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  1. Add a Bosi Arrow Exhaust to the 4 stroke and it sounds mean. Here is Steve Saunders making it sound nice!
  2. pillar

    Rear Shock

    Hi there, I have the Evo 290 so I wont be much help with the shock solution but I wanted to say that Mountain Motorcycles have been great to deal with and the Clark's have always been fair on there pricing. Most everything you would ever need for your bike they will have.
  3. Hey Spencer, any work from Ted? Thanks. Did you get my email I sent you on here?
  4. pillar

    Alpinestars Boots.

    To the people that have these boots, do you really like them???
  5. Ok thanks. Ya, Ted knows these bikes pretty gd. Might be something minor. If there was a bit too much oil added, that would cause this to right?
  6. Hey Spensor, Ted B did the work. He just put a new fork seal in his, now he has a slow leak!! What is he doing wrong?? Now I'm paying for it! lol Thanks
  7. So I had my bike fully freshened up a couple months ago. I went to use it for the first time last weekend and both fork seals were leaking!! ;-( All we did was fresh oil in the forks for that portion of the tune up. The fork seals were not leaking before! What could cause this? I removed the dust covers and cleaned that area out. I also took a thin firm paper and ran it around the fork seal to get any crap out of there. It worked for a bit and then started leaking again. I usually keep the bike on a stand with the wheels in the air when not riding it. I took it off the stand now so its just resting on it's own weight now. Any suggestions??
  8. pillar

    EVo Damping

    So turning it clockwise will make it more bouncy?
  9. pillar

    Evo 300 4T Arrow/Bosi Exhaust

    Question, I have the Evo 290. If I buy the front part of the bosi exhaust for now, will it tie in with the stock evo silencer?? The full exhaust costs about $1000 US to buy. I would like to do it in two parts. Thanks
  10. I would like to get some feedback on this bike. I have a Evo 290 and have never had any reliability issues. I'd like to hear from people with the 09, and if anyone has purchased the new white and gold 2010 Raga I'd love to hear how they like the new model. Cheers!
  11. pillar

    Alpinestar No Stop

    I'm considering these boots for next year. I'm in Canada and wear a 10.5. I guess that would be the US size as well. I have a pretty wide foot. What size should I order of these No Stop boots? Anyone own them that have a wide foot and wear a 10.5 to sz 11 running shoe?? Thanks. I'd like to hear some reviews on the boot to.
  12. pillar

    New Knee

    I have been riding with this brace the last month and a half. http://www.podmx.com/ Unbelievable brace. I hyper extended my right knee riding. After tweaking it numerous times causing complete agony, I decided I needed to get this. It's the thinnest brace out there, but it works phenomenal. I didn't want a big beefy brace, especially for trials riding. I bought the pair and I wont ride without them now. The knee puck floats off the knee and bends with the knee. You can also remove the knee pad if you just want the brace aspect. I highly recommend reading up on this brace. My medical covered it 100%. Without med coverage they cost just under $950.00 US for the two. If anyone has any questions about them I'll do my best to answer them. I feel they have saved me tearing my knee probably 10 times now. Because of what I did to my knee originally, I don't have the strength side to side and front to back when pressure is applied. The brace eliminates all my fears of re injuring my knees now!!! That is worth $$$$$$
  13. pillar

    Bosi Arrow Exhaust.

    Have you put any dents in it yet?
  14. It was my 2001 Toyota Tacoma Trd 4X4. Great truck, but I sold it and got me one of the Subaru WRX STI 300hp rally cars. I had to put a hitch on it through! Need to get the bike around now.