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  1. Hi guys, thanks for the response's, I have had the cable get stuck before but was able to shut off via the kill switch, what I cant work out is why it was still revving flat out even after I pulled the spark plug lead off! would it be worth having a look inside the head for carbon build up ?
  2. Can anyone give me some insight into a problem I had today. 2011 beta evo 300, been running great all morning, kicked it over after watching some guys doing a section and it just revved to full throttle, pulled kill switch, still revving, pulled plug lead still revving. pulled fuel pipe and by this time someone had come over to help, then it finally stopped. Guy suggested I pull the plug out to check, after a long push to the van pulled the plug and it looked fine, so loaded up and went home with expensive repairs in mind. Got home, refitted everything, kicked over and started fine, did this multiple times and all seems fine. So what do I need to be checking for/looking at as something was very wrong but I am new to two strokes so any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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