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  1. Colin, my '74 MAR mk2 has electronic ignition standard, hence the question of others why they went to points in '75. Check out the Vape site, it looks like they can solve your problems, if not others will chime in. https://www.vape.eu/ossa
  2. I don't think Electrex World does anything for Ossa, but looks like Vape do. https://www.vape.eu/ossa I'm curious, why did Ossa MAR's originally have electronic ignitions and then why revert back to points, were their electronic ignitions unreliable?
  3. What about a flywheel weight, I think this one is good for your 2020, says >2013. I put one on my '14 300, made a difference to my liking, additionally I use the map switch to dull things down more when things get extra slippery. https://www.thehellteam.com/flywheel-weight-kit-hidria-s3-gas-gas-2013-ext-fix.html
  4. carl, a lanyard kill switch is exactly what ken is trying to fit to his Sherpa.
  5. Yeah, another vote for 2009 Cadet 80. I think your chain tensioner block might be upside down from those pics. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/182B1ZqHM1yyfhsXzanWQxJta5PBQCHY8
  6. fourex

    300 carb advice

    Yes, I believe it's the suffix, such as AS/BD/BS/CD/FD/RD that denotes whether it's got an air screw or fuel screw. Don't know which is what, other than BS being fuel screw. As far as "turps" is concerned, I'd stick with the original PHBH 26 BS, because we at least know what the original jetting specs were, and one can make minor changes from there if one doesn't like those settings.
  7. fourex

    300 carb advice

    Original carb on Fantic 300 Twin Shock is Dellorto PHBH 26 BS. Refer attached, mine still runs very well on these original settings in Australia on 95 or 98 RON unleaded petrol. I've bought parts from these people with good success, www.dellorto.co.uk PS: Not an air screw on the PHBH 26 BS, but a fuel screw..
  8. Ask this question in Bultaco Forum to get best answers. You will need a slender shock to avoid chain interference or at least a shock that can be inverted. What appear to be 1980's Gas Girlings in your original post in "Bultaco" have an overall spring diameter of roughly 50mm, some shocks such as magicals are 56/57mm. Falcon shocks are slender at 50/51mm, do some more research.
  9. All good, All sorted. Thanks.
  10. Can anyone tell me if these are the same, I thought the way the brake plates were held in place was different for a start and I would have thought some dimensions between the two would differ also. Thanks.
  11. fourex

    TR77 Frame Colour?

    Reimar Buerkmayer in Germany has the opaque/translucent guards you seek, I bought a set from him about 14 months ago, he still has them listed on his website, refer attached and scroll to end of Ossa parts. http://buerkmayer.de/Ossa.htm
  12. fourex

    Bike infohelp

    Grib in Spain again, https://www.grib.net/race/prestashop/gb/sump-plates/40-72-bultaco-sherpa-199-plus-7075-sump-plate.html
  13. fourex

    Bike infohelp

    I think it's too late for that now, you've powder coated the frame, can't alter the original Bully footpeg brackets now without wrecking the coating. I don't think you're slow enough in your thought process 'slowrider', you should procrastinate more like I like to do.
  14. fourex

    Bike infohelp

    Grib racing from Spain is one alternative, not cheap but a very nice bit of kit. https://www.grib.net/race/prestashop/gb/brakes/96-104-brake-pedal-bultaco-left-aluminium-cnc.html Also JCC also in Spain. https://tienda.jcccompeticio.com/en/home/257-palanca-freno-sherpa-199-izquierda.html
  15. The open side of the seal containing the little internal spring should be facing where the oil is coming from.
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