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  1. Anyone found a more robust tyre beader Dunlop made them years ago out of rubber which were a lot more robust. Just split one tonight rushing to get it done !
  2. The ones I've seen broken have been damaged in an accident, the bike has looped and the mudguard has proved stronger than the filter box. This looks different, do you sit down a lot ?
  3. If you ride in first and its too quick fit a 9 tooth otherwise just select a lower gear. My 280 will pull 4th on a hill but its not detuned so 4th is usable. Low comp head and a head spacer may be too soft as the motor won't have the compression to pull higher gears
  4. I've always thought either all the 2t manufacturers cant operate scales or montesa cant. They both cannot be right 😄 However I was talking to a guy in Italy a few years ago who pointed out a couple of things. The weight biasis on the mont is something like 70% front 30% rear which makes it feel a lot heavier. The manufacturers also quote dry weight, the 2t bikes hold less than 500ml of oil , the 4t has more like 1.5 litre ? Finally the moving parts issue which makes a 300 2t feel heavier than a 125 may also come into play when you think about timing chains , valves etc and the 4t motor must be more top heavy. I'm a 2 stroke man, I don't want to write off 6 months learning to ride a 4t, I haven't got long left as it is 🤣
  5. Thanks guys. Wire coil is 4.7mm thick. These forks only have the spring in one side so ive found some springs on line from an earlier set of 38mm which had a spring in both sides so I'll try one of them, length is within adjustment range on the fork and wire coil is 4mm My son only weighs 37kg but these forks are firmer than the tech forks in my TRS
  6. Hi does anyone make a softer front fork spring for the Beta 80 Senior ? Its a 38mm Paioli fork.
  7. Ah now we haven't mentioned colour before, ours is black ! I'd also say its longer as its more difficult to re fit. Having said that I doesnt get re fitted very often, last couple of months I'm just draining the fuel out of the bowl with the drain bolt. Got away with it, never had a problem since we fitted this carb.
  8. baldilocks

    Flywheel Weight

    I weighed it, it wasnt a guess. ive just removed the same looking weight from my Aprilia TX.
  9. CSP for the radiator filler plug, on splatshop website.
  10. I dont actually know, never had the flywheel case off yet ?
  11. Plenty fun to be had with that bike. Had a JT50 as a child but nothing bigger
  12. When the looting starts the shooting starts, do these sound like the words of a statesman, a president ? I despair at America
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