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  1. Looks like a fantic. The battery bike look awful, like it was designed by some kids in secondary school.
  2. Hi Guys. This Friday, the 29th of April, I and a team of work mates will be attempting the 3 peaks challenge. For those who are not aware, it involves climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowdon in 24 hours including travelling time. We are trying to raise sponsorship for The Rainbows Hospice. Rainbows cares for children with terminal illnesses and offers support to families also. If any fellow trials riders fancy contributing then any sponsorship will make a real difference. Just follow the link to my just giving page and you can donate online http://www.justgiving.com/Team3PeaksChallenge Thanks for taking time to read this thread. Hope to see any of you soon out on the bike if I can still stand up! Thanks Gaz
  3. I've just seen a jitsie ad with doug in the new T1 clothing with a gasser.
  4. gaz

    Shock Question

    Hope you've had a happy christmas folks Just a quick one for an 08 rev 3. If the rear shock dampening screw is turned all the way out, so that is free from the shock body (by accident!), once put back in will it cause a performance problem? i.e. will the shock need re gassing? or is the screw just a cap head that actuates an internal valve?
  5. gaz

    Toni Bou

    gotta get some of that helium that he's using in my tyres too!!!! Awesome!
  6. gaz

    2010 Xispa

    looks like a stealth machine....... wonder if it can go un-detected on the radar
  7. it was Team Brawn who put him there with testing for the new rules etc. jenson was just in the right car at the right time.
  8. there'll be oil everywhere!!!!!!! its right good fun!
  9. gaz

    Swingarm Bearings

    i agree with b40rt. they'l measure it up and give you the ref. probably be uber cheap from a local bearing place. there is a brammers in scunny too. found it on yell.
  10. gaz

    Swingarm Bearings

    the bearing ref should be etched on the side. google brammer. they should be able to get what ever bearings you need. NSK, SKF or FAG are good brands.
  11. Have you tried looking at any of the pro's on youtube?
  12. gaz

    Rear Suspension Feel

    [quote name='NZRalphy' date='Sep 7 2009, 07:19 PM' post='211294' Do you have any slack in the shock bushings? If yes replace them/it. The bushings have a very thin (read tiny) C-clip holing them in from both sides!. = the bushings are in well tight! cant even pull the bushes of the shock! (i was wondering if this was the problem?) Do you have 1/3 sag when stood on your bike? If not go readjust it so only 1/3 of the travel is used up when you stand on the bike. This stops the bike from settling into it's slow part of its stroke as default! = sag is set to this already. My weight is approx 75kg give or take a good curry! I suggest you screw the rebound damping screw in until it slows down noticeably = the screw is wound fully out, anymore and it will come out. Does your rear shock need a service? = possibly, the bike is an 08. Is an eighteen month service cycle the norm for these? or as liviob mentioned the nitrogen charge has gone? how is this tested? gaz
  13. gaz

    Rear Suspension Feel

    The back end of my bike is feeling abit flat. I only really noticed when i had a go on my mates gasser this sunday, and it felt really good and bouncy. All the bearings etc are ok although I couldnt get the bushes out of the top and bottom of the shock (i assumed they were pressed in????) The damping screw is wound fully out and i have the sag set up nice. Is this just how rev 3's are? Before anyone asks, its not causing a concern with my riding, there just was a noticable difference between the bikes.... and to be honest i prefered my mates!
  14. gaz

    2010 Beta Evo Pic

    i like the look of the bike, not sure bought the rad filler either, but have they gone backwards with the colour scheme? (08 rev 3?) i was hoping they might come up with something like challoners bike or steve saunders colour scheme for the ssdt.
  15. i think this actually the evo prototype. with some factory rider mods.
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