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  1. As I said in my post above, my cover is in the scrap bin courtesy of a Scottish rock. I also use alloy mudguards and I wrecked a brand new rear one in the West Country classic trial about 5 years ago, about £70 of scrap metal, I could have replaced with plastic but I like the original classic look so alloy went back on. If the intermediate owner rode the bike for a few years there is every possibility the parts went the same way as mine - scrap. I personally do not see your point about the value of the parts as I have already said they are easily replicated if you so desire. The value of these bikes is down to the costs of the upgrades / fiddles in fact the further away from original the higher the value to a competitive rider.
  2. I am not sure there is such a thing as a genuine 'HT' cover these days, I had a friend of mine machine the HT logo into a standard aftermarket cover about 10 years ago, I did not do it to pass mine off as a genuine machine I am just a genuine enthusiast enjoying my hobby. Yes my bike is tricked up but that's the only way to get regular rides and be able to compete with the Cubs and Bantams. As a point of interest that cover is now in my scrap bin courtesy of a Scottish section, so yes my bike sees action it's not a garage queen ! I have to agree with the above comments a genuine machine would be unlikely to finish a modern pre65 trial so what's the point of it, if it's just as an investment then we don't need that in our sport, these escalated values are what keeps young blood out of the game. As for top money I know of a very special one that went for well over £20k but is it really an HT5 ? No
  3. Has it already been played with ? It's an old bike so may have some history I tried a top youths bike a few years ago and it was tuned for max splat it was useless for my old rider technique !
  4. From what has been said in the past I would think availability in your part of the world is the first problem to overcome, so find your nearest dealer and seek some advice or better still join a club, bikes often move by word of mouth.
  5. I think you will find instances of bikes running full bore and the lanyard will not help, the engine gets so hot it self runs. You have to resort to turning off the fuel and stuffing your gloves up the exhaust, all very stressful with an engine probably still in gear and revving it's nuts off !
  6. I think I heard that in the 'old days ' riders would travel to an event with their own barrel / piston to convert a standard bike to 'works spec' BUT surely compared to even 10 years ago modern bikes are just so perfect why not have the added cudos of competing and winning on a 'box standard' bike that any joe public can then go and buy. Do we really need these bikes to progress any further, if a developement programme needs world round competition to push it forward then the targets are already too high.
  7. Could you play around with the bottom shock mount position to move them inboard ?
  8. It was posted on here earlier that the bikes must not be 'one offs' well I have never heard that before and I bet you can't buy any of the world class bikes. Why not limit the G.P riders to only using production bikes, that would mean all the riders turn up at an event and use a bike from the nearest distributor, straight away you have slashed the costs of competing as the bikes would then be sold on as 'ex demo !'
  9. You guys have obviously never ridden in mud !
  10. Certainly until they are established the resale value will be one up from burning your money, knew someone with a Xispa a few years ago, he struggled to give it away.
  11. I think the pastime / sport of motorcycle trials needs to be defined in the current timeframe. I am now 60, I have been involved in the club scene on and off ( as everyone else, houses and kids have dragged me away but I've always come back ) for 45 years. Around here in the South East of the U.K. I could probably get a ride most weekends at club / centre level, I have never had aspirations to ride at the higher level as I know my limits and have always enjoyed my 'sport'. At this level, which I would suggest is the vast majority of riders, there is no concern about getting spectators out to watch nor a desire to have the sport moved on to be more extreme. As far as participation is concerned we get around 45 - 70 riders at a local compeditive event but between 130 and 200 at a practice day, ( sections laid out but no observing, ride as many times around as you like ) I think that speaks volumes for what the grass root rider wants. Get out at the weekend and enjoy the challenge of riding a motorbike through and over stuff that won't kill him/her So here is a loony suggestion, if we want the sport to grow forget the World Championship, get the factories and their sponsors to invest in grass root sport. It would make an interesting poll to find out what the bulk of the riders want. Sorry if this is off topic, but trials will not improve if you only consider the top 0.1% in fact 0.001%
  12. These riders are the 'best of the best' why not 4 laps of 12 ? Make them work for the championship.
  13. Since there are only 10 or so regular GP riders how is your 5% going to work ? The whole sport needs an overhaul, let's face it it bears no relationship to our domestic weekend riding (U.K.) . We were only discussing how things have changed at the weekend, when we were young there were world rounds in cold wet countries and most seemed to be in the winter months, we now have a sport geared to big grippy rocks ridden in blazing sunshine it's no wonder the Spanish rule. Also what happened to the indoor series if you look at the rider list it's more like a Spanish indoor world championship.
  14. Well how did this all end up ? Were there enough rounds and is it going to continue in 2020 ?
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