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  1. We had many problems with my son's 2014 beta 80 senior. It would just occaisionally run very lean , rpm would increase then it would run out of fuel. First few times I'd have the carb stripped at the trial then it would run ok but I could never find anything wrong with it. I stopped cleaning the carb when this happened at trials and started just picking up the bike by the rear wheel and letting it fall, I thought the float must be sticking. A local guy then offered a different carb he had used on his sons bike. It was a massive improvement and we've had no problems since. The thread I read on another site, probably referred to above , mentioned small particles being found in the fuel but that they were flaking off the actual original carb. I'll get the reference off the alternative carb. .
  2. I could cry, loved JT50 as a child, same miranelli motor as the fantic 50, won my class in a club trial on it. Great bikes, can you not get miranelli parts anymore ?
  3. I agree with @young girl suntI'm 13 stone and i would have a go at the clubman route on my son's Beta 80 senior if I could get him off it. Fantastic bike, perfect for a beginner and great fun to ride.
  4. Did you but the bike on a stand when you put it on the scales
  5. baldilocks

    Front brake arm

    I think the cable run is the advantage. Also some torque arms are worn and can shift under braking if the hole is elongated. If the brake arm is forward of the fork leg it takes slack up in the cable as it moves.
  6. I'd always buy Michelin, for the trials I ride, predominantly rocks, they have been the best tyre for nearly 40 years. Tried Dunlop before , not really impressed but understand latest ones are better. IRC not a million miles away but no cheaper and easier to puncture? Trials riders do make me laugh , people pay £100 for a sticker kit but don't own a pressure gauge and then run second rate tyres to save £20/£30.
  7. Who else has been 125 champ in recent years ? Max Faude maybe but where is he now? Billy Green does ok in trial 2 Toby Martyn? Who was the Italian guy who won on a scorpa then went to vertigo ? 125 champ is still a world champion but it's a long way from there to trial gp. I don't think the factories really invest in young riders , top 5 or 6 in gp class perhaps get lions share
  8. What happened to Golden Tyre?
  9. baldilocks

    CDI failures

    The jet wash is contributing I think, we do this every weekend in the uk. A friend of mine has in recent years owned a trs a vertigo and a gas gas. He didn't have the TRS vey long but did replace the cdi on the vertigo and the gas gas. All 2t manufacturers are fitting hidara ignition systems at the moment. Waterproof grease sounds a good idea, can anyone recommend a brand ?
  10. Off topic but Casales won the opening Spanish champ round on Sunday. For all the problems at GG they still make a good bike.
  11. Even brand new bikes have a little play at the end of the swinging arm , there has to be some play in each bearing or it won't move. If you then add that for each bearing x the length of swingingarm then there is a little bit of play. However this sounds like the spacers are out of spec. Could always try bearing fit.....It's just a loctite product.
  12. The actual linkage bearings last well, I clean and 're grease once a month. I did have to replace the lower shock bearing on my 2017 but I'm not sure how or if a spherical can be lubricated? I just try and get some oil into it. How much play are you talking about at the end of the swinging arm ? If it's excessive you can probably buy the spacers separately
  13. For all the close season moves it was still Bou v Raga in the final. Casales 3rd is a great result Bincaz 4th also good but Benoit better indoors and I hope he can transfer this talent outdoors this year. Busto was the guy Honda appeared to think would ultimately replace Bou. Still has time on his side but needs to start winning occasionally this year. Fajardo has not yet adapted to the sherco but still exceptional on his day. Indoor maybe not the best indicator due to extreme sections, 0 or 5 and the scoring being reset each round.
  14. Fitted a washer from splatshop under the needle clip so it's now halfway between 4th and 5th groove on the needle. Renthal bars S3 steel pegs. CSP fuel cap That's about it.
  15. Got to give the guy a round of applause for the effort he made just to compete. Great to see, outdoor championships would benefit from his presence
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