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  1. Double-check the brass needle jet in the carb is still in place. On my bike the fit was/is rather loose and the jet can easily fall out when the main jet assembly/needle jet holder has been removed and the carb is upside down. I hadn't noticed when mine fell out on one occasion. Assembled the carb without it and the bike wasn't running right - although not as bad as you describe.
  2. You show you have a 2019 250 Evo but the owner's manual for that model lists a 48 pilot jet and a 125 main whilst it shows a 55 pilot and 130 main for the 125 model. Not answering your question directly but it appears your carb is jetted incorrectly for a 250, if indeed that is the bike you have.
  3. Information released on Thursday by ACU "It is with regret that the ACU have to announce that the British Round of the FIM Trial GP scheduled for 9/10th October in Tong, will not now take place. An unfortunate combination of circumstances have led to this decision, but it is hoped that 2022 will allow for a round to be run once again." I wonder what the "unfortunate combination of circumstances" might have been? Is Covid still having an impact? In my opinion the wording used does not come across as very professional as one would expect there are plans B, C etc to cope with unexpected eventualities. Strangely the event still appears on the FIM trials calendar web site.
  4. Excellent customer care by Lampkins. One hears anecdotal stories from time to time but here's some confirmation that the stories must be true!
  5. portman

    2022 Evos

    See https://www.betamotor.com/en/moto/evo-2t-125-250-300/ So "major updates have been made to the graphics of the bike" plus "the air filter box is now red"! Oh, just to keep development going forward, "the suspension has been updated with revised fork settings to optimise the damping curve in both fully compressed and fully extended states". Perhaps the pandemic.has restricted the development engineers' creative thoughts? On the other hand I guess the existing bikes' capabilities far exceed those of the average rider so why change when a formula clearly works pretty well!
  6. These two locations should be a good starting point: https://betausa.com/trials-support/ https://www.betamotor.com/en/manuals/#tab-id-2
  7. Yes, clever idea. I guess the 250s might also have a slot since my friend's 2021 250 is much easier to kick than my 2016 model (both standard, not factory versions).
  8. Andy (site owner) and others do a brilliant job providing us with a very useful site and I hope my earlier post has not been taken as a criticism of any of them. If you re-read that post you will see that I admitted that I didn't post as much as perhaps I could (should) and there's no doubt in my mind that sites such as Trials Central rely upon contributions (ideally helpful ones!) made by visitors to keep things vibrant. And if media releases are coming through to Andy (or whoever) from trials-orientated businesses or clubs then hopefully time can be found for them to be loaded on the site. Of course we have all been affected over these last few months and some news (eg club activities) has understandably been thin on the ground, but, touch wood, things will continue to improve and we'll be able to return to a more normal way of life in the not too distant future and Trials Central will again be bursting with activity!
  9. I had noticed much the same Ferret, particularly the news section. Still seems to be well used when seeking advice on fixing bike issues, etc. I suppose I am as guilty as many for not doing much posting, although I recently posted about Bou breaking his leg - 1068 views which means the site is still being viewed even if no comments were added. Trials Central has been a useful go to site for many years and I hope recent experience is just a minor hiccup.
  10. Only just come across this but surgery was on Wednesday https://trial.hondaracingcorporation.com/report/toni-bou-operation-fibula/
  11. Take a look at this since that story was rather similar, bikerpet.
  12. portman

    Petrol switch

    See http://www.betamotor.com/en/support/manuals. Don't go back as far as 2006 but the 2008 manual is probably pretty close.
  13. The tap has a solenoid (an electrical coil which generates a magnetic field which attracts the centre core causing it to move and open the tap). As soon as the engine turns over sufficient electrical energy flows to the tap to open the fuel flow. The tap also includes an alternative setting to allow the carb to be filled with fuel (primed) in those situations such as where the bike has been out of use for some time and the carb contains no fuel. Can't remember which position is the priming one but the owners manual shows it clearly. If you search the Beta forum on this site there's some more info to be gained.
  14. I suggest you also check the tank cap to make sure it is allowing air in to replace the fuel flowing out to the carb. The cap incorporates a one-way valve to ensure fuel does not escape when the bike is upside down/on its side. You can check two ways. If the bike is misbehaving again, undo the tank cap completely and it it runs OK that's probably your problem. Alternatively, remove the cap and let the air get to it to evaporate any fuel or vapour. Then alternatively suck/blow on the tiny black breather pipe on the cap to see if allows air through one way (as if into the tank) but not the other way.
  15. The cap contains a one-way valve which should allow air in as the fuel tank empties but prevent fuel from escaping. I suggest you undo the cap and allow it to breathe for a while to evaporate any fuel trapped inside then blow and suck on the tube to see if it is working properly.
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