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    Reluctant sale of my 1991 240 Climber. Road reg,V5c, just Mot'd. New chain+sprocket, rewound ignition stator, plug,carb overhaul+filter, head bearings, pads, tyres decent. Tank paint lifting but recent tank painted sold for little money on ebay. £830. Located in Warwickshire.

    830.00 GBP

  2. traf

    240 climber

    I've just bought a 1990 240 climber. The previous owner had a "throttle stuck open" moment before a tumble. He can't recall hooking the cable,is this a fault with a secondhand model? I'd also like to obtain a manual and spares in UK,is there a good dealer for these older bikes? Thanks
  3. traf


    Very kind, perhaps when I return,presently in blighty. True Francois and his buddies are a good lot,thanks
  4. traf


    Hi, normally I'm in department 16, Charente. A group called Seventies trial16 exists,a friendly bunch. There's also a testing ground at Angouleme run by MCA, motorcyclists club angoulaises. You may be right about exports,but French have quite a few machines and Spain is just down the road. One thing I did note was price of things like Fantic piston prices,are such as Montesa's the same? Anyway its going to be more than a Villiers dykes piston at £12. Thanks
  5. traf


    All sounds very positive, thanks very much.
  6. traf


    It sounds like it's a bike I should get. Back in the day Wakelin Ward sold them,but I was racing a Greeves Silverstone. Are spares still available? Thanks
  7. traf


    Returning to this site after long time,but same bike lingers in same barn, Norman B4/Villiers 8e moded somewhat. What I need is a running proper trials bike. My nostalgic favourites appear to be Montesa Cota 247, or as I never got to buy one in the day,a Fantic 200,though I have not ridden one of these. My local French club keep asking when will i roll . I've seen latter for not a lot of money, any opinions? Thanks.
  8. traf

    Villiers 197

    Just found my gearings of 8E in Norman, 18tx51t primary and 13tx68t final drive. I'm not sure how to load photo from my USB,but will try,tahnks,traf
  9. traf

    Villiers 197

    Well that is a refreshing change as the advert says,food for thought and tinkering in workshop. So a dormant thing under the blanket gets a bit of use. First job is top off and measure to see how far off I am. Mentioned was "top-hat " combustion chamber, well I had one of those on my Greeves Silverstone RES back in the seventies and it seemed to have edge over standard ,detonation with Champion was cured by affordable NGK's compared to a Lodge....Happy days...exchange Alpha crank 16pounds, pistons,9 pounds....you needed them missing gears gave you a 3-piece gudgeon pin! Keep you posted,traf.
  10. traf

    Villiers 197

    Must post pictures,see you are also B4 owner.traf
  11. traf

    Villiers 197

    Hi, primary drive was I think off 12D 125cc, I have all the facts written down in workshop and will check if you need to know. Gearbox is wide ratio now after some muddle years ago, gearbox sprocket 13T and rear wheel 60T if I recall. Will come back on this post-Christmas, thanks traf.
  12. traf

    Villiers 197

    I am loath to swap the motor, I ran it in Vintage trials in 1980's in UK and was arriving at finishing trials even if my ability wasn't there,it was a fiver,gallon of fuel and Sunday morning sweat. At that time 32A was just more Classic period and reading Don Morley books suggested old Brass flywheel was a better thing. I don't possess a 32A anyway and all the necessary bits so i just need to get on with it. So what I have ; 8E based motor with present barrel at .020" O/S, .40" milled off top of barrel as I read in 60's this was the way,last mod was to dress bottom of piston to alter inlet port timing to 37A figure. Ignition is total loss 6 volt,4.5Ah battery and coil triggered by standard breakers.The recent addition was a decompressor type head I never had in the day. The conversation with a knowledgable colleague was modern fuel needs more compression and better flame, so it may be "off with his head" and mill some off or even reshape the combustion chamber. It's all well annd good to look at 1950's pic's and follow, but fuel,tyres,sections change. It's just a bit of fun that if it works I will take to Trials a distance away as here we get shot at by French Chasse (Hunters),already killed one rambler this year. I've had no 7E port figures so far to compare, one chap said they were hard-earnt secrets....My thought was in 20+ years of tarmac racing we always tried to encourage novices....it's not the World Championships is it. Thank you though for taking a look and idea, traf
  13. traf

    Villiers 197

    Ages ago I posted details of my Norman B4 fitted with 8E motor. Having gone through it and replaced seals,bearings,rings and correct gearings I was disapointed in lack of power. Still using 8E barel with 40thou off top I was wondering what are the differences in the 7E barrel and compression. I have a spare standard barrel,so a case of reboring the suitable one with 1H piston,any words of wisdom out there?
  14. Thanks once again. Going through your suggestions the de-comp head I have and was on my list of "to-does",quite true I used to descend sections and have a gassed-up motor. The 26tooth and 16 tooth gears I have but were somehow set aside in some previous repair, and 3-speed is fine by me , just bought the 13 tooth gearbox sprocket,seals,rings etc for repair. The piston is old style 3/32" thick ring but NOS as you suggest and barrel is at +030" with 040" milled off top. For that 225 piston I only have this or worn +20" barrel. The ignition I'll leave as is for now but note what you say. Should have this done today and until I get alternative carb I will try the best of Villiers carbs . Next week there's a bike-jumble in Rouxmazieres so maybe a carb might be found there as French employed a lot of Villiers postwar. I did have 60 tooth rear sprocket but now put on 68 tooth in hope of mountain-goat ability. Main problem is it's been laid-up for so long with odd ride about the garden here. Not wishing to swipe anyone's secrets;just get this thing running near correct,anyway I'll keep posted and see if I can load-up my photos of the bike. Thanks
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