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  1. Hi rabie Sidcup club still has its practice night up on the calendar for July, also ‘Bike Night’, are these going ahead or is it wait and see ?
  2. Back in the dark ages a class was started for pre65 bikes as there seemed to be a demand for a separate class for these old abandoned machines. It was popular enough to then be broken down into sub classes catering for ‘pre-unit’ big old beasts, ‘unit’ your C15 and cub 4 strokes, class C which were any 2 stroke sewing machines and of course your totally uncompetitive ‘Rigids’. All went well for a number of years then the entries started to drop off, I am talking inter club and centre level, we all know one off trials such as the Scottish pre65 still draw huge entries. Entries dropped off to such a degree that you often found yourself in a class of one or two, so down here in the South East we amalgamated all of the classes, we even included the newly formed twin shock class in this, as they rode the same route and again often only had a few entries, to be honest a well set up pre 65 is a good as a Bultaco etc. The twin shock class mentioned above was again started to try to get the old nails out, it only really gets good support at full national level ie Kia, locally you just don’t see the numbers. We tried the ‘Air cooled mono’ class in the S.East a few years ago and I remember turning up at one of the early championship rounds on my newly acquired Fantic 303 ( well it looked like Steve Saunders bike ) to find I was the only entrant. So if you want a new class you have to find an obvious demarcation in technical terms, ie pre Bultaco era, pre Yamaha / Fantic mono, pre Water cooling but at the moment I can’t see it and I am sure there is not the desire entry wise for it. Back in the good old days we had two classes, Novice and Expert we now have up to 8 or 10 with smaller entries so it’s no surprise class sizes diminish and competition goes away.
  3. If you have had it from new could you not seek advice from the dealer ( If they are open of course ! )
  4. How long have you been riding a trials bike ? Do you have mates with trials bikes and experience or a local club ? Before you get too concerned about changing your bike I suggest you get some advice on setting it up, it may just need the engine tuning and the clutch and brake ‘bite’ points setting up to make it more rideable.
  5. What a joy to keep clean with all of those lumps and bumps with fins on top !
  6. collyolly

    Sherpa Brakes

    I think you will find that is hard chrome plate, you won’t remove it with ‘wet and dry’ ! Rebuild the bike and try the brake performance before you try modding those hubs.
  7. The above search advice does not work ! Search for ‘250gp’ in the forums section and it will take you straight there, second item listed Cheers
  8. I posted a similar request for info back on 15th June 2019 relating to my Gasgas 250GP that has the same carb. Go into Forums and search ‘Gasgas 250GP carb settings’ and it is on about page 6 of the search or trawl back to June 15. My bike works beautifully now, good luck.
  9. I asked the question last year about the lack of coverage of the Scott it was very obviously not covered as well as previous years but then again I am not up there contributing either ! The world scene is a waste of time, I don’t see how the small sport justifies its existence in its present form. Bring back the days of guys turning up in a Transit van, read the stories of Lampkin ( Martin) , Rathmell, Birkett etc competing at world rounds, it’s all got too sophisticated chasing the mythical interested spectators. I have said before this sport is all about the clubmans participation at grass roots level that’s why we get entries on the day of approaching 150 for a practice trial but struggle to fill 40 places for a centre trial, the sport has moved on its more about lads just riding their bikes at a level they are ‘ safe’ at rather than pushing themselves to compete. So now you end up with a website ( which is brilliant ) that caters for the bike enthusiast rather than pure competitors.
  10. That does not look like a trials bike more an enduro bike, as the steering and foot rest position would not work for trials.
  11. Got to bear in mind this is a U.S. Suzuki not a Beamish, from recent reading the original Suzuki RL ( U.S. market also known as an ‘Exacta’ ) had a much ‘revier’ engine and more relaxed steering hence the Beamish mods when launched in the U.K.
  12. You say the original run time was dire, what’s that 10 minutes, 45 mins ? You then say the new battery was O.K. for its first use, better performance or much longer run time ? You could have a motor fault that’s dragging the battery down, as you say the volts drop to 3.5v when loaded or of course you may just not be fully charging the battery, have you got the ability to measure amps on your meter ( I assume you have one as you are taking readings ) Do you still have the original battery ?
  13. If the battery volts drop as soon as you turn the bike on then it has a fault ( that’s called the load ) or the bike has a fault, as suggested above does the bike work with the standard battery or do you not have one. Perhaps you could give a bit more history of the problem to enable a remote diagnosis, ie was the bike working O.K. in your ownership, why have you replaced the battery etc.
  14. Hi all I have got myself a Mk1 Beamish in silver and red to relive my yooff ! Can anyone confirm the point of kickstart engagement, the lever looks to be in the correct position mounted on the engine, but does not engage until it is approx horizontal when kicking. It’s so long since I had mine that I don’t know if this is normal or if the internals need looking at. Thanks for any replies
  15. Good effort to try and cheer us all up, my bike is now in lots of bits so I can’t be tempted to go out on it. It needed a new set of linkage bearings, hope it will benefit from a new small end and of course it’s now surgically clean.
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