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  1. Hi, our charger for our Oset 36v with standard batteries went wrong this weekend. rather than spend £££ on an Oset charger I wondered if anyone could advise me if this charger will work, the connection looks similar https://www.amazon.co.uk/Midi-Electric-Scooter-Battery-Charger/dp/B01MYGEF4P/ref=asc_df_B01MYGEF4P/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=339416778147&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=18044449944747767940&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006986&hvtargid=pla-697315607728&psc=1 or does anyone know where I can get a charger that will charge our bike? thanks for any help wayne
  2. thanks for all the helpful tips, a new plug seems to have cured the issues, also adjusted the mixture as it seemed a bit rich by lowering the needle and adjusting the air screw, ive ridden it round and everything seems good and it revs really cleanly. My son hardly get off tick over so hopefully now it be reliable.
  3. thats what i think, when i take the carb off the bowl is full, ive removed the inline stop cock, took fuel tank cap off etc, it still does it, i've rung where i bought it from and its going back AGAIN monday morning.
  4. Hi, we have this bike from new and it has been nothing but trouble, its had all the electrics changed before and has been running fine from oct 19 until today. my son rode it in a practice trials on saturday last week, all was fine, ive washed it, cleaned air filter, cleaned carb, and got it ready for next week, Ive started it and it ticks over fine but as soon as you open the throttle it dies, it kicks over and starts immediately and will tick over for ever. i've taken carb off and checked the jets again and put back on and tried it without air filter, it still does the same. Any ideas? thanks in advance. Wayne
  5. original

    Beta 80 issues

    We have a brand new 2019 beta 80 junior, it had done 3 trials and everything was fine. The bike sounded nice and it never missed a beat. I washed the bike etc including stripping the carb and rebuilt it and the bike wouldn't start, I changed the plug and everything was fine. Then this Saturday my son rode an event and warming up before the trial the bike stopped, I checked the plug and there was no spark, so another plug went in and it run fine and sounded perfect, during the trial the bike seemed to sound slightly different and then it coughed and banged and stopped, another plug and it was fine for a bit and then it did it again. so in all I went through 4 plugs!! there is no spark on the used ones. Any ideas what could be happening? I've heard that the stators can be faulty. I will be taking it back to the dealer this week. thanks for any help Wayne
  6. yes it cut out , oset have said its too low and the batteries aren't good enough, i've got 13 in total (three bikes) so we're going to do a drop test on them and fit the best performing and see if it cuts out, sorry for the lack of replies.
  7. they didnt say, they just asked me to do the tests and let them know the numbers, FYI the batteries were all around 12.6 v and went down to 8.5v on load
  8. thanks for your replies, Oset have rung me back and were extremely helpful, I'm going to do a battery test when its under load (hold brake on and open throttle) and read the battery level, If this fails to show anything they said try the relay, so everything you said gwhy, thanks so much!!!
  9. thanks, the low voltage cut off sounds like it could be the issue, would I just be looking for a connector or something more complicated? I have two sets of batteries for it so i'll charge up both sets and take it to some hills to try and feel the connections when (or if) it does. I've emailed Oset uk to see if they can help, no reply yet
  10. its just the standard 4 x 12v ones that the bikes are supplied with, mine are lucas 12v 10Ah. wayne
  11. Hi All, My son has a Oset 20 Racing, I believe it’s a 2016. He’s been competing in schoolboys events for approx. 6 months on the bike, the club has acquired a new piece of ground which has more hills. We went to a trial last Saturday at this new venue. When my son opened the throttle the bike accelerates as it should and he was carrying enough speed to easily reach the top, but when he’s nearing the top of the hill the bike completely cuts out, no power at all and he falls off, when I picked him up the bike worked completely as normal. All it needed to "reset" was to close throttle. The bike did this on every largish hill for the next 4 sections, eventually I decided this was becoming dangerous so he retired (with tearsL). We went back and watched the sections and others on oset 20’s weren’t having this issue The hills weren’t particularly large and there was a bit of mud to go through. Can anyone advise me on how to fix this issue and cheer up a fed up son thank you wayne
  12. Hi all, I've recently bought a 2nd hand 20 racing, I believe 2016, when you open the throttle there is a very slight hesitation, its all the way through the range and adjusting the response doesn't seem to get rid of it, is this normal? my son doesn't seem notice it but it is there and must be hindering his riding. Also how to people wash their bikes? I've been told a jet wash isn't the thing to do. thanks for any help Wayne
  13. I tried a couple of years ago, really struggled, someone said they did 1 trials bike and 2 osets for £170, when I rung the company , NFU mutual, they said they wouldn't touch the osets and quoted me a huge price for my bike. please post if you have any luck. thanks wayne
  14. think I did it with the chain on and just loosened it with a spanner,
  15. finally got near the bike to take this picture, its show hardly any sidewards movement
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