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  1. These parts diagrams might be helpful when trawling the net as it gives the part numbers, dimensions and number required. Note also that only bolt # 33 appears to be specific to the 348/349 as it starts with 51. Bolt # 32 would appear to be a carry over from the 247 as it starts with 21, bolt # 31 starting with 73 is from the Cappra I think etc,etc. Here's bolt # 34 on cyclesavant's ebay site, $7.50 is a bit steep, but he is open to offers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Montesa-Cota-335-Engine-Case-Cover-Screw-p-n-6660-11201-61M-1987/303822271821?hash=item46bd37f54d:g:E-sAAOSwWzRf41ij
  2. If you left click on the brochure pic it should enlarge enough so you can see the bracket on the left side of the swing arm on that shot of the plastic bash plate. Otherwise here's a pic of the mk 2 side stand bracket, it looks the same as the mk 1 brochure. PS: Search the Ossa forum here regarding rear brake cable arrangement, it's another of those odd things that Ossa did, like 12mm axles. I'm sure I read someone asking a similar question in the last year or two and the responses and photos made it clear. Venhill make and sell the rear brake cable.
  3. Not an expert on Ossa by any means but I do have a mk 2 and have gathered some info and pics over the years, your bike looks like a good starting point for a resto. Your bike certainly looks like a MK1 due to flanged Amal carb and the solid fork bottoms. Have a look at the attached brochure shot that shows a side stand for MK1. I think your round rear frame hoop over the guard might be bent down, but could be just the pic angle or those universal alloy guards. Attached is some pics of my rear frame hoop, you got to remember that the seat is attached by two bolts that go through the rear guard and the flat frame hoop. Hope this is helpful.
  4. Left Trials maybe early '76 to dabble in MX. Maybe back to Trials '81 or '82 through to '95 or '96. then back again 2014. Something like that as I recall.
  5. Good times indeed David, those Montesa pics are from Biddaddaba late March or early April 1974, you might be amongst that group at riders briefing? The bloke sitting backwards on the Sherpa is Rod Maclean, I think that was a Logan River Trial possibly at Mt Cotton ? Can't remember what shocks I had on the TY, but I do remember the laid down mod was done at the Motorcycle/Mower shop on Logan Rd Mt Gravatt by their mechanic who I believe was Steve Hope but I didn't know that at the time. He did a good job by also welding in gussets to prevent the rear downtubes from bending, thanks Steve.
  6. I never experienced that problem with it jumping out of 2nd gear, probably because I couldn't wind it up to the point of needing 2nd plus I was only 12. Can't help myself here,I'm sorry, found some pics of a young fourex riding his new 123 around the back yard the day it arrived plus some pics from my 1st Trial on the same bike. I think I looked p****d off because I didn't like having photos taken as a kid, I don't think I'd realised at that time what a dud of a bike I had. But it's some pics of a brand new Cota 123. See smiley face once on a TY 175.
  7. The 1st Cota 123 was the biggest heap of ***** ever made, I've been scarred for life after my Dad bought me one at 12 yrs of age (brand new early '70s), even at this young age I knew there was something wrong with this bike, it was so gutless. Thank god he bought me a TY 175 when they were released, but I've still got the Mental Scars of that Cota 123. Beautiful looking bike for a collection not something to ride. PS: Not to mention that 20/17" wheel combo, welded clutch and front brake lever mounts to the bars,no chain tensioner and not enough power to pull the skin off a rice pudding. Awful, awful.
  8. fourex

    Montesa 349

    Please tell me if I'm a duckhead or missing something here, but why couldn't you put the same oil in the clutch and gearbox like we put in our modern bikes that serves both, something like Putoline GP 10 or Motul Transoil as an example. Just asking because I'm both confused and curious. Cheers.
  9. Thanks for posting that, much appreciated. I have a computer illiterate friend over here in Australia restoring a T350 Piuma and he needs a white tank, if anyone has one to sell, please let me know. Sorry Tom !
  10. I love that HFS stuff in my Fantic 300 forks. Nice Ossa !
  11. hello, i have an italjet piuma 350 and i'm looking for the parts manual, do you know where i could find it? thank you very much.

  12. Rather than tap up to the next size, wouldn't a helicoil of the the same size and thread pitch be a better option. I also like the look of the mudguards, where did you get them from ?
  13. fourex

    348 torque arm

    Part numbers starting with '73' are Cappra VR/VB I'm led to believe.
  14. fourex

    348 torque arm

    As per feetupfun, give us a pic if you can, or at least the dimensions. Cyclesavant in the US has a couple, stating 23.5cm end to end, I'm guessing 22cm hole to hole. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Montesa-NOS-51M-Cota-348-349-Alloy-Brake-Stay-p-n-5150-050-51-50-050-1/301583685771?epid=716924065&hash=item4637c9d88b:g:nvgAAOSwNSxVHvvP
  15. I ride a 300 and love it, they are bulbous with the original tank and clip on side panels but that is easily remedied with an aftermarket tank and side panels from someone like Delay in Spain (which more replicate the slender 240), which has to be a much cheaper option than building a 340 as they call them. The only other thing I don't like with the 300 over the 240 is the top shock mounts rubbing inside of legs because they are further forward, but you soon adapt. Things I do like with 300 over 240 is a little more frame bracing to solve any issues with bending frames, integral alloy bash plate, improved forks and front brake and 249cc non reed motor which runs very nicely with original 26mm Dellorto. I like the 300, I'm curious to hear why others don't rate it.
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