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  1. fourex

    Cota 349 Gear box selector drum

    More possibly useful info.
  2. fourex

    Cota 349 Gear box selector drum

    Does this help ?
  3. fourex


    Half a kilogram in rear hubs alone.
  4. fourex


    I like the one piece tank/seat unit, can you divulge who makes them? Bottom rear shock mounts look to be an improvement on original.
  5. fourex

    Rotax Head DeCompressor Thread Size.

    Thanks, I ended up installing a 12 x 1.25mm helicoil and plugged it with a socket head bolt and alloy washer, I never really intended to fit a decompressor just wanted to return it to whatever was the original thread. If the 1.25 thread pitch is not as per original than it doesn't really matter now.
  6. fourex

    Ossa MAR ..restoration advice please!

    Here's a pic of an original mk2 right side engine case.
  7. fourex

    Ossa MAR ..restoration advice please!

    The mk1 and mk2 frames were slightly different in one area that I'm aware of and that was the length of the rear mudguard mounting bracket, it was about 25mm longer on the mk2 to compensate for the longer swing arm I assume. I can't see the bracket on ScottyA's black frame, looks like it has broken off. The location of the top shock mounts would suggest mk1 or mk2 frame. Also the right side engine case is not mk1 or mk2 due to the shape and oblong hole but hey, this could have been replaced with a different models case or modified at any time over all these years. Below is a pick of my mk2's bracket which is cracked and ready to fall off but is longer than that of the mk1. You might have a "bitza" ScottyA.
  8. pmk, I'm totally confused, didn't all this OZO talk start with the 12mm spherical joints not being suitable for the 14/15mm top lugs on a MAR. Where are you going with this total dismemberment of the Ozo's ?
  9. fourex

    OZO Rear Shock Question

    I have heard Magicals referred to as glorified Betors in the past, probably read it on here at some point over the years however, I'm not sure if that really is the case. Maybe the Spanish fellow behind the Magicals brand was a past employee of Betor, who knows? As per the attached pdf from the Magicals website, only 12mm and 12.7mm spherical bearings available on their shocks, if you need 14 or 15mm top mounts as per MAR than you need to go rubber bushes, there's no pic of what they actually look like however. Ossa was a strange bunch of MoFo's in my opinion, they were ahead of their time in some ways with stuff like the alloy bashplate (not the plastic one), electronic ignition, exhaust out of harms way and robust frame of larger tubing but then they gave us probably the worst brakes at the time, spindly 12 mm axles, crazy chain tensioner incorporated onto the brake spindle and 14/15mm top shock mounts. Gotta luv how good they look though. Magicals Rear Shock Top Eye Variations..pdf
  10. fourex

    240 coil

    Yes, yellow wire with lug on it grounded to frame.
  11. fourex

    240 coil

    It looks like you have the red and green wires from the stator transposed.
  12. fourex

    Fantic 301 carb

    Those specs from 'basecampkid' are spot on as per the manual, here's the page from the 301 manual with some english inserted for the other jets and floats. I don't have a 301 bye the way, just a copy of the owners manual. It wont load, other specs are 70 choke jet, BN 264 Needle Jet, 8.3 gram floats.
  13. fourex

    240 head mod

    For anyone interested, I dropped the forks all the way through the clamps and as below slight fouling, but in reality they would never be this compressed. The second pic is closer to the real world, bye the way it's only 35 degrees at the moment and this is down stairs in our garage/workshop which is all brick and concrete being the coolest place to be.
  14. fourex

    240 head mod

    Now that you have me thinking on a Friday arvo after a few 'xxxx' bitter ales, no need really to pull internals , just loosen clamps, remove bars and drop forks through. This will tell me if anything is going to snag, hey? But as others have said, it's unlikely to be a problem because otherwise it wouldn't be an aftermarket option. " fantic240motor" your input is good.
  15. fourex

    240 head mod

    I'm also curious whether the back of the front mudguard might foul on the exhaust on full compression, time will tell. At least I can revert back to original clamps if it doesn't work out (expensive exercise however), a frame cut and shut cannot be so easily reversed.