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  1. could be faulty kill switch, check with multi meter or just disconnect kill switch and try kick start again, if it starts just stall it to stop then you will know if you need a new kill switch
  2. The stator winding must be inspected while the temperature of the component is approximately 20 °C. The inspection may also be performed with the generator coupled to the engine. Disconnect the 12-way black connector between the generator and CDI and with the use of a multimeter, verify that the resistances read between the terminals shown below fall within the prescribed range: black-white (pick-up): 320 ohm ± 15% red-blue (condenser): 300 ohm ±15 % yellow-brown (services): 0.45 ohm ±20 % hope this helps
  3. left fork leg (spring side), with no spring in and fork compressed 350cc or 120mm from top. right fork leg (damper side), with fork compressed 370cc or 60mm from top
  4. minimum requirement's 14.5 stone trials bike sense of humour.
  5. 2lls

    2009 290 evo

    this should help http://www.betamotor.com/system/attachments/0000/1889/EVO2T_MY09_eng.pdf
  6. left fork (spring) 350cc or 120mm with fork compressed and 'NO' spring. right fork 370cc or 60mm with fork compressed
  7. i use the clutch to change gear and on-off-slip the clutch through most sections. next time your out practicing, set out a section and try doing it in each gear and which ever one feels easist to you then that is the right to use, this will give you an idea of which gear to use on similar sections. hope this helps
  8. what about GIZZADD RACING
  9. My EVO is insured with Carole Nash
  10. sounds like the main swing arm bearings are dry, have you taken the swing arm off and checked the bearings ?
  11. white is fast black is slow
  12. have you checked the bar clamps, usually the clunking starts when the yoke nut creeps loose, remember to slacken the top yoke clamp bolts then nip up the yoke nut
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