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  1. Lucky you who has got a little distance from the properties nearby. I brought some logs to our drive and made it to something to ride/jump over. Next thing I saw was an angry neighbour (not even mine) to complain about the noise. I think everyone is a little bit on the edge and since it is much more quiet than usual, that was the end of it. Next property I am going to buy will have some space around!
  2. Petr

    300, Tame ? Or Insane ?

    I have started with trials only a year ago; initially with an old 2008 Beta 270 rev3. After finding how much I enjoyed it, I faced the same dilemma. In the end I bought two months ago 2018 Beta Evo 300. Now, I cannot advise you on the capability of this 300cc bike as I am not jumping over high logs or boulders yet but: you can make it as fiery or docile as you want. I have not had a problem with bike running wild or scaring me. In my opinion as long as you have a good clutch and engine control using appropriate gear all bikes are easy ride.
  3. Super! Thanks a lot for the videos - all clear now. Although I was using the legs I was jumping straight up, not backwards I am looking forward to practice it!
  4. Good, I have a targets now. I know I can easily do 5min both ways. I guess longer times are good for re-enforcing the memory. I have one question though. Front wheel hopping: how do you move sideways? I can hop on the spot but not one after another as a sequence. One, then prepare for another and still not moving anywhere - even that is super difficult now. Do you intentionally fall to the side and then hop making tilt adjustment to land the other way to compensate when in the air?
  5. That explains! They have it easy as they are actually upside down. He only needs to grip well not to fall upwards. I am making some progress. I am finding that jerkiness is slowly diminishing and I can now stay straight for couple of second (to be modest) and then back to either side as a safety net. I am actually trying to put the wheel somewhere in the middle between the full lock and straight wheel. It is almost as difficult but psychologically the wheel slightly sideways looks more acceptable.
  6. Well, this rider is not exactly wedged somewhere. Moreover, on this bike I think it is twice as difficult. Posted before: https://youtu.be/shJUlpRAN28?t=186
  7. I am not sure about letting the pressure down. I am willing to spend considerable time learning to balance but not changing variables to make it easier from the beginning and then possibly having to start again. While I was very comfortable balancing on my old Beta (sold now), new one is little bit harder but again than can be caused by new tyres and different suspension. In any case, when standing with straight front - well somewhere between mounting and falling off - do you keep you balance low or stretch up? In my mind crouching down complicates matter as there is one more input (peg pressure) beside the stretching one leg sideway.
  8. What is general opinion about keeping inner leg against the bike? I recall I was doing it in beginning when I was trying to balance with front wheel turned. Personally, now I believe it gives you a kind of false security but limits your movements too much. Anyway as somebody mentioned, practice makes it perfect. Only a few minutes every day and next year I will become an accomplished clown!
  9. I feel that will help immensely with say for example putting the front onto the obstacle before jumping on it, riding on the straight piece of log or anything narrow & above ground or just staying on the bike where you cannot turn the wheel sideways
  10. Bluey, thank you for sharing your experience! It sounds very promising. So far I have been stepping up and down right to the floor. Good work out and warm up procedure but using the platform will be much more productive. I can see now one needs to be really steady to start with. I will give it a go! ? As you said, there is no substitute for practice.
  11. Hi guys! I would like to learn how to balance stationary bike with front wheel straight and sleeping engine. I should add it is on the smooth concrete floor. I have tried plenty of variations like keeping the weight back, middle, front, low and high, moving bum/knees sideways, crouching wide or touching bike with inner legs while weighting quickly on the pegs when doing all of this. I see some progress but not enough to see what is working and what is not. Can please somebody tell me what to do? Also, I cannot figure up the leg stretching - which side is which and what is it combined with. Brain balance implant chip wanted! Maplin?
  12. I have just replaced the seals & oil on my forks. Since the spring clips between the seal and dust cover are quite rusty I want to replace them as well. However, it seems impossible to source them from anywhere (unknown spare part number topping it up). In the worst case scenario I think they could be made from a steel wire and bend it according to the original. Any suggestion what would be the best material (hard or half hard, diameter, coated etc.) or just a internal circular clip will do? Has anyone done this before?
  13. I found it very useful for the oil changes. I would definitely not remember how often and how long I was on the bike (maybe a problem with the old age). My one sits on piece of metal (with hook & loop pad) with holes on the sides and plastic straps through & around the bars
  14. Oni nou can you please enclose a link to the video you have uploaded about the forks? Are you referring to this one? BTW I have measured the dia of the tubes and I found that 1½" plastic waste pipe will be a good tool for fitting the seals.
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