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  1. thanks for the reply Vinne, I'll inspect the connection around the carb. I'd like to avoid using silicone sealant if i can because i dont want to risk the engine sucking silicone in. I've decided to do a leak down test on the engine first to see if the crank seal or centre casing gasket is leaking and then i will move onward from there.
  2. Hi guys, I am having the same issue and it’s driving me bonkers. 2012 290cc if I spray brake cleaner on the inlet the engine dies. I’ve put new inlet gaskets on and new inlet screws and it’s better but still doing it. anyone got a fix for this? I’m debating splitting the engine and changing the Centre gasket. would a fuel resistant sealant work better on the inlet rather than gaskets?
  3. yeah im not really after softening the power etc
  4. yes i read it and comparing to my current piston it seems that the gudgeon pin to top of the piston is smaller, so it will lower the compression ratio in my mind I will talk to chris at splat shop when he is back on wednesday, see if he can shed any more light on it, im all up for saving £40 but not if its a bodge
  5. Hi All, Im rebuilding a 2002 290cc Sherco, I've noticed on the splat shop site that Splat shop sell an S3 GG 280 piston, which apparently fits, altho there is plently of caution, said piston http://www.splatshop.co.uk/s3-gasgas-pro-280-piston-size-a.html Anyone else used this piston? for an extra £35 i may just buy the standard sherco one Matt
  6. Sadly Santa gave me so many I have to use atleast two in every post !! Copemech's mod suggestion may work with your previous attempt, Not sure I'm willing to drill the carb just yet.
  7. Yes im aware moving the float may make the bike run weak, but if the float isnt closing the valve, the bowl is still full ! The dellorto carbs dont overflow because they have no overflow pipe, it just goes straight into the engine ! Guess the trick will be to always keep it bolt up right
  8. Hi All, I feel like this a common problem, and i have done some reading and research, so bare with me. I have reset the floats as best i can, but when i lean the bike on its side, say to rest on a tree, at a 45 degree angle or less, it just pours fuel out of the overflow, bike is a 2011 Raga, with the keihin pwk is there anything else i can do? Its using so much fuel and i recon this is partly why
  9. thanks, just the answer i was looking for
  10. yeah loosened those, the cap starts to turn but then pinches, hense i thought i was turning the wrong part and wondered if it was a special tool that had to match the holes around the edge, but looking at that diagram i dont think it is
  11. Hi all, Im strugging to disassemble the forks and then drain to change my oil and seals. I have a 2011 Raga, with 40mm Marzocchi forks, and im struggling to remove the top cap as it feels tight. Am i right in thinking you just unto the top nut in a conventional manner? with a socket and just undo? .. it felt as though it tightened up was all. the top of the fork also has little holes, so i wasnt sure if it was a special tool, but looking at the diagram, i dont think it is the 2006 servicing, on this site http://www.trialspartsusa.com/tech.html doesnt give me tons of info about this. Thanks Matt
  12. My 2002 sherco has started to shed its tank sticker, So annoying ! When im sat at a queue i can press the sticker and petrol seeps out, so i assume im getting a leak somewhere. Either at the petrol cap seal or there is a pin hole in the plastic tank. Has anyone had this? im hoping its the seal go on the tank Cap?
  13. So ! i sent the V62 replacement form without the cheque, saying i wasnt sure if it was registered but heres the info, and they wrote back and saying here's the reg plate, and send the cheque to get the log book, Result !
  14. going to try this on my 1999 montesa, i havent included a cheque and am sending it to the enquiries department, guess we'll see what happens
  15. thank you for the pictures, really helpful and informative
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