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  1. If anyone knows a uk supplier for a 1.75mm clutch steel plate to suit Gasgas 250 2014, please let me know cheers
  2. Hi , are you in the UK? cheers
  3. Hi guys, anyone know where to get a 1.8mm steel clutch plate for gas gas 250 txt 2014. I can only find 2mm or 1.6mm and I could do with something in between. any help appreciated cheers, Gareth
  4. Hi all, Any one got any recommendations for bearing kits for rear linkage on 2014 txt, is it best to go genuine parts? or aftermarket bearing kits ok? Cheers G
  5. Hi , looking to get some fantic 240 wheels refurbished, bike had been sat in a barn for many years, and I looking to restore it. any recommendations for someone who does a top job near to mid wales for wheel rebuilds and would sort the corrosion out at the same time. Or should I be considering replacing the wheels Cheers
  6. As a newbie, i`m finding my rev4t 250 pretty docile, not crazy at all, .... apart from my broken shock, but got a new one coming now. I`ve done the valve clearances and its not hard if your mechanically minded. Enjoy
  7. Awesome, thanks guys , thanks to to this post and FB, i got some real good info, think i might now have a second hand shock, which is way better than my one!
  8. Hi guys any suggestions for finding another shock for a 2008 rev4t, mine died.... big time!
  9. Hi, Anyone got a link to owners manual for beta Rev 4t 250 owners manual, Looking for servicing and or workshop instructions etc, Found a parts book online, but no manual. Cheers Gareth
  10. cheers for that, but wheel bearings are new, and wheel is running straight. Cheers
  11. Hi all, i`m very new at trials, my 95 jt25 is rubbing the silencer real bad, subframe doesnt seem bent, any suggestions ? would appreciate suggestions, not sure why it rubs as nothing looks wrong. Cheers
  12. Hiya can anyone tell me the standard sprocket sizes for a jt25 1995? also are these sizes suitable for normal club outdoor trials? Cheers
  13. Hi all, would anyone have a exploded drawing of the forks for a 1995 jt25, its the later 95 type forks. i`m trying to stiffen the forks, but dont know what parts in mine are standard or has someone been modifying bits, it lookslike the rebound valves are knackered and there appears to be pvc pipe used to make spring preload spacers underneath the springs. can the compression be adjusted? Cheers
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