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  1. paul heys

    Beta 2019 model

    I would never buy a brand new model from any manufacturer as the 1 year of production bikes are always rated the best thing ever ! Until the year after .. when the report lists all the changes after the teething problems with great ideas that didn’t actually work as well as thought on paper , then they get put right for year 2 so wait whilst 2020 ?
  2. Will be leaking through spoke nipples rim band buggers to seal
  3. Hi I m trying to contact you I hope this may help you did you get this bike back ? It's just come up for sale tonight on trials bikes for sale or swaps deffo the bike I was going to buy it from a guy in Howarth 12 months ago had pink hose on lots of Apico stickers and technosel black sticky carbon on swing arm and casings . This may well have all been sorted but it's in brig north Lincolnshire
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