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  1. collyolly

    Base gasket

    I would be very surprised if it crushed down from 1mm to 0.5mm, is the whole gasket in contact or is there some left outside the joint you could measure. Also it is an Italian bike, made in Italy, in Europe, so why would they use ‘thou’ on their gasket material unless of course they got some cheap ‘new old stock’ made by ‘Klingers’ back in the 1970’s ?
  2. Well there are two points to consider, first is the chain to sprocket intersection, over here in the U.K. it’s mandatory to have the lower chain run entry point covered. This is usually done by the manufacturers with a simple plastic ‘ sharks fin’ just look at how most bikes are covered. The second concern which really caught my attention was the size of the cut outs in the sprocket, as they go past the swingarm it’s possibly creating a guillotine action. Simply cover this sprocket face with a suitable thick plastic disc as per F.I.M. sprockets. Whatever type of bike, if the throttle twist grip is buried in the ground as youngster falls off that wheel will keep turning and it’s not just the rider that’s in danger its mums and dads rushing to help. I was running a trial a couple of years ago and a youngster turned up with an electric bike with the chain guards removed, I said to dad ‘ I am sorry he can’t have a ride today’ dads response was ‘everyone takes them off, what’s the problem ?‘ I explained the reasons, also that I would be held personally responsible if his lad injured himself. One unhappy lad but next time out the guards were back on.
  3. Looks very nice, don’t want to be too negative but I would do something about keeping the lads fingers / hand out of that rear sprocket, everyone falls off and there’s little control where a flailing digit ends up when you don’t see the danger.
  4. I should have said ‘Our Girls’ as well ! Well done Emma Bristow another fabulous result
  5. Thanks, difficult to maintain interest at the moment but it’s nice to see how it’s going for our boys.
  6. Anyone know where we can find the results ?
  7. Looks like an enjoyable day out ,well done with the photos.
  8. I am afraid something has been lost in translation, billet is just an expression meaning to ‘machine from a solid billet of aluminium’, I am sure the technology exists locally to you you just have to search it out.
  9. Get a billet one made locally, possibly far cheaper than getting a spare from other side of the world
  10. Those side cover mounts look homemade and bolted to the same mounts as in the photo
  11. collyolly

    Exhaust pipe pop

    You will get used to constantly riding the clutch and the brakes, it is the easiest way to get control for your slow riding. The 280 was always seen as the ‘experts’ bike of choice so it could have something to do with its state of tune.
  12. collyolly

    Fuel Mixture ?

    If you have just rebuilt the engine I assume you used oil to lube everything on assembly, this has to be burnt off together with the new oil you are putting in with your fuel. How long did you run it for, probably take a good thrashing to sort it out ! ( no not really on a new engine )
  13. TY175 has a very distinctive exhaust sound, I don’t think it will ever sound like a 250, probably as much to do with the porting as the exhaust system. Don’t worry about the sound just get it out and ride it, some very tricked up versions here in the U.K. and I doubt the exhaust note was a concern.
  14. collyolly

    Hond TL250 1975

    Get some stainless steel wire and make one.
  15. collyolly

    Txt rookie

    May be worth contacting GasGas UK ?
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