible really to succeed unless a private sponsor is paying or you have wealthy parents. Practice isn't just the rider, its rider plus minder. Repair bills when things go wrong must be horrendous. So to practice like Bou, Raga etc you probably need to be able to fund a full time rider and a minder, two bikes a year minimum plus parts, a van etc. That level of spend needs to be maintained until the rider is picked up by a factory. I would think the majority of the factory budget probably goes on the top 5/6 riders? Then most of the money in the sport is going on pre 65 and twinshock bikes. So factories have much less to spend on a world championship, in fact two world championships including x trial. All this before you take into account that there is no agreement on which rules to apply
  2. One school of thought is that young very good riders now ride 125s for too long. In Raga / Bous case they didn't, they will have been on 300s at 16.
  3. May as well just have a Spanish championship?
  4. Speaking of Technology why are all democracies not using on line voting. The country that brought us Facebook, Instagram, went to the moon in the 60s etc is still counting paper votes that were posted rather than put in a ballot box a week after election day ? Not that the UK is any better. Lots of interesting points in this thread but we are all still in our trenches, no middle ground 🤣
  5. baldilocks

    TRS e-start

    Does the battery get recharged when the motor is running ?
  6. He also said they were looking to use bleach and that uv was getting interesting results? Was that why he was permanently orange ? He needs to give up and let his country move on. He knew, as did many others that Democrats were predominantly going to vote by mail. So it should not have been a surprise that the longer the count went on the more his position deteriorated. I cant believe his supporters cant work that out. Still now you can see why he was so keen to increase the republican bias in the Supreme Court.....
  7. I've only been to America twice, both times to Florida. I was looking forward to going back when I retired to see Grand Canyon amongst other things. But I've grown tired of the Americans i see, I just don't understand you. Guns ? Its obvious to everyone else on the planet that the US policy on individuals owning guns is ludicrous, how many massacres is it going to take ? Its like you are all stuck in a Clint Eastwood or John Wayne film. Who'd want to be a policeman in America ? They get it wrong and behave like judge Dredd but every person they approach could be armed ? Religion, there seem to be as many religious nut jobs in the US as there are in the middle East. I saw a woman demanding the hair dressers re open , she didn't care about coronavirus as she's looked after by a higher power!!!! What you mean the all powerful being that created the virus ? The US political system, impossible to get to president without spending billions and despite all that money and effort your choices are Biden and Trump, really Corbyn and Boris were an awful advert for the UK but you guys knocked us out of the park!! How can two men in their 70s be suitable for that job. The American dream is dead looking from over here, its not a successful outcome .
  8. 3.There's no head gasket they have o rings. You could fit an extra base gasket, this does affect port timing but still works and is common mod on lots of bikes to soften the power. Frame I think is the same but you could check with trs UK? Amped decals I've used before on a gas gas, no problems. If its an rr then you can adjust the damping, both compression and rebound, have you done this ? If not use the adjustment and stay on std oil. 👍
  9. Jitsie do higher fatbars than standard?
  10. Right, I finally remembered to get the jet sizes and slide from the improved carb. Pilot 40 Main 92 Slide 40 Needle w7, lowest groove.
  11. Anyone found a more robust tyre beader Dunlop made them years ago out of rubber which were a lot more robust. Just split one tonight rushing to get it done !
  12. The ones I've seen broken have been damaged in an accident, the bike has looped and the mudguard has proved stronger than the filter box. This looks different, do you sit down a lot ?
  13. If you ride in first and its too quick fit a 9 tooth otherwise just select a lower gear. My 280 will pull 4th on a hill but its not detuned so 4th is usable. Low comp head and a head spacer may be too soft as the motor won't have the compression to pull higher gears
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