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  1. Hi all, its been a while, but I'm returning again ! just looking for some advise - reviews on the 2018 4RT - it'll be my first 4 stroke, previously had Beta's Rev's and Evo 2t's Just don't want to make an expensive mistake ! thanks in advance
  2. different insurance types, by the sounds of it this is a Road policy, with cover for road riding. you MUST have a reg number to get this. General theft cover, these are wide and varied but are not a road policies and are usually closer to freight cover, these shouldn't affect a future road insurance policy, but as I said, should have read the policy docs and discussed at that point (there must have been a reg number on the policy, this should have rung alarm bells)
  3. try contacting www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk they deal with aspects of insurance complaints, I would explore the mis sold avenue. That being said, all insurance is sold on utmost good faith, Did you read all the documents sent to you when you took out the policy?
  4. Just bought a Beta Evo 250 factory, looking forward to getting out again. Any new places to practice in North Yorkshire? (Nr Harrogate) used to go to Swaine woods a lot, is it still OK to go if I join Horsforth club?
  5. screw that, move down a class, mop up every Sunday, fill your sideboard with trophy's
  6. I always follow the same routine, my bikes are always spotless! 1. hose (not jetwash) all the loose dirt off 2. while the bike is wet spray on (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Turtle-Wax-Professional-Traffic-Remover/dp/B004G3X6WQ) I use this neat with a pump up garden sprayer, cover everywhere and leave for 3 mins 3. using the hose on fan re wash the bike , the dirt will just drop off ! 4. I leave to drip dry for a bit then dry using compressed air. 5. once dry cover the metal parts with WD40, I cover nearly evey inch of the bike except discs and calipers I get really good results doing this and my bikes look like new
  7. 50 miles? tha needs an international licence to travel that far from Yorkshire lad
  8. Hi jj46, of the two you mentioned the 250 Beta 2T would be a better starter bike, far easier to control, better power delivery.
  9. just look to MotoGP and WSB and to some extent BSB - formats for televised events only? will the WTC get the TV audiences? Do the factories still need this level of competition for development? (a club bike is a long way from a WTC bike) Andy you're bang right with your call on the 'old gaurd', but who will step up to the mark?
  10. paul w


    strictly speaking yes ,you should fit a stronger rear spring but dont worry, set static to 5mm and ride it , one thing though , I would change then fork oil and set the levels as per the spec for your bike on http://www.beta-uk.com/images/stories/spares-pdfs/2006/rev3_2t_06_250-270cc_engine.pdf
  11. has anyone got 50p for the meter?
  12. I agree with the above, MX or Enduro is far more dynamic, if its the speed of MX you like you'll not get on with trials
  13. paul w

    Evo Rear Shock

    you need an SXS spring 20% stiffer
  14. smarty156, eye opener observing now and again isnt it? I would say that whoever set that section out failed somewhat. if you had marked that correctly and everybody got a 5 its a "dead" section
  15. on a Beta evo 300 .............just need to lose 2 stone!
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