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  1. Had the same thing on same forks. I did what Dabba did except I had to shock the spacer out of position by holding the stanchion in my hands and hitting the bottom of the slider onto a rubber mat on the floor. The spacer had expanded, I tried turning its diameter down which was too difficult because of it being so thin walled and flexible, so made a new one from nylon but with a reduced diameter.
  2. Shame that, missing you already. Good luck.
  3. I'm sure everything will be cheaper when we leave europe?
  4. Ta. But wondered how it works, not how to do it.
  5. Anybody explain how the cold water trick works?
  6. I binned S3 curves for an old pair of s3 Hard Rock steels. Alloy ones tend to swage over when bashing rocks causing them to jam upwards, which can be quite dangerous. Also some of the allen grub screws used for grips fell out over time.
  7. I've had a 2014, 2015 and now 2018. No mechanical issues other than parts that wear, brake pads, chains, suspension linkage bearings etc. I fit a slow throttle tube and S3 flywheel weight. Try before you buy.
  8. sirdabalot

    2017 Vs 2019

    Bollocks all bollocks.
  9. Desertsilver you must be in a parallel universe, that list of daft motorbikes matches mine. Good luck with the GG.
  10. Aah, Sherco 200 ❤️ I loved that bike but probably wouldn't now, so better move on.
  11. I've a couple of witness marks on both legs inner calfs just below the knee. These are the result of feet slipping off the kickstart on wet or muddy trials (left leg Beta, right leg others) I wear Jitsie knee pads and of course the kickstart or footpegs strikes just behind the protected area, just like steel toe cap work boots, if something lands on your foot it lands just behind the toe protector?. If this is how you got injured try leaning your bike away from the kickstart side when kicking to ensure your foot gets good contact with the kickstart.
  12. I guess you mean exhaust smoke getting cleared out which would be normal at high revs, if it's from anywhere else it needs looking into. Highly unusual though as TRS's are perfect and never go wrong.
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