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  1. Hi All, thank you for all your information given so far. In regards to the policy with the insurance company. When we registered it with them we explained that it was strictly for off road use only, the trials bike does not have a v5, a key to start it and any road lights. The insurance company said thats fine and we can still insure the trials bike (we have been with the same company for 9 Year) The cover taken out was for a trials off road motorcycle, Insurance was around £180 for year to cover the theft of the vehicle. In regards to a road policy the trials bikes nether had a reg number or v5 form. According to the insurance company they have created a generic reg number to get it put onto the system. (Not too sure if this is even aloud) The documents have all been checked and it clearly state type of insurance for Fire and theft only. My questions is to this is the claim was made for off road motorcycle, when the claim was paid out it stated category motor vehicle. Definition of motor vehicle is a road vehicle powered by an internal-combustion engine. I believe somewhere along the the motorcycle insurance company has registered it in the wrong category and also logged it on the wrong database. This is a very strange situation, has any one had this before happen to themselves. All info would be much appreciated Thanks All
  2. Hi All, Just after some advise on the current situation and if anyone had been in the same situation as myself. I had a Bete Evo 300cc 2015 Trials bike stolen in September 2016, this was insured through a well known high street insurer. When insured the trials bike I explained that it was for off road use and had no v5 or any road lights. Plus also no key for ignition. The trials bike was used for off road practice and competition. When the trials bike got stolen I went through the general routine ie informing police, issued with crime number and also informing the Insurance company. A few weeks the later the claim was successful and paid the near full amount by the insurance company. This was the end of the mater in regards to the claim. I purchased a new car after riding the sport for many years, when I went to insure the vehicle I did not mention anything to do with a claim previously because the trials bike was off road and had no v5. When insurance policy for the car it went all okay ie deposit paid ect and then 4 Days later I got a message and email from the car insurance explaining that the policy will be cancelled on the 24/11/2016 due to a claim made in September 2016 on a Trials bike. I myself was obviously shocked, so i called the car insurance company up and they explained that along the line some one has put a generic number plate against it and classed it as a motor vehicle. I was told by the car insurance company I would have to contact the motorbike insurance company where the claim was made. So I then contacted the motorbike insurance company and explained what has gone on, I also mentioned that some one may have inputted the insurance details incorrectly. The insurance company are saying the claim was put through as Motor Vehicle. My argument with the insurance company was it is not a motor vehicle because is not roadworthy ie no key, no v5, no registration plate and no lights. The company was not having any of this and couldn't really give me an answer. There get out clause is *Motor Vehicle*. Just wondering if anyone has had the same issue or any advice. Shoudld a off road Motorcylce claim effect car insurance? Cheers All
  3. On Thursday 1st September 2016 @ 1.30pm broad daylight, 3 Young lads aged Approx between 20 - 30 broke into my garage, using a petrol stihl saw to cut through the chains. They where seen loading the Beta Evo 300 2015, Norco Mountain Bike into back of a light silver Ford Focus Estate 2009, Car reg PN59 BYJ - Reg comes back to the right car but police belive it is a poole/clone car, They could not close the boot of the car due to the bike being too long for the car and left the boot/tail gate open while driving away, If you do see this car please contact West Yorkshire Police Immediately!!!! Stolen from Idle, BD10. West Yorkshire Car Reg:- PN59 BYJ - Attached Similar picture of car. The motorbike and mountain bike cant of gone far and must be local, Please can everybody share this as this was my pride and Joy. Beta Evo 300cc 2015 Engine Number: ZD3T Frame Number: 60102E0603711 Norco Charger 7.3 2015 Model Colour Black/Yellow The bike is stickered up with cloburn stickers on the bike, Red Jitsie rim tape, Red lanyard and also Jitsie red Handlebar pad. Please all share this!!!!!!
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