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  1. Piuma 350

    These are probably of little use Mark as they don't have dimensions of the roller cages, but here you go anyway.
  2. Piuma 350

  3. Rotax Head DeCompressor Thread Size.

    Thanks, I've got a pretty good idea how to fix it once I know what it once was.
  4. Rotax Head DeCompressor Thread Size.

    Could someone please tell me what this thread size should be, my Jumbo currently has an unsightly M12 x 1.5 hex head bolt and nut fitted which will only screw in about 10 mm before it meets resistance. It's been messed up by a previous owner as the thread in the head looks awful, I would just like to return the thread to what it was originally either by re-tapping or helicoiling and then fitting a suitable socket head bolt to block it off. A couple of pics attached, Cheers.
  5. Betor forks of Bultacos

    Stop wasting your time and energy oldman, strip the frames completely IE: no footpegs, no bushes, no bearings and get them blasted and then rattle can them if you wish(not recommended). Sand/bead blasting is not that expensive, save up the pension cheques or give up the gaspers for a week or two. Sanding that frame by hand is nonsense in my opinion. PS: Your bike is silver, underneath all that blue and white you may actually find it, keep on sanding if it doesn't kill you.
  6. montesa cota 247

    No probs, make your bracket from 2.0mm or better to stand the test of time, std appears to be 1.6mm. Just for those that think pic 1 doesn't look right, I agree, it's a pic I found on here or the internet and although I hope the inlet tubes are not piercing that rear guard I find it hard to see where it can draw any air, I think either wrong rear mudguard or a too short rear mudguard bracket or bit of both.
  7. montesa cota 247

    It's a flimsy metal bracket that is welded in between the rear engine mounts on that frame tube that runs horizontally just in front of the swingarm pivot. Just look at at the pics, a picture is worth a thousand words. The 1st pic is of the last model Cota 247 ('77/'78) which had vertically mounted air filter and wore squarish plastic guards like the 348, pics 2 and 3 are a '74 Cota 247 with horizontal air filter box which wore the rounded alloy guards.
  8. Jumbo Rear Wheel Spacer.

    Thanks Graham, much appreciated. Tell Mick to extract his finger and get it mobile for Conondale in November, that's the aim for mine.
  9. Jumbo Rear Wheel Spacer.

    Thanks Graham, have you let the cat out of the bag here, do you have a closet Jumbo ? That parts pic I posted is crap really because it doesn't show the collar that my bike has that slips into the bearing seal. Refer another attached pic of my left side set up. I think that the non numbered spacer looking thing on the inside of #17 is actually the bearing being the second #4 on my parts list, the Italians just didn't draw it to scale me thinks.
  10. Jumbo Rear Wheel Spacer.

    Anybody with a Jumbo when your next playing around with it in the shed, could you take some rough measurements for me please. Mainly the rear axle spacer #17 as per below pic, mine measures 32 mm, I'm trying to determine why my left rear shock splays out slightly towards the bottom shock mount whilst the right appears near perpendicular, also when I measure the shocks from centre to centre across the top mounts I get 233 mm but at the bottom I get 245 mm so definitely some 10 - 12 mm of splaying but I don't know if this is normal for a Jumbo. If it is normal, like a Cota 349/4 for instance, I'm curious why the left shock seems to be doing all the splaying ?
  11. Piuma green frame colour

    These snapshots are possibly totally irrelevant to those outside of Australia since the colours/tints relate to Concept Paints who manufacture it under the name of "Colorspec". www.colorspec.com.au This is what it takes to make 100 ml.
  12. Flywheel puller

    Apologies, now that I've wire brushed the crusty threads on the Italjet flywheel the Cota puller does in fact fit, so 30mm x 1.5mm.
  13. Piuma green frame colour

    Maybe not an International GM colour, but certainly a General Motors Holden colour from Australia around the early 1970's,
  14. Flywheel puller

    I cannot find my Italjet flywheel puller so I measured up a flywheel, 28mm x 1.5mm. I can tell you that both an Ossa and a Cota puller are different and I don't have a Bully puller to try either. Cheers.
  15. Piuma green frame colour

    I did a comparison of Italjet Green verse the Holden Panama Green on a NOS engine bracket I have, the Panama Green is a rattle can mixed up by Super Cheap auto about a year ago.