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  1. hello, i have an italjet piuma 350 and i'm looking for the parts manual, do you know where i could find it? thank you very much.

  2. Rather than tap up to the next size, wouldn't a helicoil of the the same size and thread pitch be a better option. I also like the look of the mudguards, where did you get them from ?
  3. fourex

    348 torque arm

    Part numbers starting with '73' are Cappra VR/VB I'm led to believe.
  4. fourex

    348 torque arm

    As per feetupfun, give us a pic if you can, or at least the dimensions. Cyclesavant in the US has a couple, stating 23.5cm end to end, I'm guessing 22cm hole to hole. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Montesa-NOS-51M-Cota-348-349-Alloy-Brake-Stay-p-n-5150-050-51-50-050-1/301583685771?epid=716924065&hash=item4637c9d88b:g:nvgAAOSwNSxVHvvP
  5. I ride a 300 and love it, they are bulbous with the original tank and clip on side panels but that is easily remedied with an aftermarket tank and side panels from someone like Delay in Spain (which more replicate the slender 240), which has to be a much cheaper option than building a 340 as they call them. The only other thing I don't like with the 300 over the 240 is the top shock mounts rubbing inside of legs because they are further forward, but you soon adapt. Things I do like with 300 over 240 is a little more frame bracing to solve any issues with bending frames, integral alloy bash plate, improved forks and front brake and 249cc non reed motor which runs very nicely with original 26mm Dellorto. I like the 300, I'm curious to hear why others don't rate it.
  6. fourex

    MH 349

    I'd leave the tank alone, if anything I'd weld another metal pad on top of those existing ones. See the pics on my bent frame, once straightened the forks missed the tank by 3 or 4mm.
  7. fourex

    MH 349

    The stops on MH 349, Cota 349/4, Cota 350 are simply extra metal wrapped around and welded to the down tubes, refer photo. The forks only miss the plastic tank by a few millimeters when all is good. If your frame does in fact have these extra welded gussets on the down tubes, then I would be looking at other factors like is the plastic tank/seat unit mounted correctly, frame not bent (check rectangular main frame spar under tank and twin downtubes for straightness), and finally have you got the correct triples fitted (170mm between fork centres). I bought a 349/4 several years ago that had a bent frame and suffered the same problem with forks whacking tank.
  8. Hello people, I'm trying to find some suitable plastic guards for a couple of my projects namely a MAR and Cota 247, I'm aware of Goneli and Stilmotor but the Goneli requires bolting a second guard to it for the required length and the Stilmotor is longer but doesn't have the desired arch. I know that Inmotion had some rear translucent Goneli style longer guards a few months ago that were about 680mm end to end and about 930mm around the arch and some matching translucent front guards but they are sold out and they aren't planning on getting any more made. Those Inmotion guards would have been perfect for me but I couldn't afford them at the time and now that I can they are no longer available So, long story short, does anybody know of other options or do you maybe have a set of those Inmotion guards that you would sell ? I'm in Australia. Cheers.
  9. Just stumbled across this old post, it is a Kawasaki KX85/100 needle as others have suggested, made by Keihin to Kawasaki specs I'd assume. Some info attached in case you're still searching.
  10. That's the '87 model I had with the crappy clutch, the '89 stripey certainly had a much improved clutch and punchier power.
  11. Thanks Donniejn, but that was over 30 years ago and the bike is long since gone.
  12. I don't think three types of TR 34 in 1988, maybe three types between '87 and '89. The way I remember the transition is based on my recollection from the eighties when I bought a brand new '87 TR34 from Florence at great expense because we had no importer at the time in Australia. The '87 TR34 tank was White/Blue/Red from top to bottom and had a MX looking muffler and the worst clutch imaginable that dragged.(mine) 1988 TR34 Replica, Blue/White/Red tank graphics from top to down, muffler that hugged rear sub frame and apparently improved clutch , never rode one. 1989 TR34 Stripey/Zebra, colours as above, muffler hugging the frame, much better clutch than my '87, had a importer now to Oz so got to ride a few, nice bike.
  13. Finding good modern day shocks to fit older Twin Shocks is always a problem due to chain and chain guard rubbing issues because they weren't upside down back then, I believe the OZO shock can be run either way but you would still need to check that the clearance is adequate, InMotion who sells these in the UK would set you straight I believe.
  14. Here's a pic of my dusty '14 R still with some of the heat shield in place, you can see the adhesive mark on the black plastic to guide you. Cheers.
  15. Is that RL frame bent just above the left swing arm pivot where the boot wear marks are ?
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