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  1. Can't see any other top 5 rider going to Gas Gas. Still a great bike with a good following , do they need a world championship top 5 rider?
  2. Probably reflects the state of the championship in that they can't afford to lose a rider. Does this mean he doesn't qualify for indoor series ? This has clearly been known about for time but if they had concluded matters sooner GG would have not had anyone on the podium. Fajardo is a fantastic rider but with GG uncertain in terms of the WTC where does he go next year ?
  3. But does this mean any income he earned from those results now has yo be returned ?
  4. B40rt who supplied the rotax springs ? On my tx300 , after a month of eating protein bars and going to the gym I can just about pull the clutch with one hand!
  5. In Motion are now selling complete SWM Kickstarts
  6. Good point, the advantage is in having a metal impeller as opposed to the plastic standard one which can strip
  7. What year is your bike ? Latest GG are s3, same as TRS and Sherco / Scorpa. Before that they have used various brands I think
  8. Can't you take it back to the dealer ?
  9. The problem with it , just from my point of view isn't the riders or the minders, it's the people putting the flags in. WTC supposedly went no stop but the sections haven't ? Taking minders out should lead to less dangerous sections but I can't see that happening either. Those who inspect the sections need to start doing their job so that the section severity is compatible with the rules.
  10. Cylinder head is different as the TRS has a bleed valve in the cylinder head. I think piston may fit ?
  11. baldilocks

    No start

    You have my sympathy but apart from the 4rt I think all modem bikes use a Hidara ignition system and they do fail occasionally. I'd ring TRS UK and go from there.
  12. If it's the pin home on the underside of the water pump that means the seal has failed. The idea is you notice it weeping before it does too much damage. Drain the oil as soon as you can as the clutch plates may react with the coolant then you will need a new set
  13. Time is part of the equation in all national level events, it's obvious in the Scott trial but is also important in the SSDT for example. I don't mind , its a different skill and occasionally allows some different riders to get some publicity.
  14. Regardless of location if the Wtc isn't attracting young riders and bike sales are not driven by it then something needs to change. I had a great time in Belgium but watching the trial wasn't one of the highlights. As someone who has watched trials for about 45 years, I've ridden plenty as well, that's not a good thing.
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