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  1. So I take it that that only applies to the Enduro engines? Parts cross over.
  2. desertsilver

    2005 TXT280

    There's a slim chance I might be getting a 2005 280. I know already it needs a new top end which I've found for $600 for replated cylinder/piston kit. My question is can a Honda CR250 crank fit this engine? I know that it will fit the 250/300 enduros. By the way, if I do end up with this bike it will be the very first trials bike I've ever owned. I've had Jap dirt and street bikes. English dirt bikes, KTM's and ATKs of various displacements. I almost bought a Scorpa 250 back in 07 but was tempted to the dark side and bought a 1995 KTM 550mxc 2-smoke instead. I started riding in the 60's so yeah I'm OLD!!
  3. For the West Coasters there's http://www.atatrials.com/forum/index.php.
  4. You can bring all the rain you want, we need some bad. Welcome to Cali.
  5. desertsilver

    Rtl 250

    I E-mailed him asking what he wanted for them and he replied 2000$ for both. I'm not sure if I should buy them seeings how their so rare and parts are hard to find. I plan on competing and I can forsee them getting thrashed.
  6. desertsilver

    Rtl 250

    Lewisport is who has them avalible. I was acutally thinking about having Adrian Lewis restore one of them. I've seen some pictures of ones he's restored and they look brand new. What class would they be eligable for? From what I've been able to learn, only the 86 was ever imported to the states and then only 15 were ever imported.
  7. desertsilver

    Rtl 250

    Ok guys and gals, I need opinoins and info. I have a chance at getting two RTL 250S for 2000$ one's a 85 and the other is an 86. They both run but need retoring. The only Trials bike (if you can call it that) I've ridden was a Reflex. So what's ya think?
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