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  1. burns1989

    Base gasket

    One thing to keep in mind is it will also change your port hights so a thicker gasket will advance porting moving the power up abit and a thinner gasket will lower the ports will if I'm wrong im sure some one will correct me , it will give you abit more power down low . But realistically you probably wont notice much difference
  2. burns1989

    Rev 3 clutch

    Right iv only now managed to get out and ride sunday just gone , and my clutch is not slipping , I cleaned the plates off and used 75 light gear oil and she is working as she should
  3. burns1989

    Rev 3 250 exhaust

    Hi all out of interest does the s3 titanium exhaust header offer any gains in power or is it basically weight saving and aesthetics. I know expansion pipes will alter powere on there difrent dimensions but this is only a single tube , only thing that will may be differ is if its longer in dimensions.
  4. burns1989

    Rev 3 clutch

    Hi all stripped the clutch on my rev 3 250 measures the thickness of the plates and they are at 2.7mm thickness . And when new they are 2.8mm so I would have thought 0.1 mm wouldn't be too much to cause clutch slip . So I have changed the oil for a light 75 w gear oil by putaline so I am hoping this should cure the problem .
  5. burns1989

    Head scratcher ?

    Hi thanks I did try starting it by turning it but i had no joy or taping it . When I got home and started it up and switched the fan on it worked fine , switched it on off a few times and it worked as it should , I even stopped it with my finger slowly and I could feel it had enough force so it was not anemic. I couldn't replicate the fault which was annoying but I will carry a multi meter and if it happens again I will measure the voltage at the switch and see if it has any power to see if the voltage regulator is dead or the coil is dead .
  6. burns1989

    Head scratcher ?

    Ps are you able to replace the brushes if possible just thought it could be that as perhaps one of them got stuck or is worn out .
  7. burns1989

    Head scratcher ?

    Well went out today after fitting a switch to the fan so I can switch it on and off due to the stat not working , so did some riding in the woods and it was getting hot so on goes the switch and nothing so I was guessing fan or voltage rectified has gone caput . Got home got the trusty multi meter out and checked my feed from the coils and at idle 6 volts and revved up 12 so low voltage coil is working fine , then to my annoyance flipped the switch for the fan and it was working and checking my coil feed to the regulator it was working fine got it hot and it was ok . So ither it was a blip or poor connection and the drive home moved some wires about . But I'm unsure weather to but a new voltage rectified or a new fan . Any one had any similar issues , ps it's a 08 rev 3 250
  8. No I understand just , the previous owner had ATF i think as the oil is red so I have ordered some 75weight light gear oil and try that but I think checking the plates will be the best way to know what is required, but part of me knows the plates are probably worn . Thanks
  9. Start over strip it ot double check everything, try again
  10. Hi all this is abit of a strange one , went out today did hill climbs ect and went one the road to clear off the mud on the tyres when getting up to speed the clutch slips as I can here as the rpm picks up past mid to top it starts slipping , now my question is why did I not pick up on it when going up hills under load where I would of expected to feel it slip . Or is this an adjustment issue as i put new levers on it , apico ones off ebay , the levers are loos so they aren't adjusted with put slack between the engagement screw and the piston .
  11. Ok cool let me know how much and we can sort it out . Thank you
  12. Have you got this for sale or is it a picture off the net , thank you
  13. So could I make my own wiring and do you know what voltage is coming from the power stator winding ?
  14. Right I rung beta uk and they no longer have that part if the loom nore does the factory, so has any one got a clear picture of a 2008 rev 3 250 wiring diagram so that I can make my own loom up , or even show pictures of where ll the wiring goes . Thanks
  15. This is part of the loom I'm missing as the yellow wire is connected straight into the rectifire and then the other out let is the fan and fan switch . The bridge I need is the other part of the loom . Where is the best place to get it
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