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  1. Petrol bud worked straight out the box
  2. Update and fixed !!! I have fitted a brand new dellorto carb from euro carbs jetted and ready to fit and the bike now starts runs and rides like a new one ! Thank you for all the advise you guys ! I'll be in touch when it fooks up again which will probably be soon 😆
  3. I'll check it out this week when I get carb of
  4. Update ! I've ordered a brand new dellorto carb with recommend jet settings from the factory I'll let you know if that sorts it this week thanks for all your help so far
  5. It's bp7es which is standard.
  6. The spark is absolutely mint really good so it must be this ****ty carb
  7. Ok so now it's ok only running on choke it cuts out after a minute here's what the plug looks like it was clean at start
  8. Did u ever finish this ?
  9. I'll give it a go tomorrow thanks lads I've had a look at the old kill switch found corrosion on the wire so I'll sort that aswel ..... Just to clarify it seems to bog and stop rather than straight cut out and it does restart on choke
  10. Yeah it's black and wet I'll give it a run tomorrow and take a photo
  11. U mean the air vents yes there clean and clear
  12. Spark is good and strong bit plug seems to be very wet it's an air screw type I've got it at 1 and half ISH out
  13. Ok guys need help I cleaned and set up carb also cleaned pick up and magneto as was damp a bit and bit of rust but all clean now started bike ran awsome for 30 minutes left it few days restarted today and it's bogging and cutting out again ????? Wtf ? Getting stressed with it now plug seems to be very wet ? What else can I check
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