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  1. Well another question,I have a situation where I would like to up my gearing a little for trail riding would a 11T countershaft help in this respect,not in my budget to change the rear and besides its as new genuine but a 38T not the 40T the manual states. Any idea's would be well received and excuse me for asking a dumb question,cheers
  2. No leaks since reseal ,currently looking @ fitting longer range tank (7L) and have suitable seat for it,hoping its all period currect but expect some grief for what I have done but it suits my needs and works for ME.
  3. potto

    Cota 248, 1981

    Wow nice job on the side cover,however mine had been welded and not really that top notch,your work is great cheers.
  4. Checked the g/box vent and appeared to be blocked using a piece of wire,JB welded the blanking plug and filled with new oil no leaks ,happy camper ,had plans for a ride but heavy rain tomorrow our first pre winter storm hits,there will be another day,cheers.
  5. Octane booster is a bandage for a broken leg IMO,section swept supplied a good technical response to this question,carbon build up is a very likely cause,I would suggest checking the fuel system for a lean condition,checking the plug heat range and however you can establish ignition system/timing is correct. Good luck.
  6. That's a good point I suspect the vent hole is blocked as the oil drains very slowly without the filler cap undone,would that tell me the vent hole is blocked?,after changing the oil after buying the bike I drained it again because I thought maybe I had overfilled it ....that wasn't the case. I haven't tried to see if the blanking plug is loose and frankly don't want to,reason I mentioned JB Weld is that is great in this application. Obviously if this won't fix the problem I will go further,for the mean while I will check the cover vent hole isn't blocked ,thanks.
  7. Parts arrived from the UK to reseal output shaft seal,all fitted back together,you would think that was the end it however I have another leak,there is a blanking plug you can see above the kitchen towel. I can only think to drain the oil and clean the area before applying some JB Weld,anyone have suggestions,thanks.
  8. potto

    Cota 248, 1981

    Its more of a "C'' clip and just slips into the groove in the output shaft,the spring loaded retainer holds from passing over the shaft when in place.
  9. Yes rechroming is an option but these forks shown are heavily pitted,the amount of work to prep these areas will add greatly to what is and expensive undertaking to start with. Other 35mm forks may well fit as many earlier Japanese bikes ran 35mm or you have the option of going for secondhand originals as you have been offered on here. Good luck.
  10. I haven't dealt with these Honda forks before but I do know with my Montesa the oil was the wrong grade and one stauntion actually had gearbox oil in it....believe it or not. I also found this oil to be very dirty ,this required a lot of cleaning to get all the muck out,you will most likely find your springs have sagged over time,you can buy or get made preload spacers but in reality replacement of the springs is a better longterm solution,when you replace the fork seals go for the new generation double lip type (SKF) they last a lot longer. If your forks move in a jerky motion I would suggest you get them checked for straightness before attempting a rebuild,good luck .
  11. Dead link perhaps,don't really think Montesa would worry hell there's bugger all of the world can speak Spanish,I have a download for my Monty but pick up what I need that has me sorted,cheers
  12. Couldn't agree more,replaced the slide which was worn worse than the body,needle and guide and full gasket kit,I'am really happy with it now,saves the hassle of guessing jetting with a 2S....could be scary and expensive ,I understand the jetting for other Japanese carbs is quite different than the Amal. Besides the jetting theres the issue of buying a Mikuni,Keihin and others is you don't know what you are getting is it made in China,Taiwan or Japan ????,I searthed around in Aliexpress and Ebay and asked questions,carbs advertised as genuine in some cases were knock offs,a guy on YouTube found this when he ordered, genuine carb ran better as he tested on the same bike. I think if you are changing its better to buy the setup kit,correct jetting (or close) right manifold to carb adaptor etc...worth the extra $$$$.
  13. Welcome ,post a pic of your bike as most will be impressed ,good folks and here have helped me a lot,cheers
  14. This has been a great topic IMO,plan to drop my pegs down as I find with my long legs I feel I'am riding my bike like a jockey when sitting down ,honestly don't like the position on my Monty 349 for gearshift and brake....not sure about changing steering head angle as I don't know for sure it has been done already,lots of Bombay welding been done there not sure its a repair or a modification ,regardless of this I have cracks in that area that need attention. Just out of interest is the angle changed fwd of rear ?,presume fwd...I don't know reason for asking. tonyp the quote you received was really on the heavy side,as an engineer I don't see that kind of money involved,shop around perhaps.
  15. Well said,prices don't really get up there unless the bikes are fully restored or mint low hrs ,older trials bikes in my country are just old trials bikes,most in my country consider the older European trials bikes as needing lots of work and the parts are near impossible to find. However due to the growing twinshock craze vmx and enduro bikes are very sort after if pre -1979,otherwise value is some what low,my mate restores Yamaha 500 XT and TT's he usually buys rough bikes for around 3000NZD spends that again or more and sells them easily for 15000NZD,he has amassed a large spares collection for these bikes and he admits he really enjoys building them but no longer rides one for himself. He won many open class titles on TT's that he race built,he talked me into getting another bike and I have really enjoyed fixing my Monty up and riding it still gives me a buzz like the "olden days" ,if I sell it I wouldn't expect to make much on it but that's not what its all about for me.
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