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  1. Would anybody have written down what the ammount of teeth on 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th on Cub trials gearbox, plus front primary, and chain front and back had everything written down myself and put away somewhere, and now cannot find the stuff☹️ Vinnie
  2. Does Drayton have a Website
  3. 64 to 65 https://www.draganfly.co.uk/model-chart/information/triumph-model-chart
  4. What type Section Markers are been used out there in your trials Wire with plastic card, or conventional stick with colored flag????
  5. If you can soak with wd40 or Diesel worked for me
  6. What Size front and rear sprockets for cub, recommended.
  7. My Forks had Ossa Internals, i think originally done by Martyn Adams, way back
  8. Yes mine had a gap, before you tighten the two nuts fully on bottom of legs, gently tighten them first, and then push forks up and down too center axle then tighten, if legs are pushed in and then tightened, forks wont work properly.
  9. Very sad what a gent will miss him may he RIP
  10. Can i take it then there is two lists, there are a lot of riders on final list that were not on list closed on the 4th?? on ssdt page
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