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  1. That's the '87 model I had with the crappy clutch, the '89 stripey certainly had a much improved clutch and punchier power.
  2. Thanks Donniejn, but that was over 30 years ago and the bike is long since gone.
  3. I don't think three types of TR 34 in 1988, maybe three types between '87 and '89. The way I remember the transition is based on my recollection from the eighties when I bought a brand new '87 TR34 from Florence at great expense because we had no importer at the time in Australia. The '87 TR34 tank was White/Blue/Red from top to bottom and had a MX looking muffler and the worst clutch imaginable that dragged.(mine) 1988 TR34 Replica, Blue/White/Red tank graphics from top to down, muffler that hugged rear sub frame and apparently improved clutch , never rode one. 1989 TR34 Stripey/Zebra, colours as above, muffler hugging the frame, much better clutch than my '87, had a importer now to Oz so got to ride a few, nice bike.
  4. Finding good modern day shocks to fit older Twin Shocks is always a problem due to chain and chain guard rubbing issues because they weren't upside down back then, I believe the OZO shock can be run either way but you would still need to check that the clearance is adequate, InMotion who sells these in the UK would set you straight I believe.
  5. Here's a pic of my dusty '14 R still with some of the heat shield in place, you can see the adhesive mark on the black plastic to guide you. Cheers.
  6. Is that RL frame bent just above the left swing arm pivot where the boot wear marks are ?
  7. fourex

    247 cota rear sprocket

    If it's the black framed '74 with underslung clutch lever, it's more likely to be 48T. I think the '75 Cota 247 'Ulf Karlson Replica' and subsequent 247's had very different final drive ratios, more closely related to the 348.
  8. Good thinking Graham, the Italjet T250 specs would be a very good starting point. Refer attached for Italjet specs, disregard the T250 being a four cylinder.
  9. Another had, and another and so on.
  10. David, I salute you and I mean that sincerely. You try to decipher the "indecipherable", I just smack my head on the table.
  11. Can't help with that one, got too many bits removed from mine at the moment but real world results would be interesting to see. Seems the Jumbo was a low slung "heifer", but I seem to remember Schreiber and Michaud winning a World round each on one, must have been the power that helped them 'Launch' over the obstacles. Glad SWM chose 'Jumbo' over 'Cow', kudos to their advertising department.
  12. Some specs I've found.
  13. Thanks Graham, got the pics, they're fine. "Jumbo" doesn't just refer to the powerful motor, it's more likely a reference to the 98 kg.
  14. Dickhead me, clearly the plate already stipulates cm3 and Kg. Type is TL 350 or 350 TL maybe with a hyphen ? Grahams pics will help, cheers.
  15. Thanks Graham, TXT sent to mobile. Cheers.
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