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  1. hendrik

    Cub suspension update

    Cub is nearly finished now, I use NJB ultimate shocks, mount Miller swing arm, sub frame and seat, also new alloy mudguards, oil is now in the frame. Exhaust made by progressiveclassicproducts
  2. hendrik

    Beta Alp 200 Silencer

    Xracing works good on Alp200 , if you want some more horse power, take GPR Exhaust with larger pipe, both needs some changes in Carb Setting....
  3. I want to mount my Miller swing arm, but I don't get the old one out of the frame. The spindle is one peace with the busches ( rust ), any Ideas or special tools to dismount it ?
  4. hendrik

    Sammy miller Hi-boy TL250

    Had this fraser with big bore engine ( 380ccm), now somewere in Belgium.... Miller frame I only know with the TL125 engine, often with 145ccm, maybe the XL185 engine will be suit the frame....
  5. hendrik

    improving tlr forks

    Magicals springs with internal adjusters, ATF Oil, perfect fork for little money....
  6. hendrik

    Cub suspension update

    I ordered now some NJB shocks, will keep the triumph front fork.....
  7. hendrik

    Cub suspension update

    Ok, here in germany most pre 65 have modified or new frames with modern geometry, twinshock forks and brakes ( Grimeca or TY ), a pre65 with stock frame, fork, wheels and brakes is rare, so if I only modify the triumph fork and put some standart shocks on it, it will be more pre65 than 90% of all other bikes.... For me, a armac or UPB cub is a twinshock with old engine and not a pre65...
  8. hendrik

    Cub suspension update

    Very funny guys here in this forum.... Mikuni was fitted by the previus owner, Trailer is a "Koch M4", alloy box from ebay, bike stand from steadystand..... And now something completely different.... Any ideas about my questions? I normaly use NJB experts or Rockshocks on my trials bikes, perhaps the new NJB ultimates will be a good choice , lenght can be adjusted... The forks are very soft, found nowere in the net harder or progressive springs, don't want to change the complete fork....
  9. hendrik

    Cub suspension update

    Bought a T20 cub, want to optimise it, but it should still be a pre 65, not a Twin shock with old engine.... What are youre experiences with the fork, oil, springs, modified interials ? Rear shocks in which lenght ?
  10. hendrik

    4 Ride. New Montesa Motorcycle For 2016

    Short 2017 news from german intermot, third piston ring, modified cylinder 259ccm, new mapping, new exhaust, no pics, bike on the show was a 2016 model...
  11. hendrik

    2017 Models Released. Opinions?

    The only thing I know is a higher seat ( 90cm needed for homologation ) and some little changes to make the 4ride EU-4 street legal, the 300cc engine maybe possible, we will see....
  12. hendrik

    What Is It Worth?

    in germany 5000€......
  13. hendrik

    Any Rumors/info 2017 4Rt's ?

    All companies will have to make changes on their bikes for Euro 4 homologations which is obligatory for new bikes in 2017.... The 4ride will get a 2cm higher seat to homologate it as an "offroad motorbike " The 4RT can be homologated as a "Trials motorbike" , perhaps we will see the larger 4ride silencer even on the 4RT ? maybe all 4RT gets the same engine to make only one new homologation, that will be the chance for 300cc for everyone... I think there will be no major changes for 2017, new decals, maybe a 4ride with 300cc engine ?
  14. hendrik

    4 Ride. New Montesa Motorcycle For 2016

    If you have to use normal roads to go to the places were you can have fun the bike, it's not funny to ride much slower than all the others, so a speed level about 100km per hour is better for save road use, I only need a longer last gear, like an overdrive..... I had the same problem with my Explorer, road driving with 80km/h was no good experience...
  15. hendrik

    4 Ride. New Montesa Motorcycle For 2016

    The frame maybe the same as on the 4RT, Forks and rear shock is different..... If you want to by all parts from Honda, an complete 4ride will be the cheaper way.... (OSSA deliveres a Kit to change the trials bike into an explorer... ) For 2016 the seat will be about 2cm higher to get Euro4-homologation, I hope they will also change the gearing to make the bike faster on the road,,,, Here are two pics from a 4ride without seat ( not mine, a friends bike who is actually in italy for testing it...)