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  1. baldilocks


    Unless it's wd40 or something else you have used to clean the bike you have a problem. Crankshaft oil seal and or main bearings are the likely cause. Is the bike running weak / pinking?
  2. baldilocks

    Toby Martyn

    No news from FIM ?
  3. baldilocks

    280 or 300?

    Just goes to show, depends who you ask. I now ride a TRS 280, I previously had 280 gg. Owned 250 and 300 gas gas at different times but the 280 was always my favourite. Strange but for the very reasons faussy doesn't like it. I liked the low down torque and it wasn't too much higher up the rev range. Didn't really have an issue with grip, just make it pull and it grips. The 250 didn't have enough torque, the 300 was just too much , it just wore me out. All of my 280s and 300s had a flywheel weight. But a lot of very good gas gas riders use them, I suggest actually it should have a heavier flywheel weight out of the box. Last Gas Gas I had was a 2014 racing. I rode a 250gp recently, that certainly had more power than the last 250 I owned so I'd suggest you try the latest models.
  4. baldilocks

    Toby Martyn

    Not getting at anyone but nuerous people suggest going back to previous rules but forgetting that they all had their issues. If no stop goes then a time per section is essential to stop the first rider balancing for 7 hours in section 1 and stopping the event.
  5. baldilocks

    Toby Martyn

    How did Toby Martyn smile at the end of that video, fair play to him.
  6. baldilocks

    Toby Martyn

    So is time the decider if they are all on the same score like in qualifying? @john collins said years ago we need no stop sections with stop permitted rules. A lot of sense in that and everybody wins. Of course right now we have the opposite
  7. baldilocks

    Toby Martyn

    The rules are only half of the equation however, organisers insist on putting in sections which require stopping. The riders and observers then have to make the best of it. If the sport , and I mean all of us, think this is the only way to take marks and it's the style of section that riders and spectators want then change the rules. @b40rt has a point however, it's always going to be a matter of judgement just like a referee in football regardless of which rules are used. The objective, from a fairness point of view, is to reduce the amount of judgement required
  8. baldilocks

    2019 RR Vs One

    TRS one will certainly be good enough. I can't hop on the rear wheel but I love my RR
  9. baldilocks

    Toby Martyn

    Under ACU rules you cannot protest another riders score. Anyone know if FIM is the same ?
  10. baldilocks

    Silly season approaches

    I think you may need to stop looking at the stickers. The shock Busto had on his bike at Addingham looked like a TTX, too big to be standard. I can't imagine they won t change other parts to suit the rider. Jack Price is currently British Champ and has just beaten Kadlec in the world championship so is he not their best rider excluding Busto / fajardo ?
  11. baldilocks

    Toby Martyn

    Not disputing Dabsters comments as I haven't seen the severity of the incident he is referring to. But have we not been looking at world trial videos for years a saying why wasn't that a five? Professional observers may sound like a good idea but as the rule stands in terms of benefit of doubt, it's not a stop if you hop or the next rock is big / awkward etc what's the point of a professional observer? You have to have rules which can be consistently and objectively applied. For all the Facebook live, various websites, qualifying, night qualifying etc we don't have the basic of any sport in place, a proper set of rules.
  12. baldilocks

    Transmission oil change

    Taff is that quote not related to a car where the clutch is separate anyway? Just keep using what works for you. No need for anyone to change what they use unless they have a problem to solve
  13. baldilocks

    Transmission oil change

    If you ever had the main bearings out of a gas gas and seen the size of the pinhole in the bearing case I wouldn't think a thicker oil helps. From memory I think the pin hole is the exit but even so oil needs to circulate. I'm still a fan of main bearings lubricated by transmission oil as opposed to 2 stroke mixed with petrol. However bearing technology and application changes. One of my friends, a maintenance engineer couldn't believe that my 07 Sherco had sealed main bearings. However they worked perfectly, better than the open bearings which were an issue with early models. The quality of the bearing fitted can't be underestimated
  14. baldilocks


    Correct, the pin diameter is different but the better Regina and renthal R1 are very good. How much is the DID ERT2 ?
  15. baldilocks


    Initially I thought the lanyard must have become separated. It didn't pink which you would expect with it running out of fuel but most of us don't rev it that hard , maybe it doesnt pink if it runs out quickly on main jet