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  1. You can also use the decompressor as a brake going down hill, give it a try, probably not used for starting on a 200 as they are not exactly hard to kick over.
  2. Hello again Blockage in the carb means that one of the small airways could be obstructed, if it was, the pilot system would not be working correctly so the bike starts on choke but then will not run when the choke is turned off. Try the compression test again after you have put a few cc’s of oil down the plug hole, this may seal up the piston clearance and give a higher compression result. If it does then you should investigate for ring and piston wear although I note you have replaced the piston and cylinder ! Good luck
  3. I assume you are running with an airbox fitted, is that just the adaptor fitted to the rear of the carb ? If it starts and runs when cold then the ignition must all be in place I would suspect a blockage in the carb.
  4. What did you use to stop petrol attacking the finished result ? I used rattle can lacquer from Halfords and it did not resist a minor spillage, very disappointing. You would think that paint from a car accessory business would be paint resistant.
  5. The steering was a major problem to me, after coming off GasGas TXT I got a bargain priced Sherco but only kept it for 6 months and moved it on, as I could not trick ride and could not get it around the sections that the GasGas could easily steer round.
  6. Whinging and moaning, can’t see that in my post, once again apologies for any offence caused.
  7. Trialsrfun, I see you have removed your blanket comment about pre unit riders, not that fair was it ? I can only apologise if I have upset anyone with my earlier posting, it is just my understanding that certain mods are ‘accepted’ and some are not. Obviously as a predominantly U.K. supported web site ( or perhaps I am wrong about that as well - sorry) I am talking about trials here not in France, it was just a comment meant in a purely advisory manor to anyone taking an interest in this modification I had a set of Bultaco 1964 triples fitted on my bike and changed to period British parts just to keep in the spirit of the game. Yes I have an Amal fitted but that was an accepted part long before I started riding one of these bikes.
  8. Not wanting to ruin anyone’s day but if you are riding in any form of competition then these carbs are not allowed on pre65 class bikes. ( I think, strangely that Tiger Cubs may have been given their own loophole on this but I don’t understand why ! )
  9. The highlighted part looks like a brake light switch.
  10. As said above, this subject has ‘run out of puff’, any form of mechanical regulation as per the wooden block suggested above will only further reduce the entry and in fact only affect the lesser rider. You get your eyes opened to the ability of the top riders when you see 90 degree air turns on a pre unit AJAY / Ariel, a bit of wood won’t stop them it will just make sections harder for everyone else!
  11. The biggest problem I see is how many times a year do you want to ride your classic bike ? If you are happy to just go to one or two special events a year then great keep your original ‘ pre 65 ‘bike in standard trim, but if you want regular outings you either have to accept that you won’t find sections and similar bikes to ride against as they are simply not there any more. You have to realise the pre 65 movement was started 45 years ago, the sport has moved on, most of those original bikes and competitors are no longer out there and organisers have enough on their plates without yet another class. When I got my bike near on 20 years ago there was a healthy classic class down here in the south east so much so that we had separate classes for pre unit , unit , two stroke , and rigid bikes , now we have to lump them all in with the occasional twin shock just to get a handful to call a class for competition ! I decided that I wanted to ride regularly so my bike is competitive on the route the novices ride, there is no way I could ride the intermediate route as whatever you do to one of these bikes it still weighs at least 50% and in the case of my pre-unit 100% more than a modern bike, they go uphill very well it’s the coming down that’s the problem.
  12. collyolly

    Exhaust repack

    Depends on the shape but in the ‘old days’ we would cut the silencer open, repack and then rivet a slightly larger plate over the opening or get someone to weld it shut. For £600 you have to think laterally or get a man who can !
  13. My apologies, you are correct, I got my conversion turned around, I still think it’s too tight though. I have a feeling that 0.001” per inch of cylinder bore has been a guide.
  14. Not wanting to split hairs but 0.030mm is in fact 0.75 thou inch so I would say much too tight.
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