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  1. Its the soil on forestry land, I think it will do the same to all pads? I galfer red, good performance, last a long time and not too hard that they wear the disc. But I don't ride in forests a lot
  2. Tyres 6psi front 4psi rear Adjust lever clamps so they will rotate in a fall but you don't want them to slip when riding. So make sure you can't force them round with your fingers with your hand round the grip. DO NOT do this with bar clamps, if the bars roll forward you will accidentally wind the throttle on leading to a potentially big accident , twist grip must also be tight. Protective gear: Boots , helmet, gloves, I wear shin pads between top of my boots and my knees. Modern trials pants have knee pads in which are ok but not brilliant. To much protective kit and you will not be able to move properly so its a risk judgement for you to make.
  3. You might get the clutch to release by rocking it back and forward in top gear without starting the engine. I had a Beta Gara years ago and the clutch was pretty poor. Even with new fibre plates and washers under the springs it would slip in 5th and 6th gear. It may just be dragging if its been stood a long time but I wouldn't sand a great deal off the plates as the tolerance seems quite small.
  4. Have you got a link to the page referring to personal imports of sporting goods please. See the other thread on this topic for the price of a carnet....
  5. Try moving needle clip down one notch or fit #3 slide if its pinking, 45 pilot is std.
  6. I didnt realise RG trial had decided to leave the sport, they were helping Billy Green, Frances Moret and Gabriel Marcelli. So where are these three going this year ? Maybe need an 80cc class next to get to 50 entries..... Or make the whole thing electric in 2022 . Bikes not as capable so severity will have to reduce and we would be ahead of other sports from an environmental point of view?
  7. baldilocks

    Linkage Play

    If bearing is not a tight fit in the linkage to the extent it can move left to right then I would change that part of the linkage. Id think this will put more strain on the upper rose joint if the lower one is moving left to right. Before long it will have vertical lift I would think. You should be able to twist the shock but the outer bearing surface must be tight in the linkage to work correctly.
  8. Why go so far ? Make a section out of your computer and keep riding over it till you clean it. If its difficult try riding over your cell phone first. ?
  9. I think people of all countries have similar issues to a greater or lesser extent. People have a need to form an allegiance to a side in politics but also in lots of other areas of their lives, wherever there is discussion. Normally on TC our tribes or allegiances are the brand of bike we ride, or boots we wear or stop / no stop. We see the same behaviours as we see in current politics , when peoples opinions are threatened this motivates a need to respond, its often an emotional response not a calm , thought out, considered response. People move the conversation when challenged to an area where they think they have the upper hand. Best boots ? First Post goes " Oh definitely Gaerne are the most comfortable" next post ....." yes but they don't protect your feet, no toe cap, ankle support not the best". This is actually a reasonable conversation in that all of the comments are at least valid to me in terms of my personal experience. The stop / no stop conversation is more polarised and both camps ignore some truths. No stop is a farce even at local trials as it is so inconsistently observed and also because sections are often not suited to those rules. But sitting in queues while people who can't hop try to is very frustrating, trials where you have to hop all the time are frustrating too. We get a more polarised view with this issue as there are only two options. We also see that people ignore the issues with the stance they have taken and just look at the positives. This has facilitated no progress on this issue, to make progress we need to deal in reality, to move forward we need both sides to recognise the weaknesses in their arguments and address them. In politics now we see a similar game but with much higher stakes. Two political camps or tribes if you wish. Democrat v Republican Leave v Remain Labour v Conservative In the brexit campaign both sides were guilty of preaching absolute crap but nobody cared, people picked a side and stuck with it through thick and thin. Everyone knew the nhs would not be £350m better off, a few less knew that as a large part of the workforce were foreign if you stopped immigration there'd be nothing to spend that money on anyway. Equally although we are worse off in my view the remain campaign overplayed the impact , they didn't deal enough reality. America is in a worse place, they seem so far removed from reality its absolutely incredible. Im watching people get interviewed and I don't know how they survive day to day. Do these people think spiderman is a documentary? They have nailed their colours to Republican or Trump or Democrat and they will grasp any story , no matter how far fetched to attack the opposition rather than consider the weakness of their own position. At the moment Trump / Republicans are the Toni Bou equivalent in this field Stolen election, Q anon, birther movement , Biden is controlled by China, it just goes on and on. Im sure there will have been times when democrats have presented some fanciful tales too but has it ever been this extreme ?People spouting this stuff don't deserve our attention. They need to be left alone to reflect on their conduct in the fullness of time, nobody will enjoy the experience. We will not make progress while this behaviour continues. We need to expect better , if you need to make stuff up to win then you need to think again.
  10. baldilocks


    Got an airoh now after two hebo Zone 4s. I just fancied a change but I'd say there's not much to choose between them, hebo is cheaper
  11. How are people so far removed from reality ? It doesn't matter what happens lineaway can't be shifted from his polarised view.
  12. So as a Trump follower / supporter / believer are you pleased with yourself now 5 people have died Lineaway ? The world has been listening to Trumps lies since November shared by many of his supporters as they tried to make up a story rather than admit they lost. Sad.
  13. I'm going to ride my bike and try and forget ive been saying Trump was going to win since November.....
  14. They should lock Trump up.
  15. So what will lineaway post on the 7th ?
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