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  1. beta rev 3

    2009 290 evo

    is there a manual on the 290 evo, just got one and would like to know more about bike.
  2. Hi. what is wrong with sherco electric's, i've been told ducati that do the electric's for sherco have gone bust???, i need a coil/cdi unit(the blue box under petrol tank) and have been told that lionelli are doing the electric's for sherco and i have to buy new system, stator,fly wheel ect for my daughter 2000 1.25, can anyone shed light on this, have been waiting ages but can't get hold of these parts...any idea's surgestions would be welcomes...thanks
  3. beta rev 3

    2000 1.25

    Does anyone know where i can get a coil/cdi unit for 2000 sherco 1.25, i've herd that the company making these parts have gone bust and cant get this part, is there an alternative as i'm desperate for one for my daughters bike.
  4. Hi, does any know of a local stator repair shop or where a can get hold of a new statpr for my daughters 125, have been in touch with Steve at MOTOPLAT and he says you cant get hold of these parts any more. Thought may be some may know of local testers. Thanks..
  5. beta rev 3

    Main Bearing

    My daughters 99 1.25 sherco needs new main bearing and possible piston due to a slapping and rumbling sound coming from engine, is there a posting on how to replace these or has any one done these job's can help me with there experience.
  6. Have got my 11 yr old daughter 1.25 sherco, it has a rattly top end, chap at local trial said prob top end bearing, or piston
  7. Hi all, i had my stator plate sorted last year with Motoplat, i dont know but is it possible it has gone again? can someone give me directions on what to test as it is a none runner, plaease help....
  8. Hi, my daughter age 10 has been riding 4 speed rev 50 manual for nearly a year and it has never let use down, its been under water,tumbled down hill and even coped with me 14 stone riding it.I thing for what you pay its capable and realiable, her's is 5 yrs old and still never misses a beat.
  9. hi, i had same problem on my o1 rev 3, sent it to Steve Hardaker at motoplat (alicante), got it back 8 working days later and its better than ever. woluld well recommend this guy... Phil
  10. Nice one, would appriecate that Eddie. Regards Phil...
  11. Hi, what size/part number are front and rear wheel bearing for 2001 rev 3 . Thanks.
  12. Hi, now i've heard that rev 3's are prone for letting water into the flywheel casing,causing stator problems, now i've had my stator fixed (motoplat) plug hehe,,, . How do you stop water getting into flywheel casing., i've tried silicon sealer ect but when i remove flywheel cover there is always water in there.My mate has a 04 270 gas gas and has never had this problem. Please help me sort this problem once and for all.
  13. beta rev 3

    Stator Plate

    Well, got my stator back today from a holiday in Alicante Spain, sent it too Motoplat to be checked/repaired, well what can i say, put it back together and its perrrrrfect do'nt miss a beat, from when i sent it off till it landed back on my doorstep week and half and
  14. Hi would a stator from a 97 beta techno 250 fit a 01 rev 3.. Thanks Phil..
  15. beta rev 3

    Stator Plate

    Hi, posted my stator to motoplat today, its going on holiday all the way to Alicante, Spain.
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