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  1. I found the Forma boulder boot size are a very cosy fit. I use trials socks, Good overall boot, sole Grip, buckles. Look after them and they will look after you .
  2. I seen some good footage of MB, Liked his style with the "Monster GasGas"... Very confident & aggressive approach.
  3. Stripping it down at the weekend. Genuine GasGas bearing number Please... .
  4. Well Guys, I think in this case a double problem, Over greasing and over tightening ... , With the bearings only being a couple of trials old, could they be re-used. or is it NEW.
  5. Hi all, After refreshing my bike over the winter I replaced my head bearing, Had the bike out for a quick spanner and check over after a couple of trials and found the steering to be very notchie lock to lock, There is no play at all while holding the bottom of the forks and rocking back and forward. There is also free play lock to lock ? Thanks Deano.
  6. A approx. cost for me to do a trial bike fuel £5 Van fuel £10 entry fee £15 TOTAL £30 X that by 4. If you do 4 a month (summer) = £120 a month. That's before repairs and oil...
  7. Give the bike a quick spanner check, and oil and water, Oh and don't forget to take a couple of drinks to Have fun, That's the important bit
  8. Observers out in the wind and rain for approx. 3 hours for YOUR...pleasure, SORRY your £10...mmmm come on. Ive done some cracking trials for £15 and some poor trials with NO observers for the same. I think the clubs have there hands tied with some land owners + insurance, £15 for a days motorsport " YES PLEASE " .
  9. Hi all, I noticed there were three photographers at the trial on Sunday, any pics anywhere ? " Cracking trial "
  10. I use a combo van for my 2011 gasgas fits spot on, Can get everything in I need for my trials.
  11. Been out on it today "NICE"
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