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  1. FreeWheel

    Jumbo Carb

    Here is an old spec sheet with various models of swm the jumbo is listed on there hopefully it will be of use. SWM MODEL SPEC SHEET.xls
  2. FreeWheel

    OKO Carburetors

    Couple of replies It did not turn out to be cheaper than the Dellorto but it does improve the response of the engine. I did not cut the stock airbox boot thats way I made and aluminum sleeve and cut a car type reducer hose and over sleeved the original I figured that the reduction of the air inlet from 39mm down to 35mm would not be to bad.
  3. FreeWheel

    OKO Carburetors

    The carb cost £57 in January 19 this was from Scooter Assassins in Twain and no import to pay in the UK and is a genuine OKO. You would have to get some pilot, main and needles as the ones supplied are not the correct size. These can be brought in packs of ten different sizes and needle tapers I have used Polini and they seem ok. So this could push the cost above the dellorto. The easy way is to purchase one from Mid Atlantic Trials.
  4. FreeWheel

    OKO Carburetors

    I have used one on my Moto Gori tl320. It made the bike sharper of the bottom and seemed to give cleaner running this was purchased from Mid Atlantic Trials and was 28mm. Since then I have tried a 26mm with the same jetting and found this the be more to my taste did not need the extra top end and sharpness from the 28mm since the stock carb is a 26mm. I have made a aluminum insert piece and used a car hose to couple the airbox to the carb as the rubber will not stretch over the carb inlet. This method stops water from getting in. Here is what I did. The OKO Carburettor has an air intake of 49 which means that the standard air boot will not stretch to fit over it. The method used was to use an over sleeve boot which is 50mm to 45mm the initial length of the boot was 75mm which needs to be cut down on both sides this should be done whilst fitting it to the bike. The boot ends up about 35mm in length. The aluminium sleeve has an id of 35mm and two od's 39mm and 40mm. The 39mm has a length of 16mm and the 40mm a length of 3mm so giving an overall diameter of 19mm looks like a top hat spacer adjust this to suit your airbox and carb distance same with the length of the airbox rubber over sleeve. The throttle cable outer is 1105mm and the inner to the cable nipple ends is 1205mm again adjust to your bike this is using a domino slow action throttle and 6 inch rise rental bars.
  5. Make sure that the oil inlet hole on the carburettor from the oil pump is blocked off, Caused me some problems.
  6. can anyone tell me the tolerances for the camshaft shaft diameters and internal measurement of the bushes
  7. What sprockets sizes is any using for trails work either 428 or 520 chain mine is 12 gearbox 52 rear wheel any got any thoughts whether 520 chain is a better way to go as well than 428.
  8. Hagon Shocks do a replacement for the Rev3 2T was speaking the them at a local bike show suspect it is the same shock have a look on their web site at the world distributors.
  9. Upton servicing the existing vm22/ss mikuni. I found the needle clip retainer (round piece with hole and slot in) missing from the top of the slide. Anyone now were to get one from. Has anyone tried a newer mikuni vm series if so what jets and what size did you use. Do the base setting from the original work as mine is jetted the same as the ty175 manual with the exception of a 20 pilot jet instead of a 25.
  10. I will be changing the exhaust and airbox in the fullness of time. But start with I will check over the original carb for signs of wear and replace the O-ring that is around the main jet (this caused problems on another bike a few years back). The reasoning behind the move to flat slide is that I have one on a motogori tl320 which replaced a delloto which was in excellent condition it just seems to make it run better and smoother.
  11. Quite a lot of interesting ideas. TrialsRfun is assisting me with the ty175 build. So far I have got ty250 fork to go into it just getting them rechromed. Also on the way is dual stage electronic ignition and and I will be trying on oko flatslide on it.
  12. HI all I am new to Trialscentral riding for many years on various bikes old and modern.
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