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  1. I think that the throttle cable needed a few turns as I must have routed the cable a different route. The bike revs and ticks over nicely but will the float level effect the bike when out riding?
  2. I adjusted the throttle cable by about 6 turns and now she runs sweet. Thanks for all the help guys
  3. I can pretty much wind the idle screw all the way out with no difference
  4. Nice one. Stupid error by me!!! Now she runs again but if i shart her from cold with the choke on she revs like crazy. With the choke off stil revs far too high. Any ideas?
  5. My carb was looking very dirty inside (a few specks of dirt) but the bike was running fine. So I too the carb off. Removed the float bowl and the two jets. Gave them a good spray with carb cleaner and rebuilt. then took the slider out and did the same. When i put it all back together and started the bike, she fired up as usual first kick but went straight to full revs for about 4 seconds untill the kill switch finally worked. Now the bike wont start at all Any help? so far... It kicks over fine with the usual amount of compression felt through the kick start No sign of even wanting to start I removed the drian bolt from the bottom of the carb and it was bone dry. Should it always have fuel in there and be wet? I put the high revs on startup down to burning off the carb cleaner?
  6. Sorry I was a little light with the details. The forks are still off the bike. I got the right and left mixed up but it is defiantly the side with the spring that makes the clonk. I can hear it just by having the bottom of the leg on the ground and pushing down on it. From looking at various images on the net I think I put the 'cone' in the wrong place. I put it in from the bottom.
  7. trial_master

    Fork Clonk

    I have just changed the fork seals on my 07 290. Left fork went smoothly as did the right fork (side with the spring). Got it all put back together and the right fork makes a clonk with a notchey feel about 5mm from the top. I am guessing its an easy fix as it did not do this before I changed the seal. And yes I did put everything back in exactly as it came out Any ideas?
  8. Thanks for the help guys
  9. The fuel line on my 2007 290 has started to fail so I need a replacement. Anyone know what size it is? 5mm? 6mm? and also which fuel filter size? Best place to buy from too? Cheers
  10. You just need to bleed the brakes. Take it to a any bike shop if you dont know how. should be about 30mins labour plus around
  11. Thanks for the replys. Yes its when using the clutch from low speed. I cannot comment on the cold engine part as I was only pottering around for the first 10 minutes warming myself and the bike up. I only changed the oil 2 rides ago and it ran perfectly before and after the oil change so i have ruled that out. I will have a look at the clutch at some point this week. Gives me chance to check out the water pump too. Anyother thoughts before I order a new gasket?
  12. I have been out on my 07 290 today and it has developed a fault since last weekend. From standstill on slow speed when I go to wheelie it feels like the wheel spins within the tyre about 5cm. I marked the tyre in line with the rim to test this and it did not move so its not the tyre slipping. The chain is the correct tension. The engine is running sweet. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. I dont do many trials so its just for play time. Especially in the thick of winter when the jet washes freeze up. I can use hot water in the mobile washer. I considered a petrol one. Second hand they are about the same price. But just a bit much for what im after in terms of maintemance and ease of use. These portable electric ones have their own water container. Power wise I have been told they are about as powerful as your average hose pipe. Which should be enough aslong as I have a poking stick for the thick mud around the rear shock
  14. Well its getting to that time of year again where I will be putting the road bike away and getting the Sherco back out. But that also means the mud is here too. What do you guys do about cleaning the bike before putting it into the van. Im not bothered about getting the van dirty. But I dont have anywhere at home to clean it and really cannot be bothered getting it back out of the van at the petrol station to use their jet wash. I have found these on the internet but am unsure if it will be powerfull enough Nomad 12v Mobi v-15 There are others in the market but these appear to be two of the best Your thoughts and ideas please...?
  15. I took the track fairings off my CBR600 trackbike so I can put the lights back on and use it on the road for a pre season shake down. Just wondered what the fairings would look like on my Sherco 290
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