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  1. 65-70Nm according to my Fantic 300 manual.
  2. Yes, It appears that way to me. DRM, pump your front tyre to something like 20 psi now, check it again in 24 hours. Figure it out from there. Simple like me. First time poster, we've probably been duped.
  3. You can't be serious with a question like that, surely?
  4. fourex

    Handle bars

    Yes, modern Trials bike bars are fat in the middle (28.6mm) and don't have or need a cross brace. I just searched your previous posts and see you're possibly looking for bars for a Sherpa T, you need to look at 7/8" (22.2mm) bars for these older bikes that have standard top triple clamp. Many different brands out there and they're all good as far as I'm concerned but, if you're looking at the Renthal website then look for 7/8" Trials bars, 742(4.5"), 660(5.0"), 735(5.5"), 768(6.0"). They all come with a cross brace.
  5. fourex

    Handle bars

    This is pretty cool from the Renthal website, a comparison tool for bars, you can clearly see all the differences between the two bars you select. https://www.renthal.com/worksfit/
  6. You're on the money there Larry, maybe cyclesavant? David Snyder perhaps or similar. Pretty sure he was out of Oregon. https://www.ebay.com/str/cyclesavant
  7. There's no one-stop shop for anything for old bikes unfortunately, got to search the world, these are some sites I've found over the years for Fantic stuff, https://www.delaytrial.com/fantic/ https://www.equipementmotard.com/moteur-minarelli-c-219_231.html https://bosisiomotori.it/it/99-trial-200-tx-350-1980 https://www.facebook.com/groups/hardtofindtrialsandaircooledmono/ https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=fantic+trials&_pgn=1
  8. Just clamp a bolt of the appropriate size in your vice, set it up so just 1 mm or so of sleeve protrudes past the end of that bolt and slowly hand file, that's what I did from memory.
  9. I had the same issue with a pair of Magical shocks I bought years ago for my Fantic twinshock, they were 24mm spherical where I really just needed 21mm. I just ground 1.5mm off each end of the sleeve, easy enough and worked a treat. Both 21mm and 24mm are common sleeve widths. Also, I think Magicals are glorified Betors, or something like that.
  10. Colin, my '74 MAR mk2 has electronic ignition standard, hence the question of others why they went to points in '75. Check out the Vape site, it looks like they can solve your problems, if not others will chime in. https://www.vape.eu/ossa
  11. I don't think Electrex World does anything for Ossa, but looks like Vape do. https://www.vape.eu/ossa I'm curious, why did Ossa MAR's originally have electronic ignitions and then why revert back to points, were their electronic ignitions unreliable?
  12. What about a flywheel weight, I think this one is good for your 2020, says >2013. I put one on my '14 300, made a difference to my liking, additionally I use the map switch to dull things down more when things get extra slippery. https://www.thehellteam.com/flywheel-weight-kit-hidria-s3-gas-gas-2013-ext-fix.html
  13. carl, a lanyard kill switch is exactly what ken is trying to fit to his Sherpa.
  14. Yeah, another vote for 2009 Cadet 80. I think your chain tensioner block might be upside down from those pics. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/182B1ZqHM1yyfhsXzanWQxJta5PBQCHY8
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