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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies, this gives me the information I needed. I'm trying to put together a little "headlight-turn signal-brake light kit" so I can get my Beta inspected for road use. I only plan to use roads to connect one trail to the next but I need to be USA - Pa legal. Anyone have any experience/recommendations/comments in doing this?
  2. Can anyone help me out with what the stator output is on a 2012 Evo 300 2 stroke? Thanks in advance! Paul.
  3. IT'S HERE! well, still at the dealers actually. I'll be picking it up this Saturday, 300SS. Thank you all for your opinions to help me with my decision.
  4. Yep, we did a BYOB on this so it'll come in with the slow throttle installed, I can't wait! I also asked for an upgrade on the springs for my weight ~200 with gear.
  5. excellent suggestions, thank you guys!
  6. When you folks got your first trials bike, what was the very first thing(s) you practiced doing? I'm thinking just the basics to start with...working on balance at a stop, small circles, figure eights.....anything you would recommend beyond that?
  7. Well, first off, i'd like to thank everyone for taking their time to offer their opinion. Today, I ordered the 300SS, the two options I got were the long ride tank/seat combo and a slow turn throttle. The bike should be here within 2-3 weeks. After I get to spend a little time with her I'll let you all know how it's going!
  8. I had the chance over the weekend to ride a '12 Beta 125 and an '07 Scorpa, what two completely different machines! The 125 very soft on delivery both on the application of the throttle and when letting off and the Scorpa ( a 250 four stroke) very abrupt on the throttle both on the application and when letting off. Is this the difference of displacement, the difference in the characteristics of 2-stroke vs 4-stroke or both?
  9. Awesome video and thank you for the club link!
  10. Hey everyone, thank you for the encouragement, advise and offer (htrdoug)! I'm really looking forward to getting started in trials riding and as far as getting involved in a club, i'd definately like that. As far as i know, the closest club to me would be a group out of Pittsburgh, Pa. about 90 miles away. I live upwards in Pa. towards Lake Erie. If anyone knows of any other group(s) around me, I'd appreciate the information. As i get older, I'm feeling less the need for speed and the concentration, finesse and precise technique involved in trials riding sounds absolutely fascinating. (Not to mention that the closer I get to mid 50's I find that I'm a little more brittle than I used to be.) I've been sucking up just about every on line video about riding technique that I can find and yes, I'll get Ryan Youngs DVD. If any of you have any tips that you found to be especially helpful at balance (with or without a bike) I'd love to hear them. Anyways, thank all of you for taking the time to respond and hopefully as I get started and become proficent I'll be able to give back to your community.
  11. I'm looking to purchase my first trials bike. My question is, and I have never rode a trials bike, would the 300SS be too much for me? I currently ride a KTM 300xc, no racing, never have, just enjoy riding. The KTM has treated me well, i'm more of a lugger than revver and I'm comfortable with the power. Along with that, I've enjoyed off road riding for about 20 years so I'm not too new to the sport. I don't have plans to compete, just playing around in the hills and valleys by me. To add into the mix, I weigh around 200 pounds geared up. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and thank you.
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