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  1. Well I have removed the tissue and slight bit is still leaking putting that down to build up. The bike has got a lot louder with slight popping noise. Also my clutch seems to be really grabby but after that little ride it seems to have got a lot better
  2. Hi, this might seem like a really daft question but I'm a complete beginner, I have excessive amounts of black fluid dripping from under my exhaust. I have removed it today to have a good look and when I look through the silencer I seems I have some tissue in there. Is this normal ? Thanks
  3. I've noticed today on the clutch cover there is a small dint / scratch and possiblity lost its shape. I've ordered a new cover and rings for it. As for the black fluid will this disappear once the bike is ran for a while and opened up. Thanks
  4. Again thanks for advice
  5. Thanks for you replies, I've had the bike around 2 month and haven't really had it out properly just round my garden due to lock down. To be honest everything I seem to tutch goes wrong. Changing coolant ( drain bolt was cross threaded) changing gear box oil ,( leaks every time the bike warms up slightly) ect lol. Back to the black fluid, I've just has a look at the bike around the exhaust and all seals/joints seem to be ok ( no black fluid) . There seems to be a couple of pipes in the area would they have anything to do with it ?
  6. I think it's crap from the exhaust it's a 2010 sherco 125 . It's seems to be leaking near the rear suspension part of the exhaust. Could it be something to do with the bike being on the side may be flooded ?
  7. Hi, I'm having trouble with oil leaking from the clutch cover case ( attempted 3 times now) with new o rings every time. Maybe I need a new cover as it appears there is silicone in the grove were the ring sits. I have removed this and it's still leaking. When I think I've sorted it and start the bike to warm up it then starts leaking black fluid from under the rear exhaust some were. Can anyone tell me what the problem is thanks
  8. Hi, new to the forum. I have bought my first bike today (2010 sherco 125), aswel as riding it I'm hoping to learn about general maintenance can anyone point me in the right direction for manuals/books to pick up from Thanks
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