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  1. OK, so I am a Trials rider with some experience of sticker/vinyl application as I have worked in the sign industry. I’ve also fitted a full graphic set to a 4RT. Some tips. Work in a dust free pet hair free environment as the static produced by removing the backing paper sucks any dirt out of the air. Before you apply your new stickers create some central line datum points with a fine felt pen. Warm up new graphics with a hair dryer, but not too much or it ends up in a floppy mess. Have a friend help you, ready to lift off graphics if application goes wrong. Do not use too much detergent in water, just enough to form a drip off of a pin into a pint will do, breaks surface tension. Apply water via a discarded domestic cleaner spray, you want a mist. An item like a credit card is good to smooth out water and bubble, but sand the edge as they are sharp and scratch. Good luck, it often ends in tears or a fight!
  2. Wake up Fantic experts - let's have some info.
  3. fred_savage


    Recommendations on oil to fuel ratio and brand of premix for a Fantic 300 please.
  4. hello guys any of you out there drowned your bikes and had an electrical fault afterwards as in no spark all seems well at present with mechanical stuff but no spark ? Im thinking the capacitor / condenser may have shorted but need to know are there any tests to check other than replacement IE resistance check ohms check etc cheers fred....john

  5. What are your gripes with the Beta?
  6. fred_savage

    Cleaning ECU

    Anyone blowing out/flushing the various air ways in their ECU body?
  7. Agreed. I find I often hold the twist grip dead steady at a set speed through a slippy area so as not to break traction through engine braking effect. I don't think I have a problem with grip.
  8. fred_savage

    Rear wheel drag

    Have you got each spacer on the correct side? If all works well without the caliper fitted it may have a seized piston holding the pad on the disc. Push pads and pistons back in to free up.
  9. I'm 6'.5" and ride a 4rt . Higher bars are the best option, but, as low an increase as you can put up with.
  10. fred_savage


    A question to those who have owned a 4RT from new......... At what point did you first check tappet clearance? What did you find? Adjustment required?
  11. Could be that you have a factory set single map ecu same as my Msport bike
  12. What letters/numbers are printed on your ecu bar code strip?
  13. I moved to a Montesa 4T after 40 years of riding 2t’s, in that time I had never tried a 4T. My initial try outs on a Montesa were disappointing but my son purchased one and I grew to enjoy working on it and decided to buy one to give it an extended go in play and competition. The snap on – snap off throttle style will not work on a Mont. When approaching an obstacle I adopt a gentle roll off but limit closure to allow a “cruising roll”. I find in some situations keeping a steady throttle and riding it out works best – stick with it.
  14. Sounds like it's time to call a "well known" 4RT specialist..................................
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