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  1. dhdey

    2012 280I Dead

    so the flywheel bolts came llose and sheared and took out coil pickup. anyone know specs? of where to source just a pickup
  2. dhdey

    2012 280I Dead

    new plug still no go
  3. dhdey

    2012 280I Dead

    it pumps fuel everytime i kick it. just wonder if it not enough pressure. dont have any access to the cable/software
  4. dhdey

    2012 280I Dead

    are trouble shooting with what i have. it is for sure a fuel issue. has spark and if i spray some fuel on the filter i can get it to fire a couple times. fuel pump is pushing fuel but i have no way to determine the pressure. wires/connections under the skid plate all seem good. so i'm figuring either inadiquate fuel pressure or injector not working. any way to test the injector?
  5. dhdey

    2012 280I Dead

    picked up a lightly used 12 280i. first ride 15 minutes in bike dies like i hit the kill button. now shows no sign of wanting to run. even 5th gear bump starts on a big hill. bikes seems to have spark but maybe intermittent? pull fuel line of injector and fuel pumping is pumping. very quickly regretting this purchase. anyone got any ideas on where to start looking?
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