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  1. fourex

    Montesa Cota 330 owners.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the look of Montesa's last TwinShock and wish I had one, but why did they go back to a full cradle frame? The 349/4 and 350 frames with alloy bash plates and no under frame rails look stronger and possibly a better proposition for Twin Shock Trials.
  2. fourex

    Fantic 240

    Being the odd size of 15mm is always going to be a prob.
  3. fourex

    Fantic 240

    15 x 1.25mm for Fantic 300 twinshock, I'm sure it is the same for 240. PS: Delay in Spain have aftermarket alloy axles complete with nuts for 240/300, probably of little help if you're in a hurry for it.
  4. fourex

    EVO Gear oil

    Hi Bruce, it is SAE 75W. Pics of the container attached, I know of some people in Oz that swear by the stuff for their modern GG's, maybe different type clutches between GG and Beta but sounds like it's worth a shot, should still work a treat.
  5. This video should help with your decision.
  6. fourex

    Yamaha TY250C Stolen 26/5 Queensland

    Hi Tiggs, read this on Trials Australia, I'm feeling your pain. Just thought that Trials Central people should know that Bray Park, Queensland is in Australia.
  7. fourex

    Bultaco 350 Carburettor settings 199A

    Maybe just see if you can get the bits to re-furb the 28mm Bing, they do work well when not worn, have a look here.....http://bingcarburetor.com/index.html Too many variations on Mikunis over the years and they all use different types of jets, yours looks like it could be a VM26-8074 or VM28-49, but who knows for sure?
  8. fourex

    Bultaco 350 Carburettor settings 199A

    Hi Adam, I'm of little help here, but you'll need to be more specific with your type of Mikuni to get some replies I think. Is it a round slide VM 26 or 28mm for starters, even then there is variations of these models. A picture of your carb would help also. Cheers.
  9. fourex

    Ossa Mar paint codes

    No, I'm not allowed to buy any more bikes plus I'm in Australia.
  10. fourex

    Help with Identifying Sherpa

    That's an interesting frame and a nice looking bike overall. Anyone notice the upside down chain tensioner block, wonder if that's deliberate or not? Note top triple clamp also.
  11. fourex

    Ossa Mar paint codes

    Here's a better image.
  12. fourex

    Ossa Mar paint codes

    I just thought that the mk 1 had a different pattern on top of the seat and didn't have the side strips like this brochure shot shows, it's quite possible that only the very first mk 1's (1972) had this type of seat and later mk 1's (1973) wore the mk 2 style seat. I don't know for sure, either way your buddies MAR looks stunning and I would be proud to have something like that parked in my garage.
  13. fourex

    Ossa Mar paint codes

    I love the look of the MAR and am also after a paint code if possible, don't mean to be too critical but isn't that a mk 2 seat ?
  14. fourex

    Mar engine weight

    With regards to engine weight, surely you have access to bathroom scales ? Just weigh yourself holding that big lump of motor and then weigh yourself again without motor, hey presto you now have your answer.
  15. fourex

    Rim tape removal

    This stuff is great, available in supermarkets in Australia, I'm sure a similar product would be available anywhere in the world.