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  1. Bolt behind seat

    This is an addition and non standard
  2. TX 300

    The one I saw at telford had a trick carbon fibre look rear mudguard , does anybody know whos it was or who made the guard ? thanks Pat
  3. 199B Sherpa Triple Clamps

    I'm thinking the taper topped bike went to places other than the uk as I haven't seen any with taper tops but ive seen a few with allen screws and nuts in the yolks but most with just allen screws and a tapped hole in the other side of the yolk doing away with the need of a nut .Also had one with no pinch bolts in the fork slider on 1 side, most if not all ive had with black steel brake arms
  4. 325 Cylinder head on 250 Model 49?

    Hi, yes this conversion is not straight forward at all , stud centres not the same etc . Best way would be to source a model 92/125/151 etc and it will go straight in your chassis , you have to adapt the exhaust flange as the 49 has a screw in collar . The only models you can swap top end capacities are the very late ones pursang/astro etc where both 250 and 370 shared the same 64 mm stroke , they did a special kit called kit IT164
  5. Bultaco Motoplat

    Love the bike , looks like a model 167 mk9 if its a 250 ,with a Frontera tank, is the front end Honda with the disc brake ? .Very nice indeed
  6. Milky oil

    On the Betas the case rotted sometimes as it was made of magnesium , if you are still getting water in the gearbox after fitting the new seal this may be worth checking out , also check the spindle isn't worn and allowing water to pass
  7. 300TX spares situation

    Hi Ross yes I'm Pat kean I have 2 and both are not in bad condition but I'm worried about breaking one and not finding another , I will take pics if I get chance this weekend . The 311 looks to be not a terrible fit ,so I may try that . my plastic are all realy grubby so a good clean is in order , cheers Pat
  8. 300TX spares situation

    Hi Ross , have you tried to fit a mono one to a 300 ? if so do they look reasonable , thanks Pat
  9. 300TX spares situation

  10. 300TX spares situation

    Hi , whats the spares situation like on the 300TX for things like rear mudguards seat pads etc ? I presume Italy would be the best place to look or does anybody know better , thanks
  11. Alpina Aluminium Tank

    Looks great Stuart, the guys I know must have been unlucky , I may also now bite the bullet
  12. Front wheel question

    Hi , the model 26 mk 3 matador has a different front wheel to all varients of the el montadero. However the mk4 model 75 matador does share the same front wheel as both the model 70 and 81 el montaderos . However (again) ! both wheels should fit apart from maybe the spindle size as the matadors shared the leading axle fork bottoms with the Sherpa and the el montaderos had the same bottoms as the pursang .What front wheel is fitted at present , post a pic and maybe we could identify it
  13. Alpina Aluminium Tank

    i know a couple who have bought them and the fit is not great and they leaked
  14. Bultaco Alpina 85 ( 1972) exhaust routing

    Hi,your pipe should run much closer to the head fins ,looks like you have a repro pipe , I have a model 85 with a repro front pipe that has been tweaked with heat to make it run more parallel to the fins
  15. Import a used bike from Spain to California?

    Hi Rick I have crated a complete bike before now, but if you took it to pieces it would easily go on a euro pallet then just make a box affixed to this and your good to go , last one I sent to the US was about 300 pounds but took a few weeks to arrive . They normally charge on size rather than weight and prefer if it can be stacked . if you are coming to the uk buy one here and I would assist you to get it all sorted