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  1. Here's some pics of how the mod 150 (250cc) and mod 151 (325cc) would have looked when they left the factory in Spain in '74/'75 . Colour pic is M150 (250cc) and black/white pics are M151 (325cc).
  2. I think Goodo just needs to kick the booze and/or medication to get a grip on this, sorry for my bluntness.
  3. Thanks ppl, I did get one from Canada, it's same shape as oldknobblies but seems fine.
  4. Burkmayer Engineering in Germany does a nice alloy job for 36.30 Euro. http://buerkmayer.de/Montesa.htm
  5. Try these people in Spain https://es.gprecambios.com/productos/592/Silencioso_final_Montesa_cota_247_Classic_Racing if your after a beautiful alloy silencer for a later model 247.
  6. What year are we talking about here? This parts pic is really old, maybe '70 or '71, I don't really know. It's gunna be annoyingly loud with that type of silencer.
  7. I doubt your spokes even penetrate the rims so won't be that, more likely you haven't fully beaded the tyre to the rim, it may need up to 60 PSI or even a little more. It should be easy to tell if it's not fully beaded because all the tyres I'm aware of have a raised ridge around their circumference a few millimeters from the rim. WD40 will help as thall1 has said, I usually use soapy water applied with a paint brush.
  8. fourex

    Jumbo Carb

    Main Jet = 100. Atomiser = emulsion tube = Needle Jet. AS 272 (no reeds) or AS 268 (with reeds). https://www.dellorto.co.uk/shop/dellorto-motorcycle-carburettors-parts/carburettor-parts/phbephb-parts/as-type-atomiser-phbh-phbe/ Needle is X2, SX 200 doesn't exist as far as I have found. Pilot = 50 (no reeds) or 60 (with reeds). Slide = 60 (no reeds) or 70 (with reeds).
  9. Thanks Encyclopaedic Dave, that's useful information that I couldn't previously find but I'm still curious what others have used as substitutes when they couldn't find NOS jetting. My KT was restored by a previous owner many years ago and I have kept it in storage since I purchased it about 2 years ago, I only give it a run every few months but lately when it was running rough and then wouldn't start I pulled the carb apart to find the cork style bowl gasket had disintegrated and was clogging everything, just thought whilst it's apart lets replace what I can, new float needle and seat on its way from Robert in NZ but he does not have Jet Needle and Needle Jet. I'm thinking I will sell it once it's running properly, previous owner has done a stellar job on the restoration, it's too nice to ride and scratch for my liking. Keep an eye out on Trials Australia and Gumtree Australia in the future if anyone is interested. Pic attached from last week.
  10. Hi All, I would like to replace what I believe is the original 43 yo needle and needle jet in my KT, I have found a NOS needle (5D1/part#16009-066) on ebay but cannot find a needle jet (series 172 O/8 or maybe 0/8) part #16017-087, hard to tell if it's a "O" or "0". I can see from various Mikuni websites that the outer dimensions of the readily available series 182 needle jet are the same as the Kwaka's series 172 jet, but I don't know if the internal dimensions the same. IE: Does series 172 O/8 or 0/8 = series 182 O/8 ? I also realise that if I find a modern day Mikuni Needle Jet that matches the old version that I will also need to upgrade the MJ to a newer style hex type to suit, I believe that the old round 85 MJ is about a 120MJ in the hex version, does this all sound about right ? Lots of questions I know but I'm in a quandary. In essence, what have others done in recent years when needing to replace needle and needle jet on these old carbs ? Cheers.
  11. fourex

    Which way around

    If you have a look at the 2nd post by Bilko showing the parts diagram, you can see the six variations offered by Montesa at the time, the last three digits of the part number are the dimensions. IE: 7.2mm through to 10mm. The InMotion jobs are 10mm.
  12. Front axle on ebay. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/OSSA-Titanium-Front-Axle-Kit-for-MAR-Explorer-TR77-350-250-1973-to-1979/362551422029?epid=786465185&hash=item5469bfac4d:g:xUUAAOSwI-BWFciz
  13. fourex

    Swm 1982 Clutch Fix

    It possibly looked like this under the tank (jumbo 350), nice to know it works well with the larger ball bearing conversion, thanks.
  14. Hi Andy, this fellow in Germany does a very good chainguard in alloy, also has a few other interesting parts like original shape mud guards. http://buerkmayer.de/Italjet.htm I might be able to help with some other things you need, PM sent.
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