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  1. Well Ive managed to sort it all out. the gasket between the reed block and intake manifold was letting air in. Took me ages to find because I took the reed block off to seal the motor for a vacuum test. the gasket in question was a piece of gasket paper, cut out to fit. Replaced it and happy days. i like this old bike. It rides really nicely.
  2. Ok, I've put a new main seal in on the dry side. carb has been cleaned in the ultrasonic bath. can anyone tell me what size the pilot jet should be? the motor is behaving the same way. Revs begin to rise steadily then level off. A bit of choke settles it down, so it's still running lean. hmmmmm?
  3. I'll pull it out and get it through the ultrasonic cleaner too. I just need to go through the bike completely. It will make a nice bike I reckon.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. It rides really nicely. Just got sort out this problem, then I can concentrate on tidying it up a bit.
  5. I meant '94 not '93. took it as a '94from the frame number? "1694" (160cc 1994)? do you know the year from the frame number? regardless of that, any ideas on the running issues?
  6. So I've got myself another project bike. '93 JTR160 with a 250 motor in it as the previous owner couldn't find a 160 piston. it starts 2nd kick no problems, runs off choke happily. After 5-10 mins or so it's revs begin to pick as if the dry side main seal is passing air. let it cool down and it's back to normal. ill do a vacuum test on it this week, but could it be a stator problem? any suggestions? graeme
  7. Hi Ross, there's an Allen bolt 6 or 8mm to drain out your Gear oil. DO NOT loosen the 13mm bolt next to it. That's your kick start return spring retainer. 1litre of Putoline light gear oil will do nicely. oh and you'll never ever find a workshop manual for it. Proper hen's teeth job. ive recently rebuilt a 280, ask away if you get stuck. Graeme
  8. Well it turned out to be a leaking main seal on the dry side. all sorted. rode it a Trial on Sunday and I'm afraid it's not for me. I prefer a newer bike. anyone want to buy a Climber 280??
  9. Hey, thanks for that Ross, I'm pretty sure it's in the right position, so I'll check for air leaks on the inlet rubber. Suppose it's all fairly old rubber on there. got to say, it was nice to ride on it today, albeit briefly!
  10. The clutch is sorted. The basket I'd got from SWM Moto was the same part number, so that ruled that out. Everything else was in place. b40rt had pointed me to another link regarding clutches. I degreaser then went over the driven steel plates with emery cloth. Cleaned them off the hey presto, working clutch. just goes to show huh? thanks for all you advice lads. Invaluable!! i do have another issue though, I'm not sure the disc valve is set correctly. it revs to the moon when off the choke. do any of you good people have the set up details for the disc valve and whether I need to be at TDC or so many degrees before?? bloody hard to find details on these Climbers.
  11. spoke to Richard Allen today, he also recommends using a good light gear oil. Got some Putoline today. Martin at SWM Moto thinks I've mixed up the driven steel plates as there's one that's 1.5mm thick whereas the rest are 1mm. He's pretty sure that the clutch basket with the 6 studs in have remained the same size but I'll check them both tomorrow. Thanks for the advice lads.
  12. Hmmm, that'd be a bugger. I'll check tonight. suppose it'd run with one Spring missing if I have to put the original back in? but I'll check numbers and measure them both tonight, thanks for the info fella. its so close to being ready to trial, nearly there!
  13. After finally getting my '93/'94 Climber 280 rebuilt on Monday. The clutch is slipping like crazy. Post build I noticed gear oil weeping from the kick start/gear shaft seal so Martin at SWM Moto sorted my out. after rebuild number 3 the clutch slips terribly. Prior to this it had 10W40 in it. It now has ATF. I gave also replaced the clutch top basket as one of the fingers was missing. Nothing else has changed. any help or comments please, I'm baffled!
  14. Ive got a pair from Richard Allen, like for like. we'll see how I get on with them.
  15. Hey good people of the forum. '93 Climber: stripped out the forks tonight as part of a full rebuild, the left side stanction chrome is very very badly worn. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced company that can re chrome it or will it be cheaper to buy another set of forks....if I can find any? cheers Graeme
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