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  1. Thank you, I know it's always interesting to keep the story from such bike...😃
  2. Finally, from (without registration): To : New seat New OKO carburator New tires Tank restored with new petcock New chain and sprockets Bottom engin rebuilt (see invoice), top was clean (no scratchs)… New electronic ignition with 12 volts coil for lights Led bulbs GPS speedometer And much more... We could close this post , thank you for your support...
  3. Great, my registration is now valid 🥂...
  4. I have a OKO carburetor, Alpina 250, it is working great...
  5. Before afternoon cleaning, I went in the mud 😔. The carburetor tuning is not to bad, the bike is easy to start cold or warm 😬. I love the torque for climbing off road. I just have now to watch my mail box for the registration 😕... The project will be done 😳.
  6. Great, sides covers and fuel cap arrived from Inmotiontrials in UK. Sides covers are not perfect but fit to the bike (cheap if you compare the Ebay prices 😬). I now have the original gas cap ✌️...
  7. New silencer, still waiting my covers from UK, international shipping with Royal mail are not working: https://www.royalmail.com/service-update Result I am now buying in Spain (my exhaust and few items), I am also waiting for my registration, normally around 3 weeks with the Vermont DMV. As the exhaust is completed, I can work with the carburetor setting, however the bike is very easy to start. NB: The led bulbs are amazing, especially without battery.
  8. I just install a speedometer / GPS : Cycplus G1 https://youtu.be/c3zyghx4fpI So cheap but magic. If needed, I have 12DC in my bike then I could install a plug for the USB cable and keep the battery charging when riding. However it's a dirt bike and road trip will always be short.
  9. Buying from UK company is cheaper 😊, you have the technical supply if needed...😬
  10. I bought a kit ignition and 12dc supply for the Bultaco: https://www.electrexworld.co.uk/acatalog/STK-154L.html I did the electrical harness myself. Easy, I always have lights, the head light came from Ebay... I have no battery which is not with US request for street legal bike (some state have no inspection for Motorcycle). This bike will never spend a long road in the street...
  11. A properly set carburetor will help a lot 😏, ...
  12. Funny, don't forget to fill the gas tank for the carburetor adjustment 😝. During the first tests, the idling was not stable, I refilled the fuel and have now a much better situation. Starting cold or starting hot is easy 😏. Brakes are working now 🥶... I installed shorter rear shocks (320 mm now were 340), I am short and starting is easier, look is better for me (more trial style).
  13. Waooh 🤣, first real run today with little dirt 🙂: This bike is amazing 😋... Of course all is not perfect: gas tank went to close to the exhaust 🤥, idling is not clean 😒, front brake needs some adjustments 😌. Nothing very difficult . We are far from the Japanese bike, good boots and the gears are going well 😏. Waiting my side covers and I will send my application for the registration... 2 years after the first post 😬.
  14. Today, waiting the side cover and missing the fuel lines and gas cap.... I already did some short running tests with a small gas tank. Soon on the road 😏
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