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  1. Thanks! The cold water worked!! Maybe it worked without cold water, but anyway now my brake is back
  2. I see. Thanks, I'll try the cold water and if it doesn't work, I guess I need to take them out for sanding.
  3. Hi all, I have ridden my 2020 GasGas 280 for about 50 hours and the rear brake became less effective with squeaking noise. The brake pads seem to have life left. I would appreciate your thought about it. Should I change the pads? Or brake fluid? Or clean the surface of the pads and disc? thanks,
  4. I meant front up to clear obstacles.
  5. Hi all, I have been practicing skills for controlled wheelie for many months with my GasGas TXT and developed two types of the approaches; 1: Gas and clutch meet simultaneously. With a body action, I can lift the front wheel 2: Rev the engine first (flywheel preload?). Closing the gas and clutch meet simultaneously. #2 is more difficult because of more things to control; the amount of rev and the timing of the clutch meet, which have to get synchronized with the body action. I can get a good result only once in three or four tries. However, once the wheel is up, I feel it's more controllable. In the #1 approach, the front wheel rises with acceleration while in the #2 way, the front wheel stops naturally at the lifted position, giving me much more time for control the situation. Another thing I found is I need almost no gas for the #2 way and, thus, it gives me more traction. Actually, in a slippery slope, #2 is the only way to lift the wheel. Now, practicing #1 and #2 make me easily confused and I want to focus on one of the ways, if appropriate. I have been looking around the internet but haven't found much information about these two approaches. Youtube videos by Rich Larsen touched on the #2 approach several times. So, I guess #2 is a legitimate approach. I would appreciate any helps, suggestions, or advises about these two different approaches. I especially want to know which one is the way I should focus on. Thanks!
  6. Thank you all for the comments. They are very helpful. I'm still a newbie but have been so fascinated by the skills for vertical motions, which certainly hurt my joints. I think I will spend coming few months to horn my skill for horizontal motions, which is still horrible (didn't know how difficult to have a tight turn in a slope). For the therapy, there seem no easily solutions, but I may give the cortisone shot a try.
  7. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Now I found it is not uncommon and it makes me feel better. There seem no magic methods. I took weeks of physical therapies and thought they were useless but I guess I need to patiently follow their recommendations like taping, massage, etc. One funny thing is whenever I got problems with joints, doctors say, "you need rest but also need to build the muscle". This is indeed a balancing act and at age 59, I feel I'm gradually loosing the battle. One final question, do you think a handle bar with the higher rise would help?
  8. Hi all, Since I bought a GasGas last September, I have been practicing almost everyday in my backyard. In the beginning, I developed pains in both wrists and elbows. Although most of them went away as I got used to it, the pain in my left elbow remains (Golfer's elbow). I thought it would go away sometime but it seems heading south gradually. I wonder if I can get some suggestions to cope with it by changing riding style or the bike settings (higher handle?). My doctor said that stopping the activity would be the best cure but he can do injection of anti-inflammation drugs in the elbow, if I want. I'd appreciate your advises.
  9. Sum

    Workshop Manual

    Hi all, I found that all recent GasGas repair manuals can now be found at print.ktm. It's not free though. I just ordered one and will see how good it is.
  10. Hi Tomin, I'm also new (2020 280 TXT) and was surprised how the kickstart hit the peg. Yes, it sounds and feels terrible, but I believe it is deigned in that way. If that amount of the force hits the end of the travel in the internal structure (instead of the peg), it may cause greater damages. As other mates said, I now completely forgot about it, but I want to share some experiences that might help you; 1) The starts will become easier over the time and require less force 2) If you engage the gear and roll back the bike, it stops at the top of the cylinder from the back side of the cycle. Then the kick becomes VERY easy. Almost too easy to kick with a good speed. In this say, the kick hits the peg with much less force The downside of this method is, you need to put the gear back to neutral every time you find the top cylinder position. I often just grab the clutch to kickstart. This works but when the gear is cold, my bike has a significant amount of drag and it may make the engine harder to start. With this method with just grabbing the clutch, I usually need 3-5 kicks when the bike is cold. Once warmed up, it works with one kick. 3) Some suggested iridium plug makes the start easier 4) After 6 months of break in, I would say, the engine starts with one kick (neutral, choke pulled) at 2/3 of times but without #2 trick, I need to use my full body weight for a good kick and yes, the kickstart hits the peg hard!
  11. Thanks. Yes, I noticed that their arms are extended. I'll try to correct my posture and see what happens.
  12. Hi, When I bought a trial bike, I was surprised by how low the handle is. It hurt my back and wrists but after half a year of practices, I get used to it. However, one thing still hurts me is the impact when the front wheel hits the ground after slow wheelie. I feel like 100% of my body weight is on my wrists and elbows. I have been trying to somehow release the impact to my legs, but not quite sure how I can do it. If there are any tricks for soft landing, I would appreciate it.
  13. Sum

    Workshop Manual

    Thanks. Yes, I do have the owner's manual. I wonder if GasGas or any third parties have issues service or workshop manuals. For example, for 2018 and earlier, this (https://www.thehellteam.com/technical-support/gas-gas-parts-and-service-manuals.html) posts really nice service manuals.
  14. Sum

    Workshop Manual

    Hi, Does anybody know if workshop manuals are available for the current GasGas TXT models (2019~)?
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