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  1. Hi There are plenty of clubs around you , look at Acu Midlands wed site. There's a trial most weekends Most club trials are fine for older bikes Regards Wayne
  2. Look at tubbys trials team on Facebook. Some great sections
  3. Hi I am running 80ml to 5lt semi synthetic Been told 78ml is the best but I like to be on the safe side. Regards Wayne
  4. Hi I've bought one 3 weeks ago hadn't been used for 5 years Recommission it ,good parts supply some rev3 parts fit, just a bit heavy at 80kg Remember Dougie lampkin rode one Happy trials Wayne
  5. Time Left: 8 days and 20 hours

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    Hi Just getting back into trials after a hand problem But before I fully commit I am ooking for a pair of size 9 boots If you have a pair please let my know the cost. Regards Wayne


  6. Hi Thanks for the advice but when I kicked it over last night there seems to be loads running out where the rear box meets and it smells really strong of petrol. Could it be the float in the carb Should I just keep running it until it gets red hot. Regards Wayne
  7. Thank you for the advice. I assume that it's been over oiled
  8. Hi all I've just bought a 1996 beta techno it had not run for 5 years the seller fuel it cannot it running. Due to having seized brakes which have rebuilt. Its time to start the bike. I've replaced the air filter and spark plug The bike kicked over second time but a oily black fuel mix as come out of the exhaust it seems to be a fair amount As anyone any ideas what this can be and how to resolve it Regards Wayne
  9. Hi all I am looking for a route map for Sunday's Coalmore trial Interested in going Regards Wayne
  10. Hi all I bought a 1996 250 and need some advice on removing the rear master cylinder as it as seized I've removed the two bolts but can't move it to get to it do I need to remove the air box Regards W
  11. rustybay

    Oil for techno

    Hi Big thank you for the PDF file Regards Wayne
  12. Hi Haven't any idea on tyres but just ordered a front and rear mitts trials tyre for just under £100 I am returning to trials and as long as they have knobs on they will do. The amount of use they will have it's a good chance that they will perish first Regards Wayne
  13. rustybay

    Oil for techno

    Hi all Just got a 1996 techno and i am in need of some advice so here goes. Best oil for gearbox Oil fuel mix ratio Fork oil Looking forward to your replies Wayne
  14. Hi all Just returning to trials and was wondering where to buy a budget front tyre . I am only going to have a play and not taking it seriously. Regards Wayne
  15. Hi there have a look on the acu site and look up clubs in the midlands. You could join Redditch? kind regards wayne
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