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  1. I'm trying to achieve just riding it..Lol No mate seriously I'm trying to find the ratio because the pdf is not making sense to me, only run 5 litres thru it since owning it and forgot the ratio. Does 70ml to 5 litres sound to lean?
  2. Hi I know this has been flogged like a dead horse, and my imperial to metric conversion sucks but what's the ratio in mls of semi synth oil to 5 litres of fuel? Thanks JK Aussie survivor of the zombie virus.
  3. Hi having trouble with a Techno's electrics, chasing a CDI second hand working or OEM new part, I'm in Australia and they are as rare as hens teeth here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pics for identification. Cheers John K
  4. Yes ive seen the ones on Fleabay the same ones that fit my bike are busted in the same place. Still trying to find a aluminium welder that can and wants to do it. If you see anything send us a link to it oni nou. Cheers mate.
  5. Hmm got bike back, hairline crack means cracked right thru apparently. Bugger, there is nothing in Aus, and from what ive seen on Fleabay UK and USA not much at all, same damage or worse. Any ideas? Thanks JK.
  6. Hey Rotors thanks for that, I think this might be my only option considering the rarities of parts like this. Cheers JK.
  7. Hi, chasing a righthand Paioli 38mm fork from a 99 Beta Techno. Original one has been over tightened by previous owner and has a hairline crack.Dont know if this can be repaired by welding, anyone had similar experiences. Thanks John K.
  8. Thinking if they can weld them in situ without destroying anything else would be awesome but probably better by the looks of it to remove them and get welded.
  9. Hey finding it hard to find left and right of these Paioli fork brace/brackets that clamp onto fork leg to hold front mud guard. Both broken at allen bolt from over tightening (not me previous owner). Anyone know of a wreckers, even after market. Thinking of making some from block alloy but would rather originals and repair would be tedious . See pic for reference. Any help, advice would be great. Cheers JK.
  10. Yeah good on yah Feetup was going to go down that path Goanna but didnt, yes had that Mtx in mind today. Cheers
  11. Hi all recently aquired a 99 Beta Techno 250 (warning newby post), just getting all the info together on replacing fluids and the owners manual said 20w/30 in the gear box, Ive been told 75wt 500ml so cut to the chase what do I use, brands recommend weights etc, Im in Australia so it might be called something different here like Koala oil or snake lube but oils is oils. Any info would be great. Thanks JK.
  12. Thanks so much for all that information oni nou , the bike is in transit, so great its a 99 for sure going by your facts, I think the seller had it posted with wrong year , i should have picked this up in my own research for parts(rookie error), my bad. Looking forward to riding it, and conversing with this forum which is so switched on and has a wealth of knowledge. Cheers JK.
  13. Thanks mate for that info, now you've got me thinking. It has a stamped frame or id number up on the steering tube and ive gone thru heaps of info in forums about this but still cant work it out. Ive attached a pic let me know if it can be deciphered. Cheers JK.
  14. Definitely exhaust plug, pre soak if muds hard then when you hit it with the Gerni it comes off easier. Chamois down everything, blow water out of controls etc with a air compressor then wd40 or lanox lightly around bearings pivot points being careful not to get on brakes/discs wipe excess off. Let bike run for a couple of minutes, cool down, Bobs your uncle.
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