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  1. Ok didn’t know you could pull it apart. Or that it did anything. Maybe I’ll try that with mine I’m guessing something has gone wrong if it’s got moving pieces in it
  2. My vent hose from my tank seems to leak really often. Doing any riding it’s been pouring over my bike. I’ve tried routing it different ways to stop it with no luck. Is something broken?
  3. I had this issue on my 14 beta evo 300. Re bled. No fix. New pads and cleaned the rotor. Little better but still not great. Went to a galfer rotor and bought the jitsie race pads. Wayyyy better now. I’m guessing the pad compound was the biggest difference but would try that
  4. Looks like it was just a rich pilot jet. Went one leaner and fixed it
  5. I’d say go 300 if it feels fine. Had lots of people say not to get a 300 enduro back when I was looking at 250 vs 300. Glad I got the 300. I got a 300 beta recently and the power doesn’t seem uncontrollable at all
  6. Having an issue with my 14 evo. Seems to run good if i rev it up a bunch and clean it out. But I’ll idle around and run it in the low rpm’s and it just runs extremely blubbery up top. Like when the bikes just been started and try to give it a bunch of throttle. I’ve gone one down on the main. I’m in the top clip. Air screw is out. Cleaned the air filter 2x I’ve sort of tried running it with the air filter out but I’ll have to test it better than just my parkade. Any other reason I could be having this issue or is this just normal?
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