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  1. Thanks Zippy, I've checked the hose - didn't find any spots there. Hey Dan, I removed the master cylinder cover. Should I see the piston position through these small holes at the bottom of the cylinder (photo attached)?
  2. Hi Dan, thanks for a fast reply! 1) it is strange, but lever becomes softer if I continue riding and pushing it, 2) I will check the piston position tomorrow, 3) the lever feel correct every time I start a ride.
  3. Afer about 1 hour of wheelie training, the front brake lever becomes very soft (like it's free play increased twice). So you I have to press lever very hard to apply the break. The brake disc and pads are not hot at this time. If I left the bike for a few hours - front brake starts working in a regular way. Does anybody experience the same problem?
  4. Hi guys, We have just purchased the Sherco 2.9. The position of footpegs is strange - they are tilted down a little. Is it a Sherco feature for more comfortable feet position or the previous owner just was too heavy and has bent them down?
  5. Maybe you can upload the video from your smartphone to youtube?
  6. Thanks for so many suggestions. Actually, I just wanted to be sure that I use the standard or fast throttle (not the slow one). Because I don't like the idea when you have to get used to the behaviour of the slow version and then learn the throttle control again once you are ready for the fast one. I've checked the color of the plastic throttle and it seems to be grey, so I hope it is not the slow version.
  7. Appreciate if someone can tell me if I really have this 'slow' version of Domino throttle installed. I marked the black visible part by the red arrow.
  8. Thanks, guys. I used the flexible connector with a wrench head and was able to adjust the shock. But it didn't help since it was really about timing as it was mentioned by lineaway
  9. Thanks, I have found it. But still have no idea how to reach it with a spanner. Maybe I have to use a spanner with a flexible head?
  10. Sorry for a newbie question, but is it possible to reach that adjustment screw (rear compression adjustment) without disassembling the linkage or rear fender parts? I can't even find where is this screw located.
  11. The problem was solved by changing the standard fuel cap to CSP Beta Evo cap . It doesn't have the breather pipe so it is much more convenient to use.
  12. I know it is not the best solution, but this is all I can have to keep riding until the fuel cap arrives to me from the UK. Btw tank still has free access to air and throttle cable is not affected by this attachment. I have ordered new cap that comes with the valve inside so I will post an update on this issue right after the test.
  13. I have found a temporary solution - medicine dropper system. It can be easily connected to rubber breather through the metal needle. Now extra fuel comes to the system and then goes back to the tank in a few minutes.
  14. Putting the tube in the middle of steering head doesn't help since fuel still goes out - you just don't see it. I have cleaned the cap tube and valve using an air compressor (blew it from both sides) and it helped, fuel stopped bleeding for a while. But once I stopped the engine and did some hops the fuel started coming out of tube again. Maybe valve works in a different way when the engine is on because of vacuum inside the tank.
  15. After several micro-wheelies the fuel is spitting out of this small rubber tube (tank breather or vent) and everything around the cap becomes covered by the fuel. Maybe I have to connect this tube somewhere or fix the valve inside the cap? I hope that trial bike has to withstand much higher wheelies than my 10-cm tries. The bike is Evo 4T'12.
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