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  1. I've always been interested in these scenarios when it comes to the most skilled sportsmen on the planet...Senna not driving the best car in the field sort of situation. Some sportsmen spit the dummy out when things don't go their way or the cards are stacked against them. A different type of pressure for the 'undisputed' world champ.This could be intriguing.
  2. ham2

    Ice Hell In May

    Are you crossing over to the other side? A Mont RR is 'only' £7999
  3. I hope he removed the tyre studs before he rode the chalet roof
  4. That's my kind of photo...is that Morrisons own brand rose? Cheapskate.
  5. I am also peas poor at this technique, I used to be better (didn't we all)...there was a Ryan Young video on Youtube, which has been removed, which showed him teaching a group to floater turn. The video was amateur footage, nothing to do with his dvds. To initiate the turn he showed how to suddenly 'stab' the footrest with a loaded boot to force the bike to turn,then keep one arm straight and the other very bent. I can't remember the procedure in correct chronological order though?
  6. ham2

    315R Parts

    I'm in a similar situation with my little brother, he rides trails/enduro but is intrigued by the capability of my 11 year old Sherco. If I could find a 315 at a sensible price he'd be hooked. I had a 98 Cota it was a battleship of a bike and a great learning tool. Get it bought
  7. ham2


    Is there a price for the entry model? Ta.
  8. Yup, he's the bitch's t1t5. :bouncy: There's lots of JF in action out there, he's one of those fellas that makes you want to ride as soon as you see him on his bike...Two others that I can think of are Steve McQueen and Toni Bou
  9. ham2

    Montesa 315R

    I have noted some of the optimistic price tags onthe 'net for ropey looking 315 Monts. I was going to start a thread on the matter but this post fits the bill...I like the bike but £2000-2700 for any 315 is madness . A great starter bike but not for that money.
  10. Steve decides he's had enough of the rat-race and sells up to leave the city for a remote Scottish island . After a short ferry trip he hails a taxi and is introduced to his first local; the cab driver. Steve admires the scenic landscape whizzing past his window when the taxi makes an unscheduled stop and the annoyed driver points out several small rowing boats in the harbour. "Ye see them boats there? I designed them, drew the plans, felled al the materials and built them with my own skilled hands but do they call me Rab-the-Boat-builder?...Do they f*** !" Steve's a little unsettled as the incresingly angered driver wheel spins away and says nothing more until they drive up a steep hill with two idyllic cottages nearby. The irate driver jams on the brakes and states; "Ye see them lodges there? I designed them, drew the plans, quarried the materials and built them with my own skilled hands but do they call me Rab-the-Masterbuilder?...Do they f*** !" "But ye take one lousy sheep to the cinema......"
  11. :blink: Looks to me like it's still weeks away from needing to be turned?
  12. I had the same fault and used the same remedy...on my '98 Cota.
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