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  1. fourex

    Mar engine weight

    With regards to engine weight, surely you have access to bathroom scales ? Just weigh yourself holding that big lump of motor and then weigh yourself again without motor, hey presto you now have your answer.
  2. fourex

    Rim tape removal

    This stuff is great, available in supermarkets in Australia, I'm sure a similar product would be available anywhere in the world.
  3. fourex

    Rubber for side panels Fantic FM403 -1984

  4. fourex

    Kick Start Lever Required for Jumbo.

    No not yet, do I have to do that facebook thing to contact him?
  5. fourex

    Kick Start Lever Required for Jumbo.

    Hello people, can anyone help me locate a kick start lever to suit the knuckle that uses a circlip, it's for a Jumbo but I think any kick start lever for a TL trials bike will fit. Cheers. PS: I've attempted to ask in "classifieds" but I don't get any options to let me write a wanted post, in fact I get no options at all. Any clues as to what is happening there ?
  6. Yes, SWM's are nice particularly the Jumbo, but people never get the blue quite right on their rebuilds, leave the rims alone also.
  7. fourex

    247 Crank Bolt Dimensions

    Hi Glen, part # 3360.031 and part # 5160.031 are the same I believe, and are the barrel to head studs. On my 349 (5160.031) they are M8 (1.25 pitch) x 60mm, they have about 20/21mm thread either end with about 18mm non threaded shank. Pretty sure this will be correct because 21 = Cota 247, 33= Capra, 51= 348/349, so just a common part used between models over the years that didn't change dimensions. Hope this makes some sense.
  8. fourex

    Which one to have..

    Why not consider a SWM ?
  9. fourex

    montesa honda 349 fork yoke

    Attached is a couple of pics of my Cota 349/4 yokes which are the same as MH 349, please note that my bottom yoke is not original and doesn't use a nut and bolt as per original, it uses a bolt into thread. I had this made for me years ago due to original being cracked. Can you post some pictures of your front wheel and hub setup please, very curious to see what some monkey has done to you, those binding marks in your stanchions indicate something is wrong.
  10. fourex

    montesa honda 349 fork yoke

    Hi badgersheid, as mentioned in another post elsewhere on this site, 170mm is what you are looking for in the yokes, I've managed to get a pic of my 349/4 with a ruler across the top, I've also got a Cota 350 in pieces which is also 170mm. They are all basically the same whether it be MH 349, Cota 349/4, Cota 350. IE: 170mm centre to centre. I'd be curious to see a pic of your front wheel/hub set up to see what's installed.
  11. fourex

    montesa honda 349 fork yoke

    You have the WRONG triple clamps/yokes for a MH 349. As previously stated, 170mm centre to centre or if you like 135mm inside to inside.
  12. fourex


    This site from the Netherlands I believe, states that only the 1983 300 professional was designated FM 403. http://members.quicknet.nl/sw.zeinstra/
  13. fourex

    Help identifying a fantic

    It looks to be a 1992 249 or 309. Lots of good pics and info on this site from the Netherlands I think. http://members.quicknet.nl/sw.zeinstra/
  14. fourex

    High Rise Bars

    Jitsie make a 6" Fat Bar. https://www.jitsie.com/handlebars/46594-handlebar-286mm-60.html
  15. fourex

    O/X Ring or standard chain?

    Regina 520 Trials chain 135EBXL= 15.875mm, could make all the difference on some bikes.