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  1. whole project looking good!!! did i missed what kind of rear shocks are you using? I have a 116 just started to get going after more than 25 years in storage...
  2. Sorry for your loss.... If time exists in heaven, Do you still rise with the sun? Do you and Mom share breakfast Before your day has begun? Can the heavens hear your laughter As you sit and reminisce About the time we had together And other people that you miss? And Daddy, do you still take walks Along heaven's seas? And when you gaze upon the surf, Do you remember walks with me? Are your standing with those brave young men Upon its perfect shores? Finally by their sides again, Your comrades from the war. Do you gather with your family Beneath heaven's glow? And gaze upon those mountains still That once you called your home. Is music all around you, All those songs you held so dear? Do you and Mom still sing together, The way you did when you were here? Do you ever have long talks with God About those left behind? Do you tell him all the stories Of all our grand and treasured times? I think that heaven must be grateful To have you there each day, To bring your easy laughter And your silly sense of play. And I'm sure that God already knows The special father you had been And how I wish that you were here To guide my way again. But I carry you inside my heart. You are never far from me. I see you in my smile And in who I grew to be. And I'm sure that on this Father's Day God will help you celebrate All those dads who changed the world with love. What a party that will make!
  3. So if i get this correct ... that's the mold you are going to use to build it with carbon fiber right? you will keep posting pictures of the progress I hope:-) So from the seat mold you then use the original tank to build it or the mini tank? is that mini tank form a particular pit bike like a KTM 50? what kind of fiberglass you use to make the mold? is just looks so clean and thin !!!!
  4. Well finished the fiberglass project... been a learning experience:-) Planning on building a 2nd one. I didn't use a hard surface for the fiberglass to sit on , my first mistake... I had plastic wrap so there is some waves.. and use filler to take waves out.. I was going to put on high density foam for a seat... but after riding it for a while seems that is fine...
  5. not in the UK but they will ship... pretty much anything you might need... i think they bought old bultaco dealers when Bultaco close down... http://www.bultacoclassic.com/
  6. By the way Hendrik !! that's a real nice and clean TL 250.... LOL Im always doing searches see if anything shows.. this article i found it last night... https://badcurator.org/resources/Magazines/CW_Apr75/HondaTL250Trials.pdf
  7. Done moving the forks up in the triple clamps, replaced foot pegs... for sure a lot less weight with the new pegs... broke one of the side panels for the 5th time... tired of fixing them so decided to build my own base /side panel unit.. just started today that's with the 2nd layer of fiberglass.. plan to do 4 more layers... next in the agnda do the extender on the clutch arm..... I guess i need to move pics some place else... onene
  8. Thank you.... I have never done anything like this before was done using spray cans.... and the graphics using my printer... using painter's tape over the print area and putting back in the printer and print again on the tape.... using a sharp razor blades helps a lot!!:-)
  9. Thnak you Michael!! so you Canadian? LOL!so you guys let us drive home back to Alaska but cant drive back down to the lower 48!!!! hope this COVID end soon!!!! do miss driving tru Jasper and Banff....
  10. Hey Dennis Im in Magnolia.... so i guess 60 miles or so.... dont even know were are any trails around to go riding... but i guess as soon i get my TL back together we  can find a place to ride....

  11. Keep reading about an magazine article about modifying TL250 frame... cutting down tubes and changing rake... been googling to death the world wide web with no luck...does anyone have a jpg or have that info available to share? seems there is a lot of information for the TL125's but it seems like the TL250 is the ******* kid:-)
  12. I guess first the intro .. I live in Alaska for the last 40 something years...ended up there on my way to Viet Nam... my orders got change and I arrive in Fairbanks 1973....finding out how great summers are first vehicle was a 1974 Bultaco Alpina and my love for Bultacos started there... still to this day I have a Alpina 250 (not the same one, traded that one for a bultaco 250 pursang:-) ) Alpina 350 not running at this time, 250 pursang yes same one I got on the trade in 1974, a Frontera 360 ,2 lobitos in pieces and my go to the Honda TL250 ... now that Im retired plans to restore all the bikes... not necessarily to originals condition or original parts... dont have that kind of monies to use plus my wife would kill me!:-) I started with my 250 Alpina... give my fiorst try at doing body work and paint... is not original colors or even the lines... but the wife thinks it looks pretty:-) and thats all it matters!!!last few winters we are spending time in Texas with the grandkids... so this year I shipped my Honda TL to texas... and thats first reason to join the forum ..dont know anyone in the area figure a way to to ask questions...
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