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  1. I made one after looking at my friends. I used the cable wire from an old clutch cable. I drilled the head of the airscrew for a tight push fit then soldered the wire in place . I routed it out the left side under the exhaust , it works fine.
  2. 12/39 is faster , I think you mean 10/39
  3. check the reed valve , I had same issue , reed valves were nackered .
  4. Great trial , first class observers , the banter was brilliant . Thanks to all who braved it ! Sections were spot on . I thought it only rained like that in Scotland .
  5. slickgolf_0

    2012 280I Dead

    The wires down at the front of the engine , below the fuel tank and visible through the sump guard . You may find them corroded or broken Happened to us during a trial , just stopped like the switch was turned off ! Sump off to get at the wires , cut out the green mouldy ones , solder in new wire , sorted !
  6. I agree , nice and light , elbow armour is a little tight , get the largest size Worth every penny
  7. New dellorto carb fitted Perfect
  8. Thanks fourex. Thats what I wanted to hear and exactly what I have done , the new Delorto carb will be with me tomorrow . Great service and knowledge from Eurocarb , they knew what a Fantic 240 was !
  9. slickgolf_0

    240 Carb Help

    Fantic 240 I have finished a rebuild but the original carb is shot . Can anyone help with the settings and size if fitting an OKO ? I had an OKO 26mm that I managed to squeeze on with a K&N type filter , ran ok but not perfect . I also had a new 25mm Delorto , it ran good using the standard air box , I borrowed that from a 200 , not sure if the 200 and 240 are different. If you have the OKO fitted , what did you do with the airbox or filter set up ? Or , do I just get a new standard 240 Delorto using the oe air box ? Thanks for any help
  10. Hi I have a Beta Factory , you are not alone in the fight against water in the box . It is a problem with the bike , deep water , it will find its way in . I have spoken to Beta owners many have had or have the problem . I have done the following to cure it . Front fender mud extender Plastic guard that runs up the gap between the silencer and air box Plastic clear filter cover , it is not for the latest Evo models but its easy to make fit , I had to drill a few holes in it to allow enough air in , obviously holes allow water in but its harder to get through ! Ram water filter sponge in all the gaps round the air box , shock area etc ( it still gets enough air ) Tape over the hole where the electrics are stored My secret weapon , I have velcroed a super absorbent pad into the bottom of the box . This soaks up anything that might get passed all the other defences . I have tested to extreme by splashing my way through deep water , all the above did the job ! Good luck
  11. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/dirtbikedecals/Gas-Gas-/_i.html?_fsub=15256727018
  12. Off Road Moto , Blyth Its on your doorstep They have everything you will ever need for trials , the guys know there stuff , both compete at a high level , brilliant stock of everything thats trials !
  13. Hi Breagh Have a look at this link http://osetbikes.com/us/support-en-US/faq-en-US/
  14. Fit the carb to the airbox first then pop the carb back in ,
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